Major Police Presence Around 16th and Euclid St, NW last night Resolved Peacefully

Photo courtesy of PoPville twitter follower @SplitPDC

“Dear PoP,

On my walk home tonight there were a ton of police officers, fire trucks, and ambulances all over the place. The roads were barricaded off and they weren’t letting people down Euclid St, Mozart St, 17th St, and Fuller St. One police officer told me that it was barricaded because someone was threatening to hurt themselves and other people. Do you have any idea what was going on? Or if the situation was resolved?”

I try to cover incidents like this, as info becomes available, on twitter @PoPville here. At first all we heard was that there was some type of barricade situation going on. Following is the official word from MPD:

“We received a call to assist The Dept of Health and Human Services and there were threats made to one of the workers.

All ended well and no arrests at this time.”

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  • I live at 16th and Euclid and I had no idea any of this was going on. How did I miss this??

  • Considering the police presence, I’m curious why they wont provide more information about the incident. I live very close by and it was rather alarming to have police officers directing people to stay inside and off the street.

  • All ended well and no arrests at this time.

    They were last week heartily slapping each other on the back while walking towards the 18th St strip for a jumbo slice.

  • Maybe somebody was inside a home with a screwdriver.

  • I live on on the corner Fuller and Mozart – there were at least 2 SWAT trucks out there. Isn’t SWAT supposed to be deployed in hostage situations or for heavily armed criminals? There must have been a more serious threat.

  • My bedroom window over looks Euclid around Mozart, I noticed the cops out there. It seemed pretty tame, not a lot of noise, over with quickly.

    • Do you live in the Dorchester house? I do as well, but my bedroom window looks out over Kalorama. I didn’t even notice anything going on last night.

      • yep, only happened to notice by chance glancing out my window. For the amount of police presence they werent making much noise, if i hadn’t randomly glanced outside i would’ve been oblivious too.

        I’m guessing the action was centered around the “ritz” across the way?

  • Also the bomb trucks were out there from 9pm until the time I went to bed — they were right outside my window on Mozart Street. It’s a bit concerning that the police are not providing more information than this.

  • I agree that it is concerning that the police have not provided more information. It was scary. I tried to get into my building, at 1630 Euclid and there were police in riot gear who yelled at me to get off the street. When I asked what was going on the continued to shout at me and tell me now was not the time to discuss it and for my safety I need to get off Euclid Street.

  • I overlook Euclid and Mozart place. I counted 18 squad cars from my window until midnight plus the big vans and I saw a helicopter with a spot light. The cars were just parked and the officers were on foot with flashlights on the street an even on the roof of one building like they were searching for something. No on could tell me what was going on!

    • oddly, it looked like a coast guard helicopter to me… orange and not blue & white like the MPD helicopter.

  • I live on Fuller. I had a police scanner and the only thing I could make out, other than police staging directions, was that “a woman was having trouble breathing”. Swat trucks, Fire, Police, and Barricade lasted well past 1:00 am.

  • This is weird. There is no DC Dept. of Health and Human Services. Health, yes, and Mental Health (seems the most likely for this situation), and Human Services (they fund homeless services and give out public benefits).

    Also, I’d really like to hear from Lanier on these situations where someone is in their own home, alone, and why the police response is so huge. I’m not sure it makes sense to send a SWAT team when someone is only risking their own life–it probably makes unstable people more agitated/scared, it puts the cops at risk, and if MPD officers feel endangered and end up hurting/killing the person, there’s an expensive lawsuit.

    I’m not saying the police should ignore the call, but sending a cop or two who’ve been specially trained in mental health and who can sit around until the person calms down and agrees to go over to St. E’s seems a lot more sensible.

  • I live in Dorchester House, I had friends over who tried to leave out the Euclid exit and were forced to come back inside and exit out Kalorama instead.

  • I live on Fuller by Mozart and while I was not home last night, I’d too would like a bit more info. I’ve called the cops multiple times on the drunkards that hang out in front and behind my apartment and no cops ever show up – so I’m curious exactly what has to go down for this type of response to take place.

  • I walked by a little after 8pm and there were 5 cops cars parked outside of an apartment building on Euclid. When I returned around 9:40 pm they had the block barricaded. There were lots of local residents milling around and upon questioning offered that they had been told that there was been a SNIPER incident. This is just hearsay and has certainly not been in any way confirmed, but that was the word on the street last night.

  • The cops wouldn’t tell me anything but a neighbor said he heard it was a hostage situation. Doesn’t sound like we’ll get the whole story anytime soon.

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