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  • I liked the fish tacos. The fish is cooked in broth, not grilled. So it is in quite small pieces and very juicy. They are not California style, but juicy and good. Good guac, too.

  • andy

    had the vienesas. fun. want to go back for the chacareros. this place would do great lunch business near my office because of its inherent sandwichiness. but it’s good to have it in Columbia Heights for the weekends.

    also, there’s a lot of fruit in the fruit salad.

  • I’ve been there once and got the sandwiches. They were good! I wish more people would go to this restaurant, it seems empty much of the time.

  • I love this place. I go there a few times a week. The fish tacos are huge and delicious.

  • I’ve been there probably about 4 times now and like previous comments it’s good. It’s like your Chilean Aunt has made you lunch. Everything tastes fresh and homemade, in fact one time I ordered a side and the woman (whom I believe is also the owner) said they were making some and it wasn’t ready yet.

    Also, it’s open for launch which is a major plus.

  • Fantastic. The chacarero sandwich is unique and delicious. I lived in Chile and can attest to the authenticity as well (though not all menu items are Chilean…)

  • I agree with PW about the chacarero, totally authentic and tasty. But what really keeps me coming back are the meat empanadas or “empanadas de pino” as we call them in Chile. I highly recommend them.

  • the chacareros are awesome, but it seems they are struggling to attract business. very friendly staff, though they need to unclutter the front window and try to attract new patrons. not sure how that’s done though. hope they make it!

  • prices too high for what they serve/how it’s served. nothing too special.

  • The chacareros is probably the greatest sandwich I ever had.

    This is not hyperbole. I’m serious. I’m so glad this place is in the neighborhood.

  • This place is wonderful. My husband and I go about once a week. We love both the menu and the people who work there. Prices are reasonable, and the food is incredibly fresh and delicious. The fish tacos are to die for!

    Highly recommended.

  • I love this place. The corn/chicken/beef casserole is great, the fish tacos are yummy and a huge portion, and the salads aren’t anemic.

  • Love love love this place. Great food especially love the chacareros, get with avocado and picot. The cheese empanadas are tasty. Super nice family runs it a true mom and pop operation. So glad they opened!!

  • This place is awesome!! The owner is so friendly. His name is Ricardo and he is from the southern town of Los Angeles, Chile. Be sure to ask him if there are specials for the day – some of the best stuff at this place is not on the menu! Empanadas, pastel de choclo…what everyone says is right. This is good, home cooked Chilean food! ALso if you have a favorite “special” he will email you when they are cooking it….

  • I had a fabulous, customized vegetarian sandwich with a fired egg on top. Yum!

  • I have been there several times and it’s very good. The owners are very friendly and anxious for their restaurant to flourish. GREAT bread on the sandwiches and exceptional meat–an unusual find in this neighborhood.

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