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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Revel: Dewey or Rehoboth this weekend with an amazing lady! First beach trip all summer!

    Rant: Possibility of traffic and living with massive anxiety over it for the next 1.5 days.

    • Leave really early in the morning (or late at night) and traffic shouldn’t be a problem.

    • I used to go to Rehoboth every other week during the summer. I never had any traffic issues if I left by 6:30 a.m. That should also get you to the beach in time to find ample parking. Any later than that and you’ll have traffic and parking issues.
      On the way home however, you’ll probably be in terrible traffic.

  • Rave: I’m interested in purchasing a home in Petworth.
    Rant: I’ve gone to see the house twice and each time I see a dog roaming alone. I’ve asked a friend and they said that there is a house nearby with a few Pit Bulls that are often getting out. They said that Animal Control has informed them that due to staff cuts, they are not able to do anything about one of the dogs that has attacked neighborhood pets. Also that Animal Control does not require the dogs’ owners to close their gate door properly. Though I really like the house, I doubt I will be moving into the neighborhood.

    • I bought a house in Petworth around 6 months ago and love it. Where is the roaming dog? Also, I’m not sure that I’d base my home-buying decision on a friend’s anecdote about Animal Control. Plus, if there is a problem and an agency (like Animal Control) isn’t helping, sometimes you can get good results by going thru your ANC or Council Member’s office.

    • Whenthe dog is loose put a leash around its neck and take it to Montgomery County shelter (NOT Prince Georges County), tell them you found it.

    • Antifreeze and Snausage Cocktail.

      • Please drink the antifreeze yourself, or come over to my neck of the woods and I’ll help you.

      • Wait a minute, we learned on Monday that pitbulls are adorable and misunderstood dogs. By even concerning yourself with an unleashed wandering pitbull you are nothing but a breedist and dog racist. It’s just a little neighborhood dog diversity that should be embraced.

        In more helpful advice we learned on Monday, you can simply buy a rope and hang it from the tree and the dog will entertain itself for hours.

        • Thanks for volunteering to hang a rope outside the house at the corner of 4500 block of New Hampshire Ave. It’s the house with the missing siding. I hope you meet the dogs when they are out unsupervised. Once the dogs have embraced you into the neighborhood, Animal Control will finally be able to do something.

          Most Pit Bulls are well trained. Two out of the 4 dogs in this house are good. Since one of dogs killed the homeowner’s cat, three of them are primarily kept in the basement – where their owner’s room is located. I’ve seen them on many occasions with wounds around their head. Once they duct taped a towel around one of the dogs neck. By the blood on the towel, you can imagine why.

    • Speaking as someone who used to live two doors down from a guy whose pit bulls got out all the time and harassed the neighborhood, this could really impact your quality of life.

      For us, it got to the point where we were scared to make the dash to the garage out back for fear that the snarling beast would be loose in our backyard (she had EATEN through her own fence and dug under two others and had free reign).

      Even after having killed someone’s little poodle, Animal Control could do nothing, mostly because the poodle’s owner was too frightened to come forward (did I mention the pit bull owner was also the local drug lord?). Also Animal Control (my understanding) has to actually personally witness the dog outside of its own yard. Tough to make happen.

      I’m not trying to dissuade you from buying a home you really like, but you might do well to get a good sense of what kind of neighbor this person really is. Maybe they’re just careless with their gate and a friendly visit would do the trick.

      • Yeah, but if you restrict your home buying decisions to neighborhoods without drug dealers, you’ve got like a 10 block radius around Chevy Chase to chose from.

        If you can afford the house, you can afford to fix the fence.

        • I get what you mean, but fixing the fence doesn’t always fix the problem. What about when the dog is pacing the sidewalk, or suddenly appears from an alleyway while you’re walking with your toddler? The dog may be harmless, but who wants tot live like that, in fear of walking from doorstep to curb?
          At the very least, they’re being a bad neighbor, and one’s tolerance for that kind of bad neighbor should be weighed.

