PoP Pho Patrol – Pho.licious Coming to Barracks Row

@BarracksRow shares the great news:

“ANOTHER new business on Barracks Row to announce! Look for Pho.licious in the space at 804 E Street SE in the coming months!”

Based on the name alone, I find this very very promising. They will be located just east of the Subway at 8th and E St, SE.

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  • Very excited!

  • Pho sure ? Pho bulous !

  • Pho-tastic

  • Will definitely be walking to this place for lunch!

    Hey PoP – whatever happened to that Pho place that was supposed to open on H st.?

  • I love pho and am happy for this!

    Would still like to see more non-restaurant retail though 🙁

  • Pho-ssssshhhoooo

  • Not to hijack thread (and I’m happy for Barrack’s Row), but it’s frustrating that great stuff is happening on H St. and Capitol Hill, while Petworth can’t attract a single new sit-down restaurant. The Thai place opened two years ago, and since then… nothing.

    • There’s a lot more office space within a mile of H St. and Capitol Hill than in Petworth. That enables restaurants in those locations to make more money on the lunch and happy hour crowds.

  • Petworth is farther behind Cap Hill and H in it’s rebirth. Cap Hill didnt have CRAP for restaurants for decades! Be patient. The change Petworth is seeing is happening at light speed compared to the pace Cap Hill suffered for so long.

    • Yes.

      When I started working south of Barracks Row in 2006 there was hardly anything worth going to there. A couple years later a few new businesses had moved in, and then there was a surge of activity once the critical tipping point had been reached.

  • I live a couple blocks away and can’t wait. I hope they are less pretentious than Ba Bay around the corner (given the silly name this seems likely) and that they have some vegetarian options. Believe it or not, a good tofu and broccoli pho is just as delicious as the traditional kind!

    • A word of caution: sometimes when they offer a veggie pho option they still use the beef broth. I’d check before you order… but there’s great vegetarian pho recipes online so now I just make my own from scratch. It’s easy and delicious!

      • I make it from scratch too but sometimes I just want to go out for it. I do have issues getting the broth to look like the restaurant version– it always turns out darker and cloudy. I’ve tried charring the onion/ginger/spices in the pot, broiling them in the oven, and just tossing them in as-is, but I can never get it light enough. Any suggestions?

      • BTW I’m not vegetarian but I did always suspect they used the same broth for everything. Good to know in case I’m out with vegetarian friends!

        • if they say it’s ăn chay it’s 100% meat-free in prep and content. if not, then that’s a meat/bone broth with veggies.

  • I like Pho as much as the next person, but is that space even commercially zoned?

    I’d be surprised if they had an easy go getting permitted here (liquor license especially)

  • Pho real? Sweet!

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