Playseum Opens on Barracks Row

The Playseum is located at 545 8th St, SE. Their Web site says:

“The Be with Me Playseum is a great place for the whole family whatever the age. The admission is $6.00 per person. If your second or third child is under 10 months they are free.

We are a children’s used bookstore in the design of a city with hands-on fun bringing family and community together under one roof. This is place where parent and child come in feeling good and leave feeling great!

Our vision: To help kids create and parents relate
Our mission: To come in and play and help children far away

The Playseum currently supports 40 children who have been taken off the streets in Northern India and placed in loving adoptive native homes. and now are DC location is a partner with GTLS a non profit Organization bringing health and clean water to the Hammar Village in Ethiopia.

There is never a dull moment here!
We offer story times Monday-Friday at 11am, Saturdays at 11am, 2pm and 4pm and on Sundays at 2pm & 4pm. Want more? Stay for our childrens singer, John Henry on Monday’s in Bethesda and Wednesdays in DC after story time!

Besides buying your favorite children’s book or the latest kid’s cookbook; purchase playseum money to do some of our “above and beyonds” and enjoy more interactive fun with your child! You can: create something new, paint a ceramic, make your own chapstick, have your nails painted, make homemade pasta (DC location only), toothpaste (Bethesda location only) a strawberry smoothie or decorate a cupcake with all the fixings.
The Playseum is now open Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm in Washington DC!”

Looks like this could be a good option for activities to do with a 3 and a half year old.

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  • I looked at the website for this place a few weeks back to see if it would be a good place to go with my children to escape the heat. I decided against it because it looked a little too corporate- some of the playrooms are named after corporations (i.e. the grocery store is Safeway, the pizza place is Domino’s). A little too commercial for me.

    • get a life, seriously. it is nice to see these corporations supporting a local business. I’m sure it keeps down on the cost of admission, so more people from the community can enjoy it.

      I do agree however that the “about us” write-up could have been proof written at least once before submitting. Using ‘are’ instead of ‘our’ makes the organization look really bad.

  • This is quite possibly the worst written “about us” feature that I’ve ever seen. I read this three times and I have no idea what this place does (museum? bookstore? play area? charity? for profit?).

  • andy

    I’m willing to check it out for my kid. Thanks for the info.

  • Also, from their web site (this is the part I find a bit creepy):

    We Value

    LIFE-Every child is a gift from God. Every life big or small is valuable and of great worth to God and therefore to us.

    FAMILY-The family unit is the most vital part of our community. We treasure the opportunity to offer you a place to create family moments and memories. Family is the desired way in which God allows us to first experience love, so we hope to promote family values and family time for all who enter.

    GOD- God is the giver of breath and we endeavor to honor Him in all of our affairs. God is our true source and foundation. He is the giver of all good things, from inspiration and creativity to unity and love.

    • Why is this creepy? It’s your choice to decide NOT to value life, family, or God. However, I dont think another person or organization citing these as their values should be considered “creepy”. I hold those values high in my own life and I think a lot of parents probably do also.

      • It strikes me as creepy because it implies they might force these values onto your kids. The comments from others who have been here indicate that they do not, which is good, but I think they’re scaring away potential customers with all that God talk.

  • I’m not saying this as an endorsement of the owner’s religious, political or social views, but I’ve taken my charge (age 2) to their location in Bethesda several times and he has always had a blast. Its always a good sign when they fight to leave. Older kids would probably like it more. It is not my cup of tea, but then again, it is not for me, its for kids.

  • We’ve been to the one in Bethesda with our two year old. She had a blast, but I was a little creeped out and we haven’t been back. The play areas were basically just a bunch of second hand toys grouped together thematically in a room (trucks/princess dress-up/etc). While the money goes to a good cause I would prefer to just head to a play date a friend’s place with good A/C!

  • this sounds like the worst bar ever!

  • Went to the DC Playseum this weekend for a Birthday. Children had a wonderful time. Staff was exceptional and helped the birthday parents out with anything they needed. Things ran smoothly and the parents seemed very pleased. Will definitely be taking my kids back in the near future!

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