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  • There’s proof – even a good photographer can’t make the Hyatt Regency look good…. interesting, but not good.

  • ah

    BTW, google+ is google’s facebook competitor product. It’s by invitation only currently, as it’s (a) in beta testing or (b) a cynical ploy to generate demand through anticipation and exclusivity.

  • I use Google+, whose design mitigates many of the privacy concerns associated with Facebook (which I refuse to join). If POP wants an invitation to join Google+, I (as well as other POP readers, I’m sure) would be happy to provide one.

  • I get your posts in my stream on Google +.

    It had an initial flurry of activity, and has kind of died down the last month or so.

    Lots of upside but not a lot of people currently there to network with.

  • Google+ will be great once there are more people on it! I really like that it combines everything google into one seemless package.

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