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  • The new upstairs portion will help cure Lola’s inherent narrow-ness. I feel like only about 15 people can fit into the downstairs portion comfortably.

  • I once had the worst server I’ve ever encountered in my life at Lola’s. I never went back.

  • Preeminent neighborhood bar. Great place to sit for a pint with friendly bar tenders and the food is good too. Actually take this down. It gets crowded enough. Xavier who owns it and other restaurants on the row must just be raking in money right now

  • jim_ed

    Much prefer bigger sibling Molly Malone’s next door. This place often has the atmosphere of a funeral home on saturday nights. That being said, it can be a nice change of pace when I just want a quiet drink.

  • Nice bar, but I can’t recall a single thing I’ve eaten there.

  • Best neighorhood bar in the area. The food is good, but I only like a few things on the menu. Great environment for locals, and even better now there’s more space and pool tables.

  • I can’t remember whether Lola’s produces it or Molly Malones, but one of them has the best frickin’ steak sandwich in DC.

  • One of the best neighborhood spots on the Hill. Awesome chicken salad sandwich in addition to the steak. Also some of the friendliest and fun bartenders. Amiright Tamryn!?

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