Miss Pixies Moving From Logan Circle in 2012!?!?!

Back in April ’08 Miss Pixies moved into the old Powell’s Auto Parts Shop at 14th and R St, NW. In a Washington Examiner article lamenting the closing of Ruff n Ready up the street at 14th and T St, NW, a troubling tidbit is buried at the end of the article:

Pixie Windsor, who has run Miss Pixie’s furniture store down the street for almost four years, is preparing to move. Her lease runs out in March, and the rent will rise. “We come in and make a place cool and popular,” she says, “then they kick us out. That’s the way it works.”

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  • andy

    14th & Crittenden is waiting for you!

  • Come to Bloomingdale–NW corner of 1st & Seaton. Replace the tragic ‘second hand’ pop-up shop that sometimes exists there. And hopefully talk some sense into the owners of the property to do s.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g. with it instead of letting it lay fallow.

  • “We come in and make a place cool and popular,” she says, “then they kick us out. That’s the way it works.”

    Having your rent raised and being “kicked out” are not one and the same. If the area is now “cool and popular” shouldn’t this bring them more customers which would allow them to pay a higher rent? With 1,000+ condos/apartments coming into the neighborhood wouldn’t they want to still be open in that area. People need to buy furniture somewhere.

    • that is ridiculous, small business is the heart and soul of the neighborhood and the rents are rising out of control! the only people that can afford to pay them will be the large outlets…I am sorry I don’t want to live in a walmart world and that is where this is heading!! I live in the neighborhood, in fact 2 blocks from Miss Pixies and she will be missed along with Ruff + Ready, this is not a good sign for the 14th street corridor!!

      • I live about a block away and I’ve bought a few things there over the past year or so. I like the stuff and the people that work there were great. I just find it annoying that they say they are being “kicked out”. There are going to be thousands of new residents in the area, of course the rent is going to be higher. Shouldn’t they want to pay a higher rent and have access to more customers?

        • the margin for success in retail is very slim, even a small increase in rent can be the difference between success and failure. i own a small business and when rents go up you have to charge more, who benefits from that scenario??

          • um, the landlord?

          • With your belief of small business being the “heart and soul of the neighborhood” (and I’m not discrediting that) wouldn’t the neighborhood benefit from still having a small business around? If people truly love small businesses and want to support the neighborhood they’ll shop at them. I try to and I’d wager that a large percentage of the new, affluent, young, and childless residents in the condos going up 14th street would do the same.

            When my rent went up at my old apartment I didn’t complain that I was being kicked out. I realized that unless I wanted to scrimp on going out to dinner, going on vacation, and adding to my savings, I’d need to move to a new place. The owner of Miss Pixies might need to do the same thing.

      • +1000 Well said. It’s a shame that things like this happen. Obviously the landlord can do as he/she pleases with lease prices, but you think they would have a sense of community development over making more money. The lease price was good to the landlord in 2008. so why not just raise it a bit but to make sure Miss Pixies can stay.

        • Because that is not good capitalism. Landlords (commericial) and developers are not concerned with a “sense of community”.

          They are only concerned with a sense of monetary gain.

          It is a shame. It will happen.

          • By definition, that is good capitalism.

          • Yes tres, that is my point. The landlords are capitalists. Gettign more money is all they care about (in regards to this situation).

          • bullshit. i own two business. i’m a capitalist. i want less government intervention in my business making a free market economy.

            that doesn’t mean price gouging. or even out of market pricing.

            some people believe in fair prices.

      • the neighborhood is changing, the new residents are rich boring yuppies, so what? so places like miss pixies pop up in petworth or bloomingdale or mount rainier or whatever, and if you want to live in a transitional area with a funky vibe you move to these new places. this is how the city has worked for decades. remember georgetown used to be slums…

    • Furniture isn’t food. You only need one sofa or dining room table, you need to buy milk and bread on an ongoing basis.

  • Please, please, please come to Mount Pleasant!

  • A place that sells a piece of furniture that cant be worth more than 400 bucks for 1000 bucks doesnt get much sympathy from me when they start complaining about rent.

  • 14th St. will be blandsville in a few years. Not saying this store signifies the opposite, just think within 5 years Matchbox and similar ilk will be the rule and not the exception to this part of DC.

    • andy

      well, they did close the KenTacoHut, angering the chainstore gods. we knew they would have their vengeance.

