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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Reader Rant:

“My house got burglarized on Friday, around 11am on 14th ST NW (Upshur Park area). The neighbors stated that two young adult males were pounding on the doors on my block. When my neighbor answered his door, one of the males asked for “Shakera” and just turned away when told she didn’t live there. They apparently pounded on my door for a while and were peering through the windows. I just want to alert readers about their MO…call the police if you see anything similar happening in your neighborhood. They were pretty bold, as they simply walked out of the front door with a 42-inch TV! As a result, we are installing an alarm system to try to deter future thieves.”

Reader Revel (Props to the Cops):

“Due to my own carelessness I got a flat tire driving home on Saturday and just tried to get home driving slowly (I know, this is bad). Some police were directing traffic at 16th and Kennedy – they asked if I had a flat and pretty much insisted that they change it. I really didn’t expect it and I was very grateful. I’ll try to research this online, but do you or readers know who/where to contact to put in a good word for the nice guy that did this?”

That’s the 4th Police District. You can send a note of thanks to the commander – [email protected]

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  • Revel: Chief Lanier was ordered to cease and desist her All Hands on Deck (AHOD) program on Friday by the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB).

    Rant: There is an AHOD scheduled for this weekend that isn’t going to be cancelled.

    Revel: The Chief claimed in the past she wouldn’t appeal the decision past PERB.

    Rant: I don’t trust that she won’t appeal it again.

    Revel: The ruling says they have to pay us out for every weekend they took away from us.

    Rant: The millions that will be paid out are coming from a city that doesn’t have any money to spend and one in which I pay taxes to.

    Rant: Who knows how long it will take to get renumerated.

    Rant: That this ludicrous program went on for so long and that it had to come to this.

    • andy

      what’s the alternative approach to a seasonal increase in crime?

      • The problem with the program is that the Chief randomly chose dates throughout the year claiming that there were statistics to back them up. The proceedings have shown that this was simply not the case.

        A reduction in crime has to be the result of day-to-day hard work of officers and not PR stunts that not only violates the officer’s contract, but also violates the constitutional rights of citizens (the Trinidad Roadblocks).

        If the AHOD deployments reallt were responsible for a reduction in crime, then the Mayor, the Chief, and the Council could have moved to hire enough officer to provide for that kind of manpower on a daily basis. Instead they cut 400 police positions.

        • Can you elaborate on the roadblocks? If they were simple traffic stops, I don’t see the constitutional violation – we don’t have a right to operate a car on the roads…

          • This person is just an idiot. The trinidad roadblocks haven’t been in effect since SCOTUS struck them down and obviously they’re not coming back.

            Keep stirring the pot police union whiner.

          • +1000000
            Umm…You’re getting serious overtime and there’s no serious public outcry against this expenditure – I don’t see the problem?

    • dude, good trolling.

      i would like to see some analysis on whether or not the program actually reduced crime before I judge if it was worth the costs or not. i am 100% willing to believe that it wasn’t, but i feel there is a slight chance that it was.

      • I would affirm that the program did reduce crime. But it also delayed and displaced it. Some crimes can simply never be prevented, as evidenced by homicides that continued to occur during various AHOD weekends.

        A similar program was in place under Chief Ramsey and were called “Crime Emergencies”. That program, however, compensated officers for the overtime they were forced to work on their days off. The AHOD program changed assigned days off to avoid the payment of overtime.

        • So what’s wrong with displacing crime? Anything the police can do within their power in order to make my neighborhood a safer place to live is okay by me.

          • You aren’t going to get me to complain about this either as a DC resident. Just pointing out that in the end they aren’t necessarily reducing crime like the Chief wants you to think.

    • You’re in a union with soft rules. We get it. No one likes working the 45th hour of the week in private industry either.

      Suck it up and carry your weight.

      • Would you like having your weekends ruined two weekends out of every month for 6 months out of the year? No one wants that.

        Or never being able to take leave? Or missing countless events, anniversaries, graduations, etc?

        I get the private industry vs. public service union argument. Both have their pros and cons.

        I’m pretty sure I “sucked it up and carried my weight” the weekend I was forced to work when my husband had to deploy to Afghanistan with no notice.

        • you shouldn’t have answered that troll’s comment. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t carry his own weight.

        • If it sucks so much, go with a non public service career. I’m tired of the police union whining about having to work.

          Cathy Lanier is the best thing that has happened to DC in a long time. And let’s not forget she was a teenage mom/high school drop out who turned her life around on her own before anyone whines about her not knowing how tough life can be.

        • I did miss many of those things actually. It’s called working your way up.

          Don’t confuse your own personal situation with the situation with the police force.

          SOP procedure for a BS argument.

        • http://mpdc.dc.gov/mpdc/cwp/view,a,1242,q,567710,mpdcNav_GID,1523,mpdcNav,|.asp

          There was 1 AHOD last year?

          So we’re complaining about 1 AHOD per year?

