Lost Dog found on 13th St, NW between Hamilton and Ingraham

Found around 4:30pm this afternoon.

District of Columbia Animal Care and Control Facility
(Operated for the District of Columbia Dept of Health by the Washington Humane Society)
1201 New York Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002

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  • I think I saw a poster with that dog on it near 13th/W

  • What a cutie! I hope doggy finds its home!

  • We found a lost cat on Longfellow Street and turned it into the shelter on NY Ave. They took good care of him and his owner picked him up the next day. PoP, we should do something special for that place…those are good folks over there!

    • A donation – they need all of them that they can get. Even “in kind” donations of linens and towels, bleach, leashes/collars. Or just go to the pet store and get kongs, tough toys and stuff like that. You’d be amazed at how much they go through, and the energetic dogs really need the super tough kongs to get some energy out.

      Also, they need volunteers.

  • I saw this dog unleashed on 5th street once. Of course, this is such a popular breed that I could be wrong. I hope the owner is found.

  • I saw a poster with a yorkie on it outside the busboys and poets on 14th a week ago. The poster is no longer there, so I couldn’t get the number of the person to see if it is their dog.

  • Yet another example of why microchipping your dog is necessary – that is, if you want to recover your lost one.

  • “Oh Mommy/Daddy! Can I keep him!?!”

    • No kidding. Good luck prying that dog out of that little girls hands!

      • no kidding. look at the choke hold that girl has on the dog. no wonder its little eyes are bugging out.

        i think that as a sport child/animal wrestling is either wrong or awesome. i can’t decide.

  • Was it really lost or did the little girl dognap him? Hope he makes it home OK but I think Dorothy may have got a new Toto.

    • Person whom the dog followed home here. We were out walking our own dog(Boston Terrier), which my daughter thinks is “not small enough” and has been begging us for a little dog ever since she met my brother/sister-in-laws 5 lb. purse dog furball. This dog was wandering on the opposite side of 13th st. from us, saw us, ran across 13th(without getting hit, whew!) and then followed us the 2 blocks back to our house. I knocked on doors and talked to people and no one knew of him so we brought him in the house and then with tears flowing, to the shelter on NY ave. Yes, our daughter has already named him(Sparkles) and he was really sweet, laying in her lap, letting her carry him around etc. I hope his persons find him, if not, we will hopefully be his forever family.

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