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  • Ugh…camel crickets. aka Sprickets.

    my least favorite memory of living in DC. nothing like turning on the bathroom light at 3am to find 5 or 6 of these guys just hanging out. and when they’re spooked…they jump AT you.

    absolutely harmless, yet pure evil.

    i curse them.

    • so THAT’S what that is. I encountered one for the first time last week. Not something you want to have happen to you whilst atop the porcelain throne.

  • WHY would you post that on POPville?!?! Surely you know that a good number of us former-basement-dwellers are shaking from PTSD flashbacks right now….

    Good God those things are terrifying.

  • Does anyone know how to attract those mosquito eating dragonflies to a regular rowhouse garden? I’d love to have an army of them.

  • OMG I have the shakes right now from looking at that cricket picture. One got in my bed a few years ago and JUMPED ON MY HEAD. I will never forget the shear, utter terror. I cried.

  • How big are those camel crickets? I’ve never seen one and it’s hard to tell from the photo. If they’re any larger than a mosquito, they look terrifying.

    • Hi there– I took this picture outside the Supreme Court, and the camel cricket was just hanging out there. Since they are so passive, it allowed me to get very, very close with my phone. This particular specimen was probably about as big overall as my closed first, so I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking, getting so close to it in the first place.

  • The crickets are pretty massive. And they jump very high.

  • About an inch in length, not counting the antennae. Maybe a bit more. Nasty little critters.

  • I stand corrected. I’ve been telling people outside DC about the jumping spiders in my basement and been met with quizzical and terrified looks. Turns out they are camel crickets. What’s the deal with those things? Do they only live indoors? Apart from this photo, I’ve never seen one outdoors. And what’s up with the superfast thin thingies with 1000 legs? Anybody have problems with them?

  • “And what’s up with the superfast thin thingies with 1000 legs?”

    Centipedes. They’re supposed to be good to have around because they eat misquito larvae, but they give me the heebie jeebies. But not as bad as human centipedes.

    • I think the commenter meant Silver Fish … they come up from the drains in the house. Bleach usually keeps them down there.

    • I’ve been squashing the centipedes in my house. After reading that they eat mosquito larvae, I’m wondering if I should keep squashing or try to trap them and move them outside.

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