Logan Lofts Turns Rentals at 1503 11th St, NW

From Feb. ’11

“Dear PoP,

Got an email from the Logan Lofts people that they’re now renting the units. I guess sales never worked out. These were priced really high from what I remember. You covered the construction here.

Their email gives the following rents, which again, I think are a little high for that neighborhood.

UNIT #1 2BR/2BA $3,100/month
UNIT #2 2BR/2BA $3,250/month
UNIT #3 2BR/2BA $3,350/month
UNIT #4 2BR/2BA $3,450/month”

Logan Lofts is located at 1503 11th St, NW. You can see a virtual tour here. Think those rental prices are realistic?

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  • Wow. Not even.

    • we’ll see – about 5 blocks east of there was getting 3.5k a month for a 2 bdrm apt. in a townhouse bldg, no other amenities, etc., though a bit more spacious.

  • yeah… just because people are willing to pay 1600+ for a 1br around here does not mean people will pay this for a 2br. especially in a building that doesn’t offer amenities like front desk/gym/etc.

    owners of this are gonna have to realize this project is in the red no matter what.

  • Yeah, for that much it better have some amenities. Does this even have parking?

    • Parking is extra.

      It would be one thing if these places were nice inside, but other than monster fridges the details are pretty basic. Also, 9 foot ceilings = loft is Realtor Reality Distortion Field on the level of places east of 9th being called Logan Circle.

  • It’s Logan Circle, so people with more money than good sense will pay it.

    • If it were ON the circle, maybe. This is a not-particularly-nice part of 11th.

      • Is there a nice part of 11th? j/k it’s not that bad on 11th from O to Rhode Island, plus Veranda is right there. That said I can’t imagine a 2 bedroom being rented for that unless a wealthy couple planning for a baby just doesn’t want to buy for some reason.

  • Way overpriced. Just last year I was living in a very nice house that was 6 blocks away and 2400 sq feet for $2400/month.

    • Six blocks in which direction? Six blocks west and you’re in Dupont; north and you’re at U Street; east and you’re deep into Shaw. Makes a big difference either way!

    • 6 blocks makes your experience completely irrelevant.

  • Nice Updated spacious 1 bedrooms in the Logan/U Street area can command $2k; So If these are large 2 Bedrooms $2800+ is not unrealistic.

    • Agreed. I’ve seen 1 bedrooms in Logan/U Street get $2k without parking even. I bet these will rent.

  • I toured these when they were selling them. The second bedroom is teeny tiny and the “balconies” are those Juliet balconies overlooking the alley and parking.

    There is no way these should go for that much — especially considering Unit 1 is a basement!

  • Regardless of what prices these end up renting for, I’d be shocked if the top floor rented for only 350 more than the bottom. I would think the spread should be closer to 700.

  • If you can afford to rent that much in that neighborhood, why not invest and buy in an okay neighborhood?

    • Because being able to save enough to put a down payment down is incredibly difficult for those of us who would like to rent enough space to fit our lives in a relatively nice part of town.

      I wish I could afford to buy b/c I hate essentially throwing the rent check down the drain in terms of investment and whatnot but saving for that down payment is incredibly difficult/impossible at this point in time.

      • Well, you could look two posts below this one at the two level rental on 15th & Potomac. You get it for half the price on a beautiful street in a nice neighborhood, right by the metro and a Harris Teeter. Put the other half in the bank every month and you’ll have your down payment soon enough.

        • Good point. Also, this is a very boring renovation which leads me to believe they did run out of cash. Then again, given they just paved the back yard and threw in 2 trees makes me doubt if creativity were present here.

      • I lived in Virginia for 3 years. I hated it, but was only paying $650/month so I saved a lot for the down payment on my home. But because lenders require 20% down these days, and DC closing costs are astronomical, I still needed help from family. I really don’t know how most people do it.

  • WOW. Ridiculous!!

    Anybody know the square footage? Looks like 1000-1100 or so.

  • It’s a fantastic location neighborhood-wise, although not the cutest block. But those prices are ridiculous!!! Did they learn nothing from not selling??

    • Obviously not. If it were a truly custom renovation, with careful attention placed on details, I think they could get about $2600-3000.

  • Though my first reaction was to balk at the price, these seem no worse than what was asked for the first new condos on 13th about 8 or 9 years ago when that street looked like junk. These are about the same size too … though I would agree the prices seem high now, I don’t doubt that places like these in that area will soon fetch similar if not higher prices

  • I don’t think the virtual tour did the developers any favors when they were trying to sell these places because all it shows is that apart from a balcony here or there, all four of these units are identical – down to the bathroom fixtures. The apartments come across as very generic.
    I think the developers would have been better off making this property into two duplexes. They might have ended up with something with a bit more character.

  • I live on the same block of 11th, and I have to agree that the prices do seem a bit high, though not too far off. The location is really pretty fantastic despite the aesthetics of the immediate block (liquor store on the corner, vacant former laundromat/car wash across the street). I toured these units during their open house when they were for sale and my first impression was that they were very apartment-like and not very special given the price. It’s a hot neighborhood though, and I bet they will rent at the current prices.

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