          • Well right now we have fear of fear, not fear of anything in particular. There’s a story by someone about someone that might be related to this actual dog.

            The drug dealing neighbors on our block had their dogs removed by the city, so there’s precedence for doing so.

            Also, not buying a house because of a fence repair issue has got to be one of the silliest reasons for not buying a house.

            Also there are no perfect neighborhoods in a dense city. Especially a dense city that believes every source of crime is related to historical lack of privilege. Housing prices are directly related to crime prevalence. The more affordable a place is, the more likely it is to have crime problems.

            I get what you’re saying. It’s just not realistic for anyone to buy a “house” in DC that doesn’t have some neighborhood crime.

          • I believe you’re misreading me. I’m not so naive to believe that a “good” house or neighborhood must by definition be somehow completely devoid of crime or drugs. Every neighborhood has issues, but some are not that big a deal, but others can really impact your ability to enjoy your home and neighborhood.

            My only point is that these issues should be considered on a case by case by the prospective homebuyer. You’re writing this off as a “fence repair issue”, which is not at all what I have been saying.

            Secondly, both my example and SmileyZ/Zandunga’s example, while anecdotal, are most definitely about very real, very dangerous dogs (not just a hypothetical ‘some story about some guy who may or may not have a dog’) with proven histories of menacing people and of violence against (killing) other animals.

    • What block? Maybe someone reading knows if you should be really concerned or not – if it’s mainly a dog issue or more of a problem house. There are many great blocks in Petworth but unknowingly moving next to lousy neighbors can ruin it.

    • My roommate spoke to SmileyZ, who was interested in a house on Buchanan. The house with the 4 Pit Bulls is on New Hampshire. The dogs’ owners have said that Animal Control will not do anything to them, so we just have to deal with it.

      I’m the one who contacted Animal Control and have their email which states that they can only require the dogs’ owners to get licenses and vaccinations. Which basically means that the dog that jumped into my yard to attack my dog, can continue to do so. Also, the owners are not required to fix their gate that does not close properly – allowing their dogs to get out. The owners place trash receptacles in front of the gate to make it harder for dogs to push it open and green lawn chairs by the fence to make it harder for them to jump over. I would suggest people not to walk by soon after trash pick-up day.

      Animal Control did direct me to DC Dept. of Health, to make another type of complaint that can get results. The Program Specialist there said she would take my case. When I last checked in, she had to delay her review due to a death in her family in early July.

    • My neighbors are not drug dealers.

      From my understanding, the 2 bad dogs were only supposed to be there a couple of months. The actual owner moved from a house to an apartment and left the dogs at my neighbors until she was able to move to another house. It’s been almost a year since the dogs moved in and they are still saying they are going to be leaving soon. Since they don’t really accept the dogs as their own, they don’t take care/responsibility for them.

  • Rant: It is now late summer 2011 and I still do not see any meaningful progress on the O Street Market project in Shaw. Really losing faith that Rodeside Development with ever be able to get this important project off the ground after years of delays.

  • A little addition to the post on Tuesday about tonight’s FACES OF PETWORTH exhibit at Domku on Upshur Street – here’s a sampling of the portraits, including our charming blog host:


    We missed PoP’s Tuesday posting for including this mosaic. Hope to see some PoPvillians (not PoPvillains) there!

  • I live in Ward 5 and is represented by Harry Thomas, Jr. I am wondering when we are going to get together and dump this guy. No noise on the local list serve about planning for his removal? What am I missing.

    • jim_ed

      Patience is what I would preach. I really have nothing to back this, but I get the feeling that the Feds are going to come down on him with old testament style vengeance. His actions were just too egregious for the feds to pass up. I look forward to reading the indictment.

      • I am still being patient for the other council members to fall. Cough (BARRY) There is a special place in hell for Council Member Thomas Jr. for stealing from kids programs. I bet he will be re-elected by a landslide!!

