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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • RANT: Traveling internationally with medically necessary injectable blood thinners (Lovenox)- anyone ever done it? Or with any type of medical syringes?
    Rave: Traveling internationally!!

    • I do this all the time (diabetic, so I carry extra syringes just in case) – I have a note from my old doctor back home, but have never even been asked to produce it. I’d get an official note on your doc’s office stationery just to be sure, but it shouldn’t be a problem!

    • Not internationally, just domestically. I went up to Boston with lovanox and back.

      I would definitely take a note on your DR’s letterhead in addition to the prescription. Maybe contact the State Dept as well to see if there are any quirky country specific rules. I’d guess if you’re headed to a 1st world country, you won’t have a problem.

      • i believe you meant developed country, not first world country.

        • I believe he meant whatever he meant to mean.

        • Sorry, I forgot to consult my “Dictionary on How not to Offend People who Get Paid to Be Offended” before answering a life or death health question.

      • Thanks so much! I’ll have the doctor’s note for sure but will be traveling for a total of 4 weeks and four different countries (developing and developed) so I’ll check with the State Department.
        Do you just carry your sharps with you in the container all the way through the trip or is there a place to dispose of them in airports?

        • I’m assuming asking about the used sharps; I just injected the morning of my flight in my hotel and disposed of them there.

          All of the Lovanox syringes I carried had spring retractable needles so there wasn’t any risk that tossing it in the trash was going to injure someone.

          Does that answer the question?

  • Rave: Had pole dancing class last night. Its a fun workout that doesn’t feel like “work” until the next morning when everything is sore.

    Rant: I always feel like an awkward uncoordinated oaf in the class.

  • Rant: FAA furlough and not working or getting paid … and not legally being able to use any sick or vacation hours.

    Rave: Enjoy your vacation Congressturds!

  • Rant: Sunscreen in my eyes

    Rant: I look like I am crying

    Rave: The Central Park Peacock replied to my Tweet

    Rant: God I am so lame. Maybe I should cry!

  • Rant: Scooter. What point this guy bring to the table? What does he have to do with scooters? Does he even own a scooter? I get that he’s a gofer, sure. But if we’re going to have the muppet gofer be a character on the show, why not make him at least amusing? He’s just sort of annoying

    Rave: Lew Zealand and his awesome throwing of boomerang fish. That guy fucking rules, and he’s underrated. He’s a muppet comedic genius, really.

    • What in tarnation are you talking about?

      • Well, I admit that I erred in my editing above. It should be “what does this guy bring to the table?” and not the nonsense I wrote. But if you’re unfamiliar with the work of Lew Zealand, you’re really missing out.

        Also, there’s Google. Check it out sometime.

    • He is the yang to Skeeter’s yin. Or does she not count since she was pretty much in Muppet Babies and little else? Maybe the creators realized how empty Scooter’s character was, hence the need to create a twin? So many questions……

      • Ok, Muppet Babies is invalidated – “Howie Mandel voiced the character for the first two seasons of Muppet Babies.”

    • binpetworth

      I, for one, think your rant is brilliant, Mr. Poon. I stay up at night thinking exactly the same things–especially about Janice and her annoying voice and why the Swedish chef never seems to make lutefisk.

      • And why does Cookie Monster never actually eat cookies? He chews them into crumbs and they fall out of his mouth. Maybe that’s why he’s always so hungry.

      • While this may be controversial, I’ll write it anyway: Janice rivals Scooter for worst muppet.

      • fun fact… the Swedish chef is the only muppet with real hands.

  • Rant: Finally got a response from my manager regarding my request to assist (financially) with my professional development. It was a “no”.

    Rave: Heading to Tahoe on Saturday for a week!

  • Rant: Need answers for a company project I am working on where the deadline is tomorrow night. No answers from person in charge.

    Rant: BF being aloof for no reason

    Rave: The Future

    • Ha! There’s always a reason whether he’s sharing it or not.

