Props to the Cops Vol. 23 and 24

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

From and email titled, “Shaw Community Takedown” by Chief Cathy Lanier:

“I would like to commend the MPD officers and FBI agents involved in a highly successful joint operation in taking down a drug ring. As a result of a three-year investigation, 17 people were arrested and 1/2 of kilogram of cocaine, 1/4 of kilogram of crack cocaine, 1 lb of marijuana, over $600,000 in cash and a variety of weapons and vehicles were seized.

Because of our continued focus in the Shaw community, we have seen a dramatic reduction in violent crime. These arrests are an example of the efforts of law enforcement working together to make our communities safer.”

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And this description from MPD made me a bit dizzy but great to hear an arrest was made:

“On August 5, 2011 around 10:45am the Complainant (C-1) reports to MPD that on the listed date and time he was walking eastbound in the 1400 Block of Florida Ave. C-1 reports that without warning he was tackled to the ground from behind by a suspect (S-1). S-1 assaulted C-1 and grabbed the listed items from C-1’s grasp. A witness (W-1) was standing nearby and observed the attack. W-1 also observed an additional suspect (S-2) standing next to S-1. W-1 stated that three additional suspects (S-3, S-4, S-5) were standing across the street watching the attack. After S-1 took the listed items from C-1 all of the suspects fled the scene on foot. C-1 and W-1 gave chase and caught up to the suspect’s in the rear alley of the 1300 Block of V St. NW. As C-1 caught up to S-1, C-1 pushed S-1 in an attempt to stop him. S-1 fell. C-1 and W-1 report that S-1 turned toward C-1 and put his fists up and stood in a fighting stance. C-1 yelled to S-1 to drop C-1’s property (bag). S-1 dropped C-1’s property and fled southbound toward the 1300 Block of U St. NW. C-1 recovered his property and returned to work. MPD responded to the scene but could not locate or contact C-1 to file a report. Later as C-1 was walking in the 1400 Block of U St. NW and observed S-1 standing at the location. C-1 flagged down an MPD Officer and advised the officer that S-1 had robbed him earlier in the day. The officer attempted to make contact with S-1. S-1 immediately fled on foot. S-1 was later stopped in the 1900 Block of 13th St. NW. C-1 positively identified S-1 as the person who assaulted and robbed him earlier in the day. S-1 was arrested.”

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  • So clearly MPD was aware of this organized criminal operation living in our midst and possibly terrorizing the community through their homicides and other violence, yet took 3 years to bring it down? So they tolerate it for 3 years, all the while letting the associated violence continue around us. Is that really the best we can do in this city? Wonder how many DRYS wards were involved through the years? Kind of frustrating.

    • austindc

      Yeah, but it probably can take a long time to build a case and collect enough evidence to make sure it’s air tight. 17 arrests makes it sound like they had to put a lot of pieces together to make sure they could charge everyone involved. I wish it was faster too, but I am glad they accomplished it eventually. Also, apparently I have been watching the Wire too much.

      Thanks to the cops for all the hard (and probably dangerous) work!

      • I hope they built an airtight case.

        I was on a jury a few years ago for a federal case against a guy who was accused of dealing crack.

        All of us on the jury felt like the guy had _probably_ done it… but there were too many holes in the evidence for us to be sure. So (reluctantly) we acquitted him.

        It was very frustrating. So different than the courtroom dramas you see on TV, where the cases presented are always very solid…

    • If they didn’t do it right and just made arrests for relatively low-level crimes (small-time dealing, assault, etc.) they’d all be on the street today and the people really responsible for all the related crime wouldn’t even get touched. you’re right that they probably had to watch a lot of terrible stuff go down, but it’s a very tricky situation with no easy answer.

      Now seems like a good time to request that everyone in the world go watch The Wire in its entirety.

    • Maddie…if they busted them short term the trade and traffic would proceed unabated… by setting up for a large scale long term bust, these officers did some REAL police work. They got a take down that is going to put higher level players away for a much longer period of time… You know what is frustrating? People like YOU who want change over night when real change takes years. I recommend you watch Seasons 1-5 of The Wire before you comment on the quality of police effort again.

      • Ha! My first thought when I read this was “haven’t you watched The Wire?!?”

