Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – SW Waterfront

This rental is located at 63 Q ST SW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Cute 1 bedroom 1 bathroom 2nd floor apt with all hardwood floors. Central AC. Large bedroom. Great location just steps to the Nationals Stadium. About a 10 min walk to Waterfront Metro, 10 min walk to Navy Yard Metro. 20 min walk to Federal Center Metro.”

This 1 bedroom is going for $750.

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  • Looks like a good deal. How’s this part of half street these days? I lived up near M in 2008 and it was pretty sketchy, but I know the area in general has gotten a lot better.

  • jim_ed

    A friend of mine found a place nearby around 1st and O SW for $800 a month and wanted us to go look at it. We walked over there, and it was not good. We’re talking its 10am and people are getting drunk outside the corner mart, shooting dice and slinging dope in the alleys. That’s just a gross part of town back there.

    Bonus: Lucky Kabob and Carry out is right around the corner, with some of the tastiest Indian food around, and it’s DIRT CHEAP.

  • If you are trying to save money up to buy a house in DC and still live in DC – good deal.

  • A dream for any hardcore Nats fan, for sure. If the rest of the neighborhood surrounding the stadium ever gets off the ground (retail, bars and the like), this won’t be $750 for long.

    As it is, it might be hard to find a cheaper one-bedroom west of the river.

  • Good deal if you’re willing to live in a rough neighborhood for cheap — you don’t see 600sqft 1BRs this nice in equally stabby parts of Petworth or Eckington for this price.

    • Thats fairly ignorant, since neither Petworth nor Eckington are plagued with the very notorious public housing projects that are across the street from this place, not the mention the ones that are up near I and 4th. Let me guess, you live in Bloomingdale, the area only mere feet from Eckington, but basically a crime desert? Or maybe Columbia Heights, where there is no crime either. Please tell me, where do you live that crime isnt a problem but that you are so uninformed that you think eckington and petworth have the same crime challenges as these few blocks of SW Waterfront.

      There is a very very good reason this place beats most anywhere else by several hundred dollars, I mean its basically across the street from the metro. You couldnt get this rent many places EAST of the river.

      These particular projects are among the most dangerous, hostile places around. I would not want to live here. Basically these places are dragging down the entirety of the SW Waterfront, which has a ton of potential and appeal, otherwise.

  • great deal, price-wise. I love living in SW, and if you’re a baseball fan it’s super close to the Nats stadium and some nice parks. But the walk to either Navy Yard or Waterfront feels pretty isolated. PSA 104 doesn’t have a lot of crime, but it sees like some of the more serious stuff does happen in this part of the area. I will walk or bike through there during daylight, but not after dark (I realize other folks have different comfort levels though).

  • ledroittiger

    You can finally get that season ticket you always wanted with the money you save on rent. Chances are you’ll want to spend most of your time in the stadium anyway, when you’re living in a dump like this. Also, it’s safer.

  • Yes, its a very good deal. But there is a reason for that. There are almost 1000 units of public/subisidized housing within 3 blocks of this place. Makes Columbia Heights look tame on a friday night.

  • I’m guessing that building is just horrendous. you might as well just live in a group house because you’re gonna be pretty tight with your neighbors given the paper thin walls.

  • Ha Ha, you need to see the entire street. There is a reason this apt is still on the market for cheap. I have passed it many times on my way to the stadium. This particular area leaves a lot to be desired. I’m pretty sure none of my non minority friends would ever live there.

  • OK–this particular rental may be situated on an ugly street, and yes, the feel of the neighborhood changes from block to block, but I live one block away and I feel comfortable here and I like the neighborhood. You need to be street smart, but that’s true for the whole city. No Way doesn’t know what s/he is talking about–This neighborhood is nothing like Columbia Heights, and many of the people living in the subsidized housing buildings are very pleasant and neighborly, so I recommend against the gross generalization.

    • Yes, many of them are. But some of them are criminals. When I lived in this area I thought it was perfectly fine, until someone’s nephew moved back to the area after being released from prison. Suddenly there were guys hanging outside our apartment flashing their guns at us. Then someone bent the window bars of our apartment and ransacked the place. We moved away because, although the nice neighbors were still there, we no longer felt safe.

  • What do you do if you live there? The nearest neighborhood hub with restaurants and nightlife would be… the 200-300 block of Pennsylvania Ave SE? I’m just guessing, I really don’t know. THere isn’t a lot of commercial development south of the freeway (the area around the stadium is dead on non-game days).

    Just doesn’t seem very appealing unless maybe you work down there near the Navy Yard or something.

    • I used to live at 4th and P SW, and going out generally did involve a Metro or Cabi trip (unless you went to Cantina Marina). But there is the Waterfront station area, which has a Safeway and other basics, as well as the new sit-down restaurant Station 4.

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