      More likely than not, you’ll hear about it after your work deadline.

  • Rant: My bird feeder has failed to attract anything interesting. Only sparrows, a few black birds and gross pigeons waiting for the others to drop some seeds.

    Rave: vacation countdown has begun!! I leave in two weeks for 10 glorious days!

    Rant: Must finish a paper, presentation, and study for a final exam prior to vacation so the next two weeks will be hellacious.

    • I’m wary of bird feeders– I had one when I lived in NoVA and it seemed to attract rats more than anything else.

    • Perhaps re-define “interesting.” Or leap into philosphical/moral issues of worth. Are common creatures – sparrows, pigeons – less worthy of living? Should they not have food?

  • Rave: Chicago tomorrow until Tuesday! I haven’t been back since my horrific ex of four years dumped me the day after we signed a lease for our apartment here in Pentagon City, leaving me on the hook for an apartment he knew I couldn’t afford myself. But now I’m coming back with an awesome career, a fiancee and a house that we’re closing on in 25 days. Fuck you, jerkoff ex boyfriend.

    Rant: I’ve been trying to forgive people who have wronged me. It looks like I still have to work on this.

    • Wow, you just made me realize how much I’ve accomplished since I broke up with my crazy ex four years ago (coincidentally while on a trip to Chicago). Like you, my career really took off and my girlfriend and I just bought our dream house 6 months ago. That said I hope my ex is doing better. She had a lot of mental and substance abuse issues she needed to work out.

      Congratulations on the engagement and home purchase!

  • RANT: Escolator on northbound side of 14th St at CH Metro is never working. What up wit dat?

    RAVE: Metro has mostly been reliable and cool. Glad I don’t have to drive to work.

    • I guess you don’t spend much time in metro stations– it’s unusual for an escalator to be working, and when it’s out of service it stays that way for a loooooong time.

      • You are correct. I only spend time regularly at CH and CC (crystal city). I’m new as a Metro commuter (used to bike), and mostly I feel lucky to have the service.

  • Rant: I am so lonely in this city. Men assume I have a boyfriend, but I don’t. I cannot approach men, and will not attempt to because it is simply not in my nature. Forever alone.

    Rave: I forgot my SmarTrip card but realized I carry a spare one, so I did not have to pay the full fare. (Yes, that is my rave.)

    • Well at least you admit being lonely is your own fault. You only live once, might as well try being a little more forward if you truly want to end your lonliness.

    • you should redefine your nature. aint nothing wrong with being a bit outgoing.

      • Anonymous, the thing is, I am very outgoing. This is the main reason why men think I am in a relationship with someone else. They say I am “too fun” to be single. It makes no sense to me. I wish someone would ask me out. Another reason I get is because I am “out of their league.” Lots of excuses. I am just going to move away!

        • “my life sucks because I’m TOO PERFECT, wahhhhhh”

          Ugh, if you were “super fun, etc” I’m pretty sure once the guys realized you were single they would be all over you. I think you need to re-evaluate this little situation here and be real.

          In other thoughts, sounds like you could audition for the next PoP date lab experiment!

          • To Rosie – I never said my life sucks. Also, I never said I was perfect. So, get it straight. I never said they don’t hang out with me. The problem is they ALL have girlfriends and the male/single market is not fit for me. Have a mind and a heart if you are going to post hurtful things. I opened myself up to comments like this, but come on, really?

          • @ Ugh So the real problem is that the guys have girlfriends NOT that they think you are way unapproachable/too fun/above their league. When you post comments you can’t expect everyone to look out for your feelings. I think you are being completely ridiculous so I said something. get over it.

        • It *sounds* like you could be a little over the top. Poll your friends. How about dialing it down a notch with guys you’re interested in and allowing them to set the agenda?

      • I’m not outgoing, and I’m not interested in men, but they still approach me all the time. As I stated below, body language makes a big difference.

