Judging Restaurants – Panas

Panas opened up at 2029 P Street, NW back in June ’10. Their Web site says:

“Panas specializes in Latin fusion gourmet empanadas. Empanadas are crescent-shaped turnovers, stuffed with a variety of well-seasoned meats, vegetables, spices, fruits, and/or sweets. Our recipes are inspired by the Latin Fusion cuisine; a culinary concept that combines traditional and modern gastronomic techniques with different ingredients from across the Americas.”

You can see their menu here. Any must order empanadas?

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  • not must order, but still pretty good. some unique empanandas. a little pricey though

  • They are a pretty good place. Not really enough to fill you up but make a good snack. The staff are very friendly.

  • I’m a fan of this place since it’s a few blocks from the office and close enough that you can grab some empanadas to-go and eat them in Dupont Circle. They have a LivingSocial Instant deal which is a great deal. The empanadas are MUCH smaller than Julias, but the flavors are much greater. They also have a wider selection and better dipping sauces (does Julia’s even have sauce?). The combo with 4 empanadas and plantain chips with guacamole is very filling. I eat here a few times per month and I’d recommend it.

    • Julia’s does have sauce (pretty sure they have a spicy green one if I recall correctly) but you have to ask for it.

      • say what?????? god damn i hate when places have stuff that you have to ask for. how was i supposed to know it was even an option?

  • Very tasty (I’ve only had their vegetarian empanadas) and I love their two spicy dipping sauces! Yum. They’re also open until 10pm, which was handy when I was taking a night class last spring.

  • Panas is excellent. More fillings than Julias and the dipping sauces are a wonderful touch. There’s one empanada in particular on their menu that I love–it’s filled with brie and maybe also mushrooms. Definitely worth a vist.

  • Its meh. They have more options than Julia’s and most of them sound amazing. Overall it falls pretty flat. The fillings aren’t very flavorful and the empanadas are small which is nice if you’re just looking for a snack, but they’re a bit pricier so it doesn’t quite level out for me.

    Anecdote: First time we went the kid taking the orders moved with the speed of 90 year old cancer patient. I happened to faint while he was taking my order (fainting not at all the fault of the establishment and I wasn’t injured)and we still joke that I had to lose consciousness in order to get our food in a timely manner. We’d been trying to get the ordering done for a good ten minutes before I hit the floor. Surprisingly swift after I came to!

  • best empanadas I’ve had in the city (out of like 3 places, but still). definitely will fill you up if you get 2 or 3 and the plantain chips. fresh and the sauces are great.

  • Best Empanadas I’ve ever had are at Ceiba on 14th Street.

  • I ditto that the 4 empanadas/guac/plantain chips combo is a good deal and pretty filling. I always get the tamal (with corn and farmers cheese) and popeye (with spinach, raisins, and goat cheese), and rotate among the others.

    The best empanadas I’ve ever had were homemade and Filipino style, but I like the convenience and variety Panas offers quite a bit.

  • two words: too expensive.

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