  • Rave: My epiphany yesterday was a mental orgasm. I can’t wait to get started on my website; hopefully this will morph into a career in five years’ time!

    Rave: Reacquainting myself hardcore with Photoshop

    Rant: Booking travel for my company. Annoying.

  • rant: pregnant, hormonal project managers. she can’t remember anything and is borderline belligerent. makes for a fun work day.

    extra rant: POP, can you please do something about the ‘you are posting comments too quickly’ bug? please?

    • When that happens I use refresh and retry. It usually works after a couple of times.

      • Yeah, but by then I’ve lost my perfectly crafted witty response and it’s just never as good the second time.

        • I hit the back button and my carefully crafted jackass-y response is still there. Then I wait about 20 seconds and try again. Voila!

          Definite PITA, though.

    • As a pregnant woman, I’m so hormonal sometimes I don’t even recognize myself. Not that it’s much of an excuse, but just pretend like your PM is possessed by a demon for a few months.

  • Rave: boyfriend’s birthday is today, throwing a party for him this weekend, and his parents will be in attendance.

    Rant: party’s strain on my financial resources–just got hit with a crappy bank overdraft fee since I don’t get paid until tomorrow 🙁

    • Have the party (or wedding) you can afford. It’s about friends and family, not the food. You can do rum punch and chips for 100 people for $100.00. Ask friends to bring stuff and you have a feast. Relax and enjoy. Ask a dozen of your friends what they remember about the last great party they went to and it will never be the canapes.

  • Rave: My boss and his stoolie are out of the office for the remainder of the week. I’ll actually be able to get some work done!

    Rave: the cupcake truck is in the neighborhood and they have peanut butter cupcakes finally!

    Rant: I’m 7 lbs heavier than I’d like to be and easy access to cupcakes is not helping.

  • Bear

    Rave: I’m in Africa!

    Rant: I might have to get a wisdom tooth pulled while in Africa. Really wish I had listened to my dentist when she told me to get it taken out 6 months ago…

    • Emmaleigh504

      yikes! I feel for you. I had a crappy wisdom tooth removal experience and I was in the US.

      On the other hand, I hear that people are going to Croatia (I may have the wrong country) for dental work vacations. It’s supposed to be awesome, so maybe your African experience will be awesome.

  • Rant: Forgot to get something approved by my boss before she left for vacation. Not sure what to do now. Groan.

    Rave: I’ve been so good about running and working out lately, and feel simultaneously pretty and badass. Haha.

  • Rave: they finally blocked off the grass in CH plaza to give it time to recover. I thought they should have been alternating all along, one week the left grass risers are closed, the next week the right grass risers are closed. But no, they waited until both were dead and dusty to take action.

    Rant: They picked the ugliest imaginable way to block access– shoulder-high black construction fabric.

  • Rave: Ice cream social celebrating the release of the 5th issue of The Runcible Spoon, at 1521 Marion Street NW at 7pm!

    Bring a topping or ice cream to share!


  • msmaryedith

    Rant: $150 ticket from the speed trap camera at the 600 block of Florida NE.

    I turned on Florida from 8th St and thought the speed was 35mph (not many 6 lane roads are 25). The ticket says I was going 41 mph (which is 16-20 over the speed limit).

    Any point in contesting? There were no speed limit signs between 8th and where I was ticketed. I realize I was going over the speed limit, but $150 is wicked high for when I honestly thought I was going 5 over.

    • Bummer. No point in contesting as you admit you were knowingly over the speed limit.

      Fine is high though, sorry about that.

    • Sometimes the court will knock it down if it’s your first and you show up in person. Don’t expect much though.

    • saf

      The speed limit in Dc is 25 unless otherwise posted. Based on that, I don’t think contesting will help you.

      • msmaryedith

        I guess I should have known, but when you’re on a 6 lane road with no parking on either side, 25 mph seems ridiculous. The fact that it’s the same speed limit as the one-way narrow streets with parking on either side is absurd.

        In general I drive pretty slowly. It was a holiday, no traffic, wide open road. I was moving at the speed of other cars around me.

