Props to the Cops – Vol. 27 – Officer Copeland and CST Team

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From MPD:

“Tonight [Wed.] Officer Copeland was on patrol in the 5000 Block of North Capital Street Northwest when he heard gunshots coming from the area of First Street Northwest. Officer Copeland immediately alerted units in the area and they converge. Officer Copeland and members of the Fourth District Crime Suppression Team began to canvass the area in the rear of the 5000 block of First Street Northwest. The officers heard what the believed to be someone “racking” and loading a semiautomatic handgun. The officers then heard a door slam. This area was in a very secluded area that can only be reached on foot. The members continued to look in the area and found several fresh cartridge casings in the area and were able to determine what apartment the suspect fled into.

The members then obtained an Emergency District of Columbia Search and Seizure Warrant for the apartment. Once the members entered the apartment they were able to seize a .380 semiautomatic handgun and ammunition matching the cartridge casings that were found outside the residence. A suspect has been positively identified and members are currently working on obtaining an arrest warrant for him.

The recovery of this handgun and the identification of the suspect were only through the coordination and determination of Officer Copeland the C.S.T. Team and the United States Attorneys Office.

Great Work Officer Copeland and all members involved.”

The narrative sounds like something out of George Pelecanos novel. Awesome.

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  • There were two officers on foot giving tickets galore for something at the corner of Rhode Island NW and 3RD street today. I could not quite tell what for but I guess it was for blocking the intersection? They were passing them out pretty heavy. Funny part was the homeless / drunks that hang out on the corner of the gas station across the street laughing at the drivers and saying “po po caughtcha did-ent they” “po po got anuthurn HA HA!” like they were the scourge of the earth for driving to work. : )

  • austindc

    Thank you Officer Copeland!

  • Where do all these guns and bullets come from? I wonder how many illegal and loaded handguns there are on the streets of DC on any given day? And of those, how many are in the hands of our neighbors’ children?

    • You should do a door to door survey.

    • Duh, they’re obvioulsy bought by law abiding citizens, who go through the proper procedure to obtain a firearm. Damn Heller, causing all of this gun violence in the city!

      • most ARE initially purchased by law abiding citizens, unless criminals are manufacturing their own guns.

        most are bought in md.

        • In fact, 1/3 of them come from one store, according to the Post.

          “In Maryland, Realco towers over the other 350 handgun dealers in the state as a source of guns confiscated in the District and Prince George’s County, the most violent jurisdictions in the area. Nearly one out of three guns The Post traced to Maryland dealers came from Realco. The rest were spread among other shops across the state.”

          And yes, the guns that Realco sells are sold legally, though law-abiding is a stretch, since half of them are straw purchasers.

          • perhaps if the BATFE actually did their job instead of running idotic stings in mexico they would be able to do a better job auditing and closing down incompetent ffls.

            but no, actual police work is much less glamorous than running machine guns into mexico.

  • why is an arrest warrant needed? If you find a gun(s), and can identify the person reasonably thought to be hiding the gun, isn’t that probable cause to arrest him?

    • Search and Seizure warrant. Not arrest.

      • Maybe you didn’t really read the email:

        >A suspect has been positively identified and members are currently working on obtaining an arrest warrant for him.<

        • They apparently think they have probable cause to connect a specific person with the gun that was located, but that person was not there when the gun was located. So they’ll go to a magistrate, get an arrest warrant, and log it into the system, so any cop running across this hoodlum can arrest him for the outstanding warrant.

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