Metro Mutts Opening 2nd Location on Barracks Row

From a press release:

Metro Mutts announced it is opening a new location at 407 8th Street, SE. The store will open the week of October 1st, and will be the company’s second location, after its flagship store at 508 H Street, NE.

Metro Mutts will be moving into the space of an existing pet store, Pawticulars. “When we were first approached by Pawticulars about moving into their space, we saw it as a great opportunity to grow our business and take advantage of the commercial activity on Barracks Row,” said co‐owner Lee Hartshorn. He continued, “Our two stores have had a very cooperative relationship since Metro Mutts first opened in 2009, so this seemed like a very natural progression for us both.” Pawticulars owner Jennifer Zatkowski echoed Hartshorn’s sentiments: “After opening the store eight years ago, I found it difficult to devote my time to both the store and my family. I am pleased and excited that Metro Mutts is moving into the space and am confident they will provide local customers the same attention and care they’ve come to expect.”

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  • The fact a “Yelp! Reviewer” is quoted is just too much funny.

    Anyway, good luck to them.

    • Clearly Yelp reviews are super prestigious, as not just anyone can post on there.

      For example, one Yelp poster has commented “Randall Stevens is absolutely the best looking gentleman in DC,” when the truth is I am only the second or third beind Ted Leonsis and PoP.

  • This is exciting news. I’ve heard great things about Metro Mutts but have never made it up there. Something about Pawticulars always felt unwelcoming– I think it was the lack of merchandise.

  • It’s interesting that local businesses seem to hate Yelp, until, of course, they love Yelp.


  • Along with Pawticulars and Chataux Animeaux. So 8th is now going to be restaurants and pet boutiques.

    I think if I were them I would have opened a location not so close to the one already opened.

    • It’s not that close. I live a couple blocks from the new location and have never been to the H Street one– it just doesn’t seem worth a bus ride/long walk to get dog treats. Also, if you read the announcement they will be taking over the Pawticulars space.

    • ET, in the post it explains that Metro Mutts is taking over the Pawticulars space. Given that Pawticulars and Chateau Animeaux seem pretty busy even with Metro Mutts alreay in operation on H St., it appears there’s enough business to go around on Capitol Hill for Metro Mutts to take over another location.

  • Metro Mutts is awesome…even though there is an abundance of dog (and cat) related retail in NW we trek over to Metro Mutts b/c they carry fantastic products and are very nice. Best of luck in the new spot!

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