Progress at 732 Lamont St, NW

Thanks to Phil Di Ruggiero for the photos and for the info:

“There will be 11 new 1BR & 2BR condominiums we’ll be selling in October.”

Great to see this former eyesore starting to look good!

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  • Great to see this improvement in the neighborhood! Any word on the Vue project right there on Georgia Ave?

  • Those look like french doors? Hopefully they will open out to a balcony or something….

  • Well done!

  • I’m especially impressed with how they added/integrated the pop-up. If it weren’t for the photo at the top, I wouldn’t have guessed!

  • The building seems to want a slightly more prominent stone cap, or maybe a small iron/aluminum cornice down slightly from the top of the parapet. It looks a little bare up there.

    Also, I’m withholding judgement until I see how they do the balconies. Actually they are probably just going to be railings since I don’t see any attachment points to hold the weight of a balcony.

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