La Tomate Launches a Prosciutto Bar in Dupont

From a press release:

“The new Prosciutto Bar at restaurant La Tomate happily offers a therapeutic variety of cured pork from around the Mediterranean, all cut with an Italian artisanal hand-slicer. And when diners order from the Prosciutto Bar during La Tomate’s anniversary month of August, the restaurant will treat them to a complimentary glass of select Italian wine or beer.

La Tomate is the familiar wedge-shaped Italian bistro located at the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and 20th Street, NW above Dupont Circle. On August 17, the bistro commemorates its 24th anniversary as a neighborhood staple, and is offering the celebratory drink to thank loyal customers and meet its new neighbors. The Prosciutto Bar is the only one of its kind in Washington, D.C.

The Prosciutto Bar menu reads like the ingredient list from a picnic in the Tuscan countryside: Parma Prosciutto, Prosciutto San Daniele of Fruili, Smoked prosciutto from Alto Adige, buffalo mozzarella, fontina, motasio, pumpernickel, cerignola olives, pickles, fruit preserves, honey… Plates can be shared or eaten individually – from the Salumi e Formaggi, a wooden cutting board strewn with a generous assortment of meats and cheeses, crusty bread, and olive oil – to the rolled meat and cheese Rotoli or the Prosciutto sliders. The Prosciutto Bar was recently built at La Tomate as part of restaurant renovations.”

La Tomate is located at 1701 Connecticut Ave, NW.

Photo courtesy of La Tomate

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  • Uh… “theraputic” pork, eh?


  • A prosciutto bar? Hmmm… So I guess there’s hope for my concept of a Bacon Bistro.

  • This place is basically a tourist trap, right? I don’t know anyone who has been there, or at least who has gone back.

    • +1. I ate brunch with my sister at La Tomate in the 1980s when it was still fairly new. None of the food we were served was appealing, and I have never been back. Nor do I know of anyone local who likes the place. I assume the restaurant relies heavily on conventioneers from the Hilton up the block — who usually don’t know or care about how to find the better local restaurants — for its business.

    • I work up the block and have been 3-4 times, mostly when the ‘rents are in town and we need something better than Cosi for my 30 minute lunch break. I think it is fairly good for DC and have had several great meals there. Not world class Italian but good, solid food. We have much better restaurants but find one within five minutes walk of this place that is open at lunch.

  • sounds more appealing than graffiato’s “ham bar.”

    I’d still rather go to graffiato though.

  • Yes ditto, I have never heard anything good on this restaurant. I also like how they say “The Prosciutto Bar is the only one of its kind in Washington, D.C.” This Proscuitto Bar sounds like a normal charcuterie plate that you can get at a lot of places in DC, try Potenza for one.

    • Ha, I was thinking the same thing. 2Amy’s has a bar that has a bunch of different cured and dried meats, proscuitto included.

      And based on La Tomate’s reptutation for mediocre quality, I’m not banking on this being a particularly good plate. Hopefully better than the vacuum packed crud you get at Safeway, but not by much.

  • back in the 90s when I used to work in Dupont. Never ever had a reason to return in 12 years since because it was so mediocre. Even Buca or Mac grill is better than this place. I guess this is their last ditch effort to try and bring some new people into the place. Great location, wish they would focus on quality.

  • Buca is not better than Tomate. Buca is chef boyardee for triple the price made for tourists and large drunken parties.

    But yeah, been to Tomate 3 times in 20 years. Not worth it.

    But I do know quite a few Dupiont workers that go here frequently.

  • Went once years ago. Waited 1/2 hour for a table then was told that they were closing in 1/2 hour. Order everything now and get out. I just got out. Never been back either.

  • 1994, site of my first ever date in DC. Haven’t been back since, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the place.

  • Went there once when I first moved to DC. Haven’t returned. Food was cold, bland, and covered in some kind of weird film. Took 35 minutes to get served. Prices were way too high for the risotto I ordered. I happen to like the building itself and the outdoor seating that overlooks the Scientology Church, but I think I’d rather eat the free doughnuts given out by Scientologists than try their prosciutto.

  • Interesting… nary one of the ingredients quoted would be in the basket of a picnic in the Tuscan countryside, for none is from Tuscany (they would be a lot more expensive than Tuscan produce, and of worse quality). Let me see if I can find that press release…

  • I tried the new prosciutto bar and loved it. it didn’t have the variety of some other restaurants, but the price was much lower and the quality was excellent.

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