      • I know most of you were not raised in the streets; however, the Wire is not the bible on DC drug dealing. Thats is all I will say on that.

        • austindc

          Point well taken. Well, I am going to go walk through the garden. . . there was something I was supposed to remember to watch though. . . I’m sure it will come to me.

        • Say what you will, I live here and watch the deals as they happen on the 5000 block of new hampshire. Kids on bikes tangling with 40 year old who hand them stuff and the little ones go on delivering junk to the junkies…the guy shot and killed last month was killed about 50 yards from my bedroom window. No doubt the wire isn’t a be all end all… but as an depiction of what challenges the police are facing, it is certainly a resource… probably the best thing out there for people like you and me.

          • Not people like me. Be very afraid if the police are using an HBO television show as their only resource. I bet everything that you claim you see is actually from a TV screen or a figment of your imagination.

          • I am saying that the show is a good way for people who arent police to understand the amount of work required to execute good police work.

        • duh, its about bmore drug dealing…

    • No offense but you clearly have no idea how to successfully gather evidence so that it can result in a successfull prosecution – so they offender don’t get off and come back to pick up where they left off.

    • I don’t think that “working to bring it down” is precisely the same as “tolerating” it. But I see your point; it’s frustrating to think about the damage that was done in the meantime.

      Also, a retroactive props to the cops of my own–an MPD officer last week about the international PCP and more ring they broke up on the block next to mine about three years ago. We’d always wondered why things suddenly seemed to stop around that time; glad to know that some of those guys are hopefully rotting in jail.

    • They were too busy busting people for littering and ticeting cyclists who ran red lights and stop signs.

  • (C1+S1)W1=?

  • Or perhaps, (C1+W1)/S1 = +1

    Yup, keep S1 where it belong, in the non-dominating denominator.

  • props to C1, really

  • hahah nice one, beat me to the wire reference by a few seconds

  • I love that we are all putting the wire out like “bible” on this post…but my people in the world of law enforcement say it captures the dynamics and demands accurately.

  • Sheeeeeiiiiiiiit.

  • LOL Smoke and mirrors. This is not a high level drug distribution ring. Not even close trust me. Let’s see they confiscated only 1/2 a key of coke, 1/4 a key of crack, a pound of marijuana and 600,000 of re-up money. Chump change to a highly organized drug crew. This was just a loose confederation of low to mid level dealers copping from a same common source, who will be easily replaced. Don’t ask me how I know. There are no real crews around since 18th and M was taken down as well as Mark Pray’s Barry Farm Crew. Thats why the pups can run wild with no one to answer to.

    • You’ve been reading a lot of George Pelecanos, haven’t you?

    • So what your saying is we need a REAL Kingpin to show up and bring order to the masses?

      Captha: BUST

      • Not at all, I was just stating the obvious. And actually a REAL “kingpin” provides more order than 100 wannabees fighting over street supremacy. A REAL kingpin does not want the unneccessary heat that comes from small time burglaries, robberies, and assualts etc.. committed by people under his control or on his “turf”.

  • If you ever been on Grand Jury duty, you will see how the procecutors piece together a drug ring investigation. Some one mentioned the 18th & M crew, the police and the procecutors knew who was doing what and where, however, it takes time to make the charges stick. Several of those characters received life sentences. One was recommended the death penalty, but local politicians cried that the Feds were interfering in DC affairs.

    • I grew up with the infamous enforcer of that crew Larry Gooch. He is the one who was reccommended the death penalty.

  • Would love to see the juxtaposition of this news and O St. Market construction happening on the same block soon.

  • Little by little, the old drug infrastructure is removed. The violence, the intimidation, the dead end dreams for kids who want an easy way to wealth. But it will spring back up because you want a high, and hey, you have a job and you can handle it.

    Stop doing drugs for one year and help this city dig it’s way out. Stop with your coke and stop with your weed. You’re killing people.

    • The criminalization of the drug trade is killing people. The drugs themselves: not so much.

      We’ve got a couple million Americans in jail right now because of our drug Prohibition, and drug-gang violence kills tens of thousands in the US and (especially) its southern neighbors. Would the social cost of legalization really be worse than the immense social cost of criminalization?

  • 1400 Block of Florida Ave.(?!) Shaw? Really?!

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