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  • Now there are only 999 places to get mediocre pizza in this city.

    • My thoughts exactly! Too many terrible pizza places (if you call it that) in DC. Domino’s opened up on 14th and Girard, so one awful place replaced the other!

  • Interesting development.

    I wonder if there’s any hope of something nice (not a cell phone authorized reseller or whatever) coming into that space.

    The contrast between the 1800 block of Columbia Road NW and the 1700 block is like night and day.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I’m bummed. I actually like Pizza Hut pizza. Though I didn’t order from them often, it was nice having them as an option.

    I guess I better start keeping all the pizza flyers from all the other pizza places nearby.

  • Best place in DC for pizza? Famous Luigi’s in Dupont. Best tasting pizza in the city yet!

    And if you do happen to crave a jumbo slice, Duccini’s is pretty good, too.

    • Second Luigi’s pies, very similar to the style of the old Gusti’s and AV. It’s not fastfood pizza nor is it the DOC burnt pizza soup they peddle at 2Amys, but somewhere in between. The pesto pie and homemade sausage are awesome, but everything else is just okay. And the service is notoriously spotty.

  • One small victory for Adams Morgan.

  • Can’t say I’ll miss it.

  • Not worthy of public outrage like when they took the Popeyes from the frothing masses.

  • Devestated… Absolutely Devistated…

  • It’s been closed for 3 weeks now. Pizza Hut is the best of the chain pizza. (IMHO) The breadsticks, and cheesesticks…Goodbye lover…

  • When will the NY infiltration of eateries bring a Patsy’s or Grimaldi’s?

    Pizza in this town — pathetic.

  • Pepperoni Pan Pizza for the win. Winning!

  • tonyr

    How helpful of the to let us know that 1310 U is at 13th & U, and 1990 M is 19th & M.

    Reminds me of the time I took a taxi to 850 V St., and the driver asked me what the cross street was!

    • tonyr

      them, not the – dammit

    • You’d be surprised how at many people don’t know that. Especially those who come into DC just for work or the occasional drink. But then again they’re probably not seeking out new Pizza Hut locations in the city.

  • The Whole Foods in Friendship heights turns out some surprisingly good pizza by the slice, and they’ll pop it back in to their gas oven for you. I’m partial to the ricotta-sundried tomato…

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