    • You don’t need to approach them, but you should make yourself approachable. Make eye contact, smile, don’t play with your iPhone, etc. It doesn’t take much to get a guy to come to you.

      • I do all of these things sometimes and nothing works with guys in this city, and I don’t just go to bars. I go to bookstores, coffee shops, museums… All of the places that I find interesting to find someone who would have something in common with me. It is so defeating to feel this way.

        • I’d feel uncomfortable if a guy approached me in one of these places – I’d be like, ugh, I’m just trying to buy a book/get my coffee in peace, stop hitting on me. 😉

          I bet most guys assume ALL women share this attitude. You might have to do some approaching of your own when you see an interesting guy.

          What about online dating? Everyone in this transient city does it. I’ve had positive experiences. Or what about getting involved in an organization that does something that interests you, so you get to know people personally over time, rather than waiting for strangers to approach you based on your physical appearance alone?

          • To Elza – You make a good point regarding the male assumption. I guess I will just need to suck it up and attempt an approach. I have tried online dating, but have never gone so far as to meet someone in person off of a site like Match.com, OKCupid, etc. I guess I read too many online tabloids about online romance gone awry.

            I wouldn’t say I wait for them to approach based off physical appearance alone; I guess I am using the blonde quip as an example on how those are really the only types of single guys left in the city… Or at least, that is what I am seeing.

          • Eh, I met my wife on match. Both of us thought it was weird and we weren’t on line dating people, but both of us were beyond the drunk-bar-hookup-relationship stage of our lives.

            The bookstore/concert thing is such a mental trap. You stop enjoying those activities and every time becomes this anxiety fueled expedition to meet someone.

            Approaching a stranger takes a set of balls. Most people with some degree of humility have their on and their off days regarding the cojones. What if you crossed paths with your future husband on his off day?

            Ask people about your body language. They’ll tell you.

        • if i was a single woman seeking a guy i would:
          -go to blogger meetups. Pop does em, dcist does em, drinking liberally, that kind of thing. yeah, they’re in bars. can you deal with that at all?
          -take art classes. the manlier the class the better. welding or something. bigger classes are better.
          – join a hiking/biking/canoeing group
          -get involved in your neighborhood activities.
          – volunteer for things that put you into group activities. fund raisers, art events, habitat for humanity, fringe festival, community garden, farmers market, etc.. . virtually every place or event you like will accept volunteers for special events.
          – don’t go to quiet place like bookstores and coffee shops.
          – ask people you know to set you up.
          – do stuff with your guy friends, not your girlfriends. they’ll eventually bring along people you havent met yet.

          – whatever you like, find ways to put yourself in group situations around that topic.

          whatever you’ve been doing doesn’t work. so change that if you want results.

      • Maybe I am just ugly to people in this city. I am confident, I have great body language, I take really good care of myself. I don’t feel like I am the portrait of loneliness but it does hurt when the guys in this city would rather approach the 5’10” blonde wearing a Coach bag instead of me.

    • Perhaps it’s time for another PoP Looking for Love post!

  • it’s like someone pulled the plug at the bottom of the stock market barrel.

    god damned politicians and their bullshit.
    you are hurting america!

  • Rant: I didn’t fall asleep til 2 last night, so I couldn’t get up in time for planned morning run. When I got up, it was cloudy and cool and PERFECT running weather for the first time all summer. Of course that would happen on the day I sleep in…

    Rave: I’m having a decent work day despite no sleep.

  • Rave: THIS PICTURE! Nice work Pablo. Can’t believe I’m the first one to comment on it.

  • RAVE: When I feel like the bird in front, I have to remember that in my heart I’m the bird in back ~

  • Revel: We went 2 whole weeks without killings in DC. Let’s see if we can go 3 weeks now to show we can do it. Wasn’t it lovely.

    Rant: Our lame response to the famine and violence over in Africa. Horrifyingly horrific! http://news.yahoo.com/boy-fighters-somalia-warn-shabab-cruelty-174645451.html

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