Judging Restaurants – Liberty Tree

At first I was just going to give Liberty Tree props for their new sign but then I realized we’ve never done a proper judging. Liberty Tree opened up at 1016 H Street, NE back in March ’10. You can see their menus here. So two questions – how’s the pizza and are there any other must order items?

And seriously props on the new sign – it looks great.

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  • ledroittiger

    Meh – pizza is decent. Beer selection is ok. Ultimately not worth the draw for a pre-trolley Atlas district.

  • Nooooooooo! Don’t review Liberty Tree! Then I’ll never be able to get in to one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood!! Point the NWers to TruOrleans or something instead!

  • Eh, its ok. I live on the hill so its a 5 minute drive/15 minute walk. Nice to pop into every once in a while, I wouldn’t travel for it.

  • The lobster roll was okay, but the clam chowder tasted like hot bacon ranch dressing with no clams in it.

  • Do they refresh it from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants?

  • Wish it were bigger. When it’s crowded, sometimes it feels like everyone’s sitting on top of one another (this is a problem at a lot of places, but especially so here). I think they’re building an outdoor patio, though, which will help when the weather is nice.

  • their chopped salad is truly amazing. i don’t normally feel that way about salads, but this one is top notch. The fish was very good as well. Wish they had more vegetarian selections. A bit of a fruit fly problem buzzing around our table, which was kind of off-putting.

  • A solid neighborhood restaurant. We use this as a go-to option for nights out when not in the mood for anything in particular. The quality of the food ranges from middling to excellent; it really varies very widely and the menu bears some exploration.

    We took friends there a few weeks ago and they struck out on almost everything that was ordered, so I hope it’s not an indication of quality going downhill. With all of the options now on H, I think places across the board need to step up their game to remain competitive.

    I hear they are getting a patio, too.

  • I think their pizza is good, but the restaurant is a little cramped. I would go back though.

  • That _is_ a really nice sign they’ve got!

  • Pretty mediocre. Not bad, but I wouldn’t make a special trip.

  • Went there a month after it opened. Really wanted to try an entree or appetizer but they only served pizza after 10 so we tried the double b I think and it was very good.
    Also a pretty good beer selection.

  • restaurants use the “papyrus” font wayyyyyyyyy too much.

  • i’ve been twice. doubt i have a reason to ever go back. absolutely horrible interior design that just makes me feel uncomfortable. you know those rows of chairs you sit in at the dmv or when you have jury duty? that feels more private and cozy.
    fwiw, i had a lobster roll the first time and a pizza the second. both decent. but blah.

  • wow @ H Street’s prices. There goes the neighborhood!

  • Great salads (I really like the house salad), and pretty good pizzas. An excellent addition to the neighborhood, for what it is. Since when does every restaurant in DC have to be a five star place?

  • This is one of my favorite H street restaurants. Reasonably priced neighborhood restaurant that has a great atmosphere and isn’t too crowded. We love the small plates (fried brussel sprouts!) as well as the salads and pasta dish. It’s a go-to whenever we want a meal out without breaking the budget. Oh and good bread pudding as well!

  • Is this a place you could bring kids for a late afternoon or early evening pizza?

    • yes!!! they don’t have a kids’ menu, per se, but they do accomodate kids by preparing a small portion of whatever is on the adult menu. they are really nice about it, too. i’ve only been for brunch and it was quite delicious.

  • The comments are pretty spot on. Its not a bad by any means but nothing special.

  • Food is ok, the lobster roll isn’t as good as Luke’s or the truck and the pizza was nothing special. However, I was quite excited to discover that they serve Shipyard beer. I’ve never found it at any other restaurant in DC.

  • I prefer Liberty Tree’s roll over the truck’s version. I have not had Luke’s roll.

  • I had a really excellent Lobster Pot Pie there about a year ago, but sadly it seems to no longer be on the menu.

  • It was pretty good when I visited after it first opened up, but I went back 3 weeks ago and the food declined precipitously. It looks like they changed their menu to some extremely strange and low end dishes. Also, the bartender didn’t mix the $9-12 cocktail my wife ordered as much as she poured a bunch of vodka in a glass with a spritz of something that made it pink.

    FYI, you can flash sear Tuna and leave it kind of pink in the middle. You don’t flash sear Salmon and leave it uncooked in the middle. Take note Liberty Tree.

  • RIGITONI IS AMAAAAAZING. Especially with a house salad. The best thing about the place is the owner works in the back and it feels like a local place. It tastes like my mother’s cooking.

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