    • yep, and new parts of DC will be like 14th was 5 years ago. I fail to see why anyone would be surprised or worked up about that. I would say that as soon as the places selling $10,000 rugs and $8,000 stereos move in, your days selling funky secondhand furniture are numbered. This isn’t some evil surprising conspiracy.

  • Miss Pixie should move to Takoma! Her store paired with the recently opened and super awesome Trohv would make that neighborhood a destination for people into offbeat quality goods.

  • I agree…I think it’s a cute little shop, but it may be a good idea to change her business plan if she truly would like to stay put. Maybe sell products that are more appealing to a broader audience that move quickly. When small business thinks that they can continue to operate “as usual” with little change from year to year, then yes you won’t be able to grow and stay in a developing neighborhood. If you like what you have though as a business and growth is not a goal, then hell yeah, Bloomingdale might be a good option for you.

  • ‘“We come in and make a place cool and popular,” she says, “then they kick us out. That’s the way it works.”’

    They’re kicking gay young professionals out of Logan Circle? When did that start?

  • “We come in and make a place cool and popular.”

    Miss Pixie’s is one of *many* businesses that make the neighborhood cool and popular.

  • i understand miss pixies point. no use trying to argue with those that don’t get it.

  • Come back to Adams Morgan! We miss you.

  • That stretch of 14th was SOOOOOOOO lame, so uncool, until a thrift shop saved it from itself 2 years ago.

  • Fun to walk through, but if I am going to spend that sort of money on furniture, I will just buy it new, for cheaper. And no haggling, get with it.

    Sad to see Pixie go, but maybe she can find cheaper rent and actually price items reasonably.

    • I don’t think the stuff was *that* overpriced (some items were, but on average: no). You want it cheaper? Go down to the weekly auctions where Ruff n’ Ready, Pixies, etc get almost all of their stuff and bid on it yourself. The markup on those shops is them doing that work for you. Occasionally they will get something for a steal at auction and mark it up to what they think it is worth, but in general with all of the retail shops in play they compete to buy for “wholesale” price at auction and mark up to “retail”. That’s just how it is. I don’t like the “no haggling” thing though. If I can look at the Weschler’s auction results and see you paid $100 for a table I’m not paying $500 for it. We’ve actually had luck in the past with Ruff and Ready: made an offer on something knowing what they paid. It usually works if said item has been sitting in the shop for a couple weeks.

      And for the record the reason some of it is so high priced is because you *can’t* get similar quality furniture new. Most of this stuff ain’t IKEA, and it’s certainly cheaper than Room and Board, Mitchell + Gold, etc

  • Pixie has been a loyal friend and great neighbor to so many over the years in Adams Morgan and now on 14th Street.

    We’d love to have her back on 18th Street !!

  • the whole building should be demolished, hopefully this is a step in that direction

  • I think this is a mistake on the landlord’s part -loosing a good tenant. There is still a lot of empty real estate along 14th street and more slated for the future. It may take quite awhile to find a new tenant (especially in that crappy building). Too bad they couldn’t reach an agreement.

  • I don’t really care if Miss Pixie’s stays or goes but if Mid-City goes anywhere I will commit suicide.

    They are by far the best coffee shop in DC, and possibly on the east coast. And it wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say the best coffee shop in the US or even the whole wide UNIVERSE!

    I would die if they left that spot….

    • Just so we know, when MidCity’s rent goes up a few months from now, and they get ‘kicked out’ too:
      Which do you prefer – cremation or burial?

  • The DCist post that had a response from the owner said the rent was going to quadruple. Sounds like the landlord wanted her out and this was the best way to accomplish it.

    Wonder if there is some twee/ironic/hipster brewpub/gastropub that wanted the space that was willing to pay more. I guess we will see.

  • I’d be a lot sorrier to see AYT auto go. They are GREAT – honest, competent, and super convenient.

  • WORD, Pixie Windsor!

  • city paper reports that the rent was raised to 80/ft. those talking about capitalism and inevitably are talking out their ass. 80/ft aint capitalism, it’s a grievance.

  • Where and what is Bloomingdale??

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??


  • The owner, Mr. Powell, has managed to bridge one market to the next with a couple of five-year leases which provided ample, predictable income, especially with minimal debt on the property. In 2007, he was getting offers for that spot based on $600/sf condo pricing, and will soon get them again. Since the Northeast corner of the block is going condo by itself, he no longer controls the corner, but will still get big $$$ if that’s what he wants. He lives in NoVa and does not give two sh!ts about neighborhood retail or small businesses.

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