          • There were 5 AHODs last year, 10 in 2009, and there have been 3 this year with 2 more scheduled.

            This is on top of the countless other weekends where they restrict leave and change days off for IMF meetings, Howard Homecoming, the 4th of July, the MLK dedication, 9/11 etc.

          • It sounds like you’re just complaining about having a job that doesn’t conform 100% to your needs.

            There are a lot of cops leaving the force. I encourage you to do so if you can no longer give DC residents your best effort.

    • Glad to hear that AHOD is wrapping up. Summer is a bad time for crime in DC with all the juvies running around loose, but cops have families, too.

  • Very sorry to hear about the break-in on 14th.

    • It’s ok the guys are in jail and they are pleading guilty at the pre trial this week.

    • I don’t quite understand how they got in. Did they break into a house while distracting the neighbor?

      • It sounds like they went door to door checking to see who was home. Apparently that’s how my house was broken into a few years ago– once they determined we weren’t home they went to work figuring out how to get in.

        If someone ever knocks on my door looking for someone that doesn’t live there, I’m going to watch them and call the police if it looks like they’re up to something. It’s a shame the neighbor here didn’t bother to do the same thing.

  • Rant: Festival gig on Saturday got rained out.

    Revel: Still got paid for it!

  • Rant: The new Lou’s banner ad has an unnecessary apostrophe (“23 HDTV’s”).

  • Rant: Hot weather over the weekend along with rain. Yes, I know, it’s the summer, welcome to DC, etc.

    Rant: Woke up with foot pain on Saturday morning and it hasn’t gone away yet, argh.

    Rave: Tried a new restaurant in Cleveland Park, Le Zinc, on Saturday and it was very tasty!

    • Have you tried rolling your foot on a tennis ball? Hard to determine what caused it on a random post, but a tight plantar tendon more often the cause of those pains. Easy trick that could save you countless doctor visits and prescriptions!

  • Rant: My mom lost her job. Any recommendations on resume review services?

  • Rant: Morons stole my k-cup delivery off my front porch leading to a coffee shortage at my house. You’re really going to fence K-cups in Capitol Hill?

    If anyone sees anyone selling k-cups door 2 door, call the cops.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Had a blissfully sloth filled weekend. Watched a movie starring James Franco, apparently he went to the Chad Micheal Murray school of acting.

    Rant: I’m bored with work.

    Rave: Boring employment is better than no employment.

  • Rant: My best friend has to put her dog down today because she has distemper. She had the vaccine but I guess she didn’t get it in time.
    No raves, just sad.

    • Oh, that’s horrible. I’m so sorry. I’m glad you posted this, though, because my pup is due for her vaccination and I haven’t made the appointment yet. It’s on the top of my priorty list now.

  • Allison

    Lessons Learned the Hard Way: Don’t stop paying attention to the grilled cheese sandwich on the stove because you got distracted reading Prince of Petworth! My grilled cheese is now black. 🙁

  • Rant: Still unemployed. And Idealist is down for maintenance at the moment so i can’t even do more applications right now. I am supposed to hear about a federal job any day now and its killing me with suspense.

    Rave: Mad Men streaming on Netflix. I didn’t enjoy the 1st season which I got on discs so I wasn’t going to continue but it really picked up in season 2 and now 3. Not that I need another show for the DVR when it comes back in 2012

  • Rant: psycho who followed me for 15-20 minutes, making random and back-tracking turns throughout the neighborhood after I didn’t let him merge onto Beach Drive after he thought he didn’t have to wait in traffic like everyone else.

    Rave: MPD responded within five minutes of getting off the phone with the 911 dispatcher and, while they couldn’t do anything but take the report, were incredibly nice and respectful.

  • RAVE: went to 2 consecutive great date this WE
    RAVE: went first time kayaking with a very good friend of, it was a lot of fun 🙂
    RAVE: going to a second date today with one of the guy from the WE
    RANT: I just want to focus on RAVE today

  • Rave: Red Sox victory and first place standing
    Rant: Nationals not able to stay above .500

  • Summer rainstorms, rainbows, and snuggling indoors with the AC on!

  • the red sox are worse than the dc youth militia.

  • claire

    Rave: Amazing weekend – art walk + pig roast on Saturday, baked a blackberry pie + went to a shooting range on Sunday.
    Rant: Weekend is over.

    Rant: The economy seems to be falling apart and I do not feel too optimistic about it getting better any time soon.
    Rave: I have a stable job and money saved up so I should be okay.

    • Where did you go shooting and what did you shoot with?

      • claire

        My roommates and I had a coupon through LivingSocial to Silver Eagle Group (in Ashburn, VA). Seems like an extensive and well-run shooting range – they even have a tactical course. Shot a 9mm glock and an AK-47. I found my aim was actually pretty good with the 9mm – not so with the AK-47 although it was more fun!

    • What shooting range did yougo to? I’m looking to take some pent up aggression out?

  • Rant: the precipitous decline of the U.S.

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