Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 1126 K St, SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This fully-renovated house features two bedrooms (not huge, but functional with lots of closet space), lots of great natural light, and one and one/half bathrooms. The kitchen boasts modern stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops, not to mention a FABULOUS back splash. Hardwood floors grace all levels.

This BEAUTIFUL, newly-renovated, two-bedroom, one and one/half bathroom rowhouse is available for rent. The Potomac Avenue metro stop (Orange/Blue line) , Harris Teeter, and the shopping & dining of Barracks Row are all just two easy blocks away! Check the location on the map and don’t be fooled by other places that claim they’re in Capitol Hill, but are really miles away.

Other amenities include central heat & air (perfect for the sweltering summer weather), in-unit washer and dryer, a beautiful back patio/yard with plenty of room to grill/entertain. This home is a commuter’s dream, whether you’re planning on jumping on the Metro just two blocks away, heading to the Navy Yard or Nationals Stadium, or going further afield by jumping on 295/Southeast-Southwest Freeway.”

You can see a mouse on house tour here.

$2299 per month (utilities not included) sound right for this 2 bedroom?

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  • Probably will get rented. But would be a little hesitant with the PG around the corner and across the street.

    • This property faces Hopkins and is south of Potomac Gardens. Busy street, but a short walk to 8th street (we walk the walk daily).

      • My office is down here so I do the walk (or bike ride) every day as well. It’s a very pleasant 20-minute walk, or a 7-minute bike ride, to 8th and Pennsylvania. You could reach the southern end of Barracks Row in less than 5 minutes on foot. And 11th Street is great for biking because it’s wide, it has bike lanes, and the traffic’s relatively light.

    • I work around the corner from here! This area’s perfectly fine. My threshold for crime and general sketchiness is embarssingly low but I wouldn’t have a problem with living in this area.

  • This is actually a 1BR+ den, so I have a hard time seeing how this could be worth much more than 2,000.

    • Does the small bedroom in the back not have any windows?

      From the floor plan, it appears to have a closet, which in my experience is usually what’s missing from rooms listed as “bedrooms” that don’t qualify. Then again, I saw a three-bedroom house last fall where one of the so-called “bedrooms” didn’t have a window…

      • Oh you’re right it does look like there’s a closet. There is not a window, though – which is clear if you look at the picture of the patio.

        • There are no windows visible in the interior photo, but I thought maybe there might be a window on the side wall (the one that faces the house next door), above where the air vent is on the floor.

          If there is a window there, it would be at a 90-degree angle to the window that’s at the top of the stairs, and thus not visible in the exterior pics.

  • I Drove past this property over the weekend. Of course there was an incident involving the police across the street. What Irked me more was the house 3 doors down that had MOUNDS of garbage (In black bags) in the front yard and street. Just looked disgusting and a huge turn off.

    • The “mounds of garbage” are actually bagged trash from the renovation going on in 1122 I believe trash pickup was on Monday.

      • Yes, it was.

        If anyone’s still interested I can peek down there on my way home and see if they’re gone.

  • Went to look at this house a few months ago when it wsa on the market. The 1/2 bath downstairs is hilarious. Don’t be fooled by the realtor photos — there is only about 3-4 inches between the sink and the end of the toilet. No idea why they chose such a large sink in such a small space:)

  • Yeah, I was thinking these looked like photos from when the house was for sale!

    There’s a photo of the washer/dryer closet… with no washer/dryer inside.

  • This just sold for $345k last month.

    It was on the market for a while but a nice renovation. A bit on the small side and immediate vicinity left something to be desired.

  • @SG…coming back from my early morning run today I noticed the bags were still there.

  • HAHAHA. Yeah, a police friend of mine works the ‘beat’ there. Umm. Be dead in a month. Go head and spend your life savings on a joke.

  • Oh I should mention. I have lived in DC for 19 years.

  • Oh Wait. Forgot to mention 8 years ago. I lived at 8th and G. For 450 a month. In a 1 bedroom basement. I took cabs home from Tracks etc. cause it way too unsafe to walk.

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