        I think setting up a speed trap camera where there is no sign posting the speed limit for a good 2 1/2 blocks before it is slimy.

        • It’s a deceptive stretch of road. I could have sworn that the speed limit was 30 for the longest time, but eventually you find that it’s 25.

          It should be a 35 mph stretch based on the width and length, but alas it’s not.

        • Isn’t it 25 there because of Gallaudet as well? It is an amazingly effective place to put a speed trap.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I thought today was Friday when I woke up.

    Rant: Woke up early b/c I had a nightmare that is too embarrassing to share.

    Rave: Celebrating my sister’s birthday tomorrow.

    Rave: Going to Fredrick to shop with sister on Saturday.

    • austindc

      If it’s too embarrassing, could you just tell it and put blanks into spots where it gets too personal? Then Popville could fill it out like a mad lib and you could get some nicer versions of your bad dream.

  • Rave: West Wing Cafe. Had a sandwich from here for the first time today. I’ve been working a few block from this place for years and never heard of it before. I’m going to give my friend who works across the street from it a hard time for never telling me about it!

    • saf

      Tell us where it is!

      • They have two or three locations. The one near me is on the 300 block of New Jersey Ave., across the street from the Teamsters building.

        • I love West Wing and eat at the one on New Jersey 3x per week. Great smoothies!

          P.S. I hasn’t really been opened too long

          • That’s good to know, my friend who works right by it is off the hook for now. 🙂

            They take pretty long once you’ve ordered, but it’s worth the wait. I usually go to Phillips for sandwiches, and this place is a nice alternative.

  • rant: Just deleted my account on okcupid because no one was interested in me. NOT. ONE. PERSON. I really hate me life. I don’t know what I do wrong in dating that I’m always getting dumped by guys. I feel really ugly right now.

    • I’ve been on Okcupid for a couple of years now, Ive only gotten 2 dates out of it. 90% of the messages I did get were stuff like nice tits. Its not you. its the website for sure!

    • First off, if you have a job, join a pay site. There’s a strong correlation between marital bliss and economic status between mates.

      Second, have someone who knows you and likes you (that’s not related to you) write your profile for you and chose your pictures. If they don’t like your pictures, get new ones. Don’t argue.

      Third, call an ex that you’re not really friend with and ask them brutally and truthfully what your dating personality trait flaws are.

      Last, if you’re dating in your 20’s, this is just how life is.

    • Try plenty of fish dot com.

    • claire

      In my experience, the most successful dating method is not caring about dating. Focus on cultivating interests and hobbies, figuring out what you really enjoy doing and then doing it. This means that you will make the most of all the extra time/energy/money that comes with being single while simultaneously gaining confidence and building up interesting things for you to connect with other people about. Having confidence will make you significantly more attractive to others (while also meaning that you won’t date someone just to be dating them since you will be having lots of fun already), and having interesting hobbies means that you are more likely to meet and date people you have a real connection with.

      • I know a lot of single 40 year old women with cats that followed this advice.

      • Yeah, but you might be rock-climbing in Mather Gorge while your perfect mate is kayaking in the river below. You might be treking Nepal while s/he is on the Inca trail. National gallery of art? You’re in the East Wing, s/he’s in the West Wing just then.

        Doing your own thing – pursuing your own dream is essential for your own happiness, but if you really want to find a “life mate” (which many are actually happy without) go beyond chance.

  • Rant: armed carjacking in 500 block of Shepherd at 7:50 this morning. WTF, neighbors?

  • Question: I’m moving to Petworth this weekend…what do I need to know, where do I need to go, what should I avoid? Never lived in a big city before!!

    • Avoid the loose Pitbuls and carjackers.and if you see anyone with a large metal object in hand…..RUN.
      Welcome to DC.

  • Revel: 3 day weekend and wedding on Saturday night!

    Rant: The wedding is outside in August

    Revel: The forecast is 85 and not 105!

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