Judging Restaurants – Bistro Cacao

Bistro Cacao opened up back in Jan. ’10 at 320 Mass Ave., NE. Their Web site says:

“Bistro Cacao is the third restaurant venture in DC for the Bolukbasi Brothers. Their first concept was Mezè in Adams Morgan which has given Washington, DC a taste of authentic Turkish cuisine and Istanbul nightlife for more than a decade. Their second venture is Ezmè in Dupont Circle which offers select wines and fine small plates.

In Bistro Cacao’s historic location we now invite you to enjoy our new concept of modern bistro-style French cuisine in a romantically charming and comfortable setting blending old France with modern creative touches.”

You can see their menus here.

Any fans of the brunch? In general?

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  • I LOVE this place. There are always good and bad nights, but their duck and lamb are very, very good. It is a great atmosphere to celebrate a special occasion or fancy date night!

  • I love this place. The deserts are amazing and its a nice change from what is around the area. it has the best bread for the sandwiches and all salmon is even better.

  • My boyfriend took me here 2 weekends ago for our anniversary. My swordfish was delicious, as was his duck. I found the prices pretty reasonable, and the nice weather made for a romantic al fresco dinner. My only complaint was that the service, while attentive, was slightly surly. But hey, it’s a French place, so I guess that could be considered part of the atmosphere.

  • Hate! Our waiter disappeared after he took our order. People seated 15 and 20 minutes after us were served first. All three parties had their dessert and check and left before anyone came by to clear our entree plates. We had a groupon (but did not notify anyone beforehand), so asked for the dessert menu, got it 20 minutes later. After another 20 minutes, someone came to take the dessert order. I asked for the check instead. After 15 minutes of waiting, I went inside to pay. After waiting 10 minutes, the host showed up and I asked for my check. 15 minutes later, I still don’t have the check. I go back inside and just give him the groupon and $4 for tax. Not going back even with another groupon, even though the food was quite good.

    • Oh, and you can get the same food for the same price at a half dozen places in town and for a cheaper price and better service at a half dozen more. There was nothing special about the menu.

    • So you waited approximately 80 – 90 minutes just for menus, checks etc…. over estimating a little don’t you think?

    • “even though the food was quite good.”

      That’s all I care about. Thanks for the recommendation of this place.

      • Sure, even though “you can get the same food for the same price at a half dozen places in town and for a cheaper price and better service at a half dozen more.”

        Even if you can get the same food at Belga, Nora’s, or Zest (to name a few without having to double check menus) and have flawless service at a cheaper price, you’d still opt for this place?

    • You’re cheap.

    • Of the four parties described (you and the three others), sounds like three of them had very attentive service. Not bad.

  • the place rocks! the food is great, reasonable prices, and have always had good service. Not to mention the eccentric decor. I wouldn’t recommend it for brunch, however.

  • jim_ed

    Very good meal, and very accommodating. We bought a $25 for $50 gift card deal and forgot to read the fine print of not being able for use on saturdays. Since the time frame for it was about to expire, the manager signed off on us having a 2 month extension on the voucher and we had no problems using it nearly a month after it had expired.

    Big fan of their hanger steak and frites and the lobster salad app. It’s pricey enough where we don’t go very often, but have always enjoyed ourselves when we do.

  • Oh man. This place is heaven. Great decor and amazing food. I had the rack of lamb and it was one of the best dishes ever. Topped it off with good house wine and the trio of creme brulees. Oh man. I would definitely go back again for a special occasion.

  • Lunch is a really good deal there! The chicken sandwich, chicken ceasar, and burger are all delicious and cheap for a sit down lunch.

  • I go here every month or so for lunch. They have amazing salads and will substitute just about anything you ask for. Highly recommend.

  • Second favorite French restaurant after Montmartre. The prices at lunch are very reasonable, and the steak frites are excellent as are the escargots. Unfortunately, their wine selection is middling are really overpriced, but they sorta make up for it with a good selection of apertifs. I like the cozy upstairs decor, but some folks may find it cramped.

  • I’ve been to this place several times and have yet to experience bad food or bad service. It’s a little expensive in the evening for my taste, but it is actually worth it. of course, you could make a meal of their french onion soup.

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