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Whenever we talk about Indian restaurants two names always pop up – Rasika and Bombay Club (I had no idea they were under the same ownership group.) We judged Rasika in Apr. ’10 but have never properly judged Bombay Club. Bombay Club is located at 815 Connecticut Ave, NW. You can see their menu here. Anyone prefer them over Rasika? Any must order items?

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  • Bombay Club is more “old school”, British rule feel.
    Rasika – modern india

    Both are quite good.

  • I agree that Bombay Club is quite good. It’s benefit over Rasika is that you can hear the person next to you. I would love to take my hard-of-hearing family there more often, but frequent visits are out of my budget.

    I do eat meat, but when I go to Bombay Club I always get the veggie sampler. The tandoori is also great.

    When construcion on the building is over, Bombay Club has a nice patio.

  • Bombay Club has a weekend (maybe Sunday) brunch that is excellent! You have about 6-8 options that you can gorge yourself on and it has been very good the both times I have gone; if you are really craving Indian and want lots of it I highly recommend that!

  • On CT + owned by Ashok Bajaj = perfect formula for overpriced food that is good but not great. Rasika is his only outpost that is worth visiting. Agree with the above poster that Rasika can be loud, but there are some tables in the smaller room to the left that are quieter.

  • i think it’s a good business lunch place and usually get the vegetarian thali. i don’t think i would ever go there for a non-work thing and actually kind of have trouble picturing it for sunday brunch for some reason.

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    I’ve been there for dinner and brunch several times, and it has always been great. It is easy to have a conversation with your dining partner(s), the staff are all very courteous, and it is a very pleasant atmosphere. Must-haves include the crispy arugala-spinach chaat (I think that this was actually brought over from Rasika after its success there), any of the thalis (sampler platters for dinner), green chili chicken (if you are a meat eater and can stand very spicy foods – be sure to order raita on the side regardless), and palak ki kadi. The prices are high for Indian food, but still low for DC fine dining in general. For brunch, $20.95 gets you a wide variety of dishes (appetizers, main course, and dessert) -r for $27.95 you can also get unlimited champagne and mimosas. Again, a bit high, but not exorbitant.

  • VERY good – I highly recommend the tandoori seafood. It is absolutely amazing.

  • The Bombay Club has, sadly, either deteriorated markedly over the years or stood still while a number of better Indian Establishments have opened. Service and atmosphere remain wonderful, but the food is now more suitable for an unadventurous older relative than for somebody who relishes the zing found at New Heights, Heritage and Rasika.

  • Not new Heights, of course, whose proprietors are South Asian but whose food is not. Rather, Indique and Indique Heights.

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