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  • The pastrami sandwiches are awesome. Long lines, but move pretty fast.

  • The corned beef isn’t as juicy as Deli City, but it beats the hell out of the dried-out $10 stuff Spike is peddling from his truck.

  • The Reuben is phenomenal. Truly one of the best I’ve had. But at $10+ it had damn well better be.

  • Expensive, but good. The portions aren’t that big either.

    • really? NY deli with small portions? if i can get my mouth around it, it’s not the real thing… omg, that sounds terrible, lol

    • I’m not shy about portions, so I have to wonder what you’re ordering.

      Unless I skip breakfast or have a very small one, I can barely eat an entire Loeb’s sandwich for lunch. They’re pretty hefty. Walter’s Favorite and “The Loeb” are both classics.


    Please never change (I realize it moved recently, but the people and food are the same)

  • It’s no Katz’s, but plenty of attitude.

  • I’m a Loeb’s loyalist and always will be so long as I work within a reasonable walking distance. Yes, the owners have attitude, but they have to do so given the nature of their operation. They also know who their regulars are, and they treat us right. Loeb’s is a little more pricey than I’d like, but I always come away happy.

  • How does it compare to Eli’s?

  • I got a better roast beef sandwich at our Federal (workplace) cafe. They charged me 20$ for the sandwich, small chili, and a soda. not returning after all of the hype. I also observed one of the cooks using bare hands for the pickle. Didn’t eat it. No thanks.

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