Judging Saloons – Jack Rose

We’ve judged the building but now it’s time to judge the bar. Jack Rose is located at 2007 18th St, NW. Their Web site says:

“Jack Rose Dining Saloon, a true DC establishment crafted from the minds of DC natives & longtime friends Bill Thomas, Stephen King, & Michael Hartzer. At Jack Rose Dining Saloon one can experience over 1400 bottles of hand-selected scotches, bourbons & spirits, uniquely hand-crafted cocktails, wines from around the world, and over 20 beers on draft. On the first floor you will find our main saloon bar that seats up to 35 and a full-service dining room. Hosting your own event? Our second floor has an elegant private dining lounge with it’s own balcony and fireplace. If you’re in the mood for something more casual, hang out on the open-air terrace and enjoy snacks from the BBQ Pit or grab a drink on the Back Porch Bar…feeling like hiding out?… head down to the Prohibition Bar “no secret knock” required. At Jack Rose Dining Saloon, one can sense the ties and tributes between the region, and the long history of the spirits that line the shelves.”

The road construction on 18th Street is a bit of an obstruction but has anyone stopped by yet?

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  • Seeing as this is from the same guy who owns both Bourbons and Breadsoda, I can’t imagine it is going to be anything less than awesome.

  • I went to happy hour(s) here and had great BBQ sandwiches on their fantastic rooftop. I tried to book a private party here but my three phone calls and two emails were unreturned.

  • I went on a Wednesday night, and was quiet surprised that the bottom floor with all of the impressive Whiskey bottles would only be open from Thurs-Saturday/Sunday. The roof top is nice and gets crowded quickly, but its a shame that the exciting offerings are only available around the weekend.

  • The first time I went they didn’t have any menus for all the different kinds of scotch! I hope they are on order at the printer because what is the point of claiming to have 1400 different kinds if the only way to order is by squinting at a label of a bottle on the wall across the bar whose color you like. The bartender was also pretty unhelpful when I asked for some recommendations.

  • I have no doubt that it’s a nice place, but I wish they could get their shit together and put their menus up on the website.

    And like Bourbon, you better enjoy it now, before the douche factor goes up.

    • Wait…it’s on 18th Street and touts bourbon and scotch as its main attractions.

      Isn’t the douche factor already guaranteed/in place?

      • Well, with Bourbon on 18th, it stayed pretty chill and under the radar for the first couple years it was open. I’m really not sure what changed, but at some point it started getting packed with your typical young drunks all of the time. I don’t know, I guess that’s who you need to attract if you’re going to pay the rent and survive in that area.

        • It’s still great during the week, and downstairs is pretty decent on the weekends. Upstairs is awful, though.

  • Great bar staff and good products. Will be heading back, and soon.

  • Buddy of mine lives right around the corner, has stopped by a couple of times. He says it is good stuff.

  • Went last night – loved it!

  • I’ve been a few times and its a great scene, although crowded. The other weekend they were walking around with a ton of very fancy and free! appetizers.

  • I hope it’s so successful it’s somehow able to take over the huge eyesore next door – f’ing Lauriol Plaza’s parking lot

  • it looks absolutely gorgeous, especially compared to nearby establishments. but the offerings are ok, drinks are ok, service was not great. nothing really to make me want to go back.

  • The rooftop is awesome. The food is great. They make a mean mint julep. That being said, the drinks are so expensive. The cheapest beer they have is miller high life (gross) and its like $6 for a can. Shit is weak.

    • No, I don’t go to any of these overpriced douche hotels.

      6 bucks for a high life.

      Sounds like the owner is as douchy as his clientele.

      • Someone needs to call that Miller High Life delivery guy from the commercials. He’s gonna revoke their license to sell the high life after he finds out they’re charging $6 per can.

      • They price the high life along with some of the micro brews at $6 to encourage their patrons to actually explore their micro brew selection, and not just take up space drinking high life at a bar that prides itself on QUALITY beers and liquor. It is basically offered as a last resort for someone who is just drinking to drink and doesn’t care about taste. If you are looking to drink tasteless watered down beer, go drink somewhere else.

        • Excellent point. At first I was offended by the High Life price, using it as a benchmark for their pricing scheme but when looked at as a way to enhance the experience, I’m all for it. For the record, I am always willing to pay extra for the micro brewed little guys out there.

  • The service was terrible when I went. Great rooftop though. Crowd seemed very Capitol Hill-ish, which seemed odd for Adams Morgan.

  • I live nearby and stopped in to check it out. The downstairs is really nice and it’s a shame its not open all days of the week. And the smell from the BBQ pit upstairs is a plus as well!

    Sadly, I see more and more of a douche factor milling around the place lately. Back to Black Squirrel for me (and no “Black Squirrel has douchey right wing nut job owners” comments, please.)

    • Thats just a law of D.C. popularity X time yields Dbag^2 fortunately the physical law is self correcting. As Dbag density approaches a certain Y threshold the establishment tranforms into a place that you would probably not want to go anyways.

  • wouldn’t go near it on a weekend, but Monday night on the roof was nice. Their ribeye is AMAZING.

  • Awesome roof top deck! I loved this place when I went.

  • Great rooftop and the drinks and food have been fine twice now. For me it’s going to be a Sun-Tues option as I’m tired of crowds of drunken 23 year olds in general.

  • I think it makes sense for them to surcharge the crappiest stuff on their menu…I dont want to be in the same bar with a bunch of PBR – High lifers who expect to go out and pay 10 bucks for a night of drinking. Grow some class…order something a bit higher up on the menu. The bar tenders here are excellent, don’t waste your money or their time by ordering anything other than a good mixed drink. I really enjoyed this place, and will try to make it back whenever my financial situation allows.

  • Stopped by there on one of their soft openings. Not only great whiskey and scotch but their beer selection was also quite good. The kitchen wasn’t fully running yet so they instead handed out free appetizers. Anything tastes better when its free but our table constantly said they’d happily pay for any of the fare that was handed out by the waiters. I’d definitely go back and try out the terrace. We went on one of the 100 degree scorchers so AC was a must.

  • Love the whiskey selection.

    Friend from Boston was visiting for the weekend so I told him we had to go there as he’s a huge Irish whiskey fanatic (one of our friends brought him back Greenspot from Dublin, which is only available at one store and only makes a couple thousand bottles/year).

    We sat down (don’t know how we found a booth, the place was packed) and the waitress asked us what we wanted. When we asked for a menu she said they didn’t have one but offered to bring the Irish whiskey aficionado. He was able to suggest an old, smooth Irish for my friend and an excellent scotch for me. Pretty awesome.

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