Mellow Mushroom Pizza Hoping to Open in September in Adams Morgan

“Dear PoP,

Any update on the proposed Mellow Mushroom coming to the old 18th and Red location?

Looks as though work has started (the ground floor slab has been excavated for utilities) but from the looks of it there is no way a July opening will happen, I’m thinking early september-ish. Im originally from Atlanta and since reading about it on your site I have been salivating. I need bbq chicken pizza and spinach salad with esperanza dressing.”

I spoke with the owners a couple of weeks ago and they say the opening has been a bit delayed because of the difficulties involved in “getting an old rowhouse in the proper structural shape”. While they hoped to be open in July, I’m now told if all goes well they’ll be shooting for a September opening. I’m guessing late Sept. Of course, I’ll be sure to update as they get closer to opening with an exact date.

Mellow Mushroom will be located at 2436 18th St, NW.

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  • The character on the banner looks like a fun guy.

  • I loved Mellow Mushroom in Atlanta. Maybe some people will pooh-pooh the idea of yet another pizza joint on 18th Street, but MM is very different from the jumbo slice places.

    I look forward to its opening in Adams Morgan!

  • Does anyone else notice that when great chains/franchises open up in DC they tend to suck. Whether it’s due to cutting quality to make up for higher rent or just the people working there – they never seem to be as good. I hope MM doesn’t follow suit.

  • I feel pretty good about this. Yeah it’s a chain and a pizza place at that, but at least it’s halfway decent.

  • Mellow Mushroom is AWESOME! The one in Charlottesville is always a great time. Great food and great atmosphere. Im very excited for this one, even though it is yet another pizza place. DC needs more funky/groovy places like this!

    • I agree, very exciting addition among chains. But why put it in AM??? What a bad location. This would work way better on U Street, DuPont, Columbia Heights, or Cleveland Park. I’ve been to probably a half-dozen Mellow Mushrooms around the US, and the things I like about them are completely incompatible with everything I detest about Adams Morgan.

      • I could see how AM would look like a good area to open up from an out of town persopective… I agree though it would be better-suited to U street.

      • I do agree with that as well. I feel it would be better suited in H Street, Cleveland Park, Logan Circle…somewhere with a little grittiness (without the hordes of DRUNK folks) or somewhere a more laid back feeling. I will definitely be checking it out though.

      • Look forward to checking them out when they open. Unless you’re a complete snob, most things you “detest” about AM probably occurs between 12-3am two nights of the week. Presumably, they’ll cater to the folks who enjoy the neighborhood otherwise. In any case, the AM bashing will eventually get old, H and U will eventually lose their cache (but will still be great neighborhoods), and the restaurant will be located right in the middle of all the locations you listed.

        • Probably a fair point. I also detest my advancing age, which makes me feel increasingly out-of-place in the AM I remember from 10 years ago and only rarely venture into now. Maybe I’ll be able to get lunch there on some Saturday when I take my kid to the zoo and feel better about it!

        • +1000. If you don’t get out there and enjoy Adams Morgan during the day or on weeknights, you’re missing out. I love going out there for dinner or drinks on a Tuesday night, but I wouldn’t even piss on Adams Morgan on a Saturday night if it were on fire.

  • The building was in pretty rough shape even 15 years ago, when it was I Matti. (Especially the back of the house parts, which included two kitchens.)

    And I can guarantee you that Roberto Donna, who owned I Matti and did/does not pay his taxes, his vendors, or frequently his employees, did anything to help this space even before it was the ghastly 18th and Red. The work will have to take a long long time and a lot of money.

    • Wow, I had a first date from hell at I Matti – and I could not for the life of me remember the places name.

      Thanks for the reminder of ages past.

  • Hooray! Love MM. The food and beer list = delish

  • I’m definitely looking fwd to a fun & casual dining option in AdMo. I think it will be pretty successful, there are plenty of people in the neighborhood who are not drunk frat boyz.

    Does anyone know what their beer selection is like at their other locations? Do you think they will stick with mass produced stuff, or go more local?

    • Their tap list should be rather extensive (based on previous experiences at several of their locations) and heavy on craft brews, but then again something for everyone. I would hope, and venture to guess, that they would offer some local/regional brews and be receptive to requests. I’m excited.

  • It looks like they are constructing a really nice roof deck here too. You can see the pop-up from 18th street. This could be a really nice spot to hang out and get some pizza/beer.

  • we need a godfather’s pizza joint. haha

    • Herman Cain can open it when he swings through town on his campaign. Free Godfather’s pizza for all attending the rally.

  • they’ve had crews working on this for a while now. must be one serious reno. also seen a lot of construction on the rooftop.

  • Mellow Mushroom seems like a great fit for Adams Morgan. What dine in places are casual in nature that aren’t a walk-up joint or a place that’s a bar first and foremost. Considering the congestion that 3 block radius sees you really only a dozen casual options (The Diner, Astor Mediterranean, La Fouchette, a few Ethiopian places, Pi, New Orleans Cafe, the always too packed Pasta Mia, and the essentially all walk-up Amsterdam Cafe). Not exactly a restaurant row considering the congestion is greater than anywhere else in the city other than possibly Dupont and 14th & U St – and I personally walk from Adams Morgan to those locations to eat dinner quite frequently.
    Welcome Mellow Mushroom, I hope you bring a decent tap list with you (for a chain who might even have chain beer prices on beers).

  • As an Atlanta native, I’m anxiously counting down the days. Rescue us this city’s piss poor parade of oversized pizza.

  • Mellow Mushroom? Has Adams Morgan joined the SEC?

  • good beer + good pizza = love

  • September opening is an ambitious thought. The property owner has had lots of problems with permits from DCRA. I think December is more likely for an opening date. Sorry folks. The website: lists all their food and beer options.

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