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  • Love Fort Reno. We used to sneak flasks in, get absolutely plastered, and antagonize all the uptight straight-edgers.

    • LOL

    • It was always nice to be a block from the Malt Shop and Babe’s Billiards so you could pound a couple of cheap pitchers between bands. Last time I went to the newly redone Dancing Crab bar I had to pay something like $8 for a freaking Stella.

      I’ll always love Fort Reno since that was my first Ted Leo show.

      P.S. Love someone commenting on Fort Reno who has “been there” that doesn’t know what Straight Edge is.

  • Fort Reno is one of the best things going in DC. A unique spot with a great vibe (even in the humidity).

  • Except for the presence of judgmental a-holes like Jeff who used to antagonize people for to “straight edge” for him, whatever that means.

  • I was there. This was a great show to end the season!

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