Judging Restaurants – A. Xian Food Factory

A. Xian Food Factory is located at 1915 I St NW. It’s easy to walk right by it because it’s down a few stairs but I’m curious if this is a good lunch option for those that work nearby?

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  • Just went there last week! I wanted to try another place with bibimbap and stumbled upon this hole-in-the-wall restaurant. You might even pass it as it is in the basement and tucked behind a large wall. I ordered the bulgogi bibimbap and it was delicious! Their portion size was much bigger than Ricebar and definitely cheaper. They give you an option of a dozen toppings at no additional cost and dipping/slathering sauce on the side.

    I highly recommend if you’re super hungry or in the mood for some good Korean food!

  • I’ve been here a couple times and the bibimbap is always good. And to top it off the staff is really friendly! I’d definitely recommend it.

  • I went today for lunch to check it out, i got the ramen, it was just a normal packet of ramen that they added meat and vegetables to, i didn’t like it. bibimbap looked good, but there are lots of places around there to get that.

  • I’ve been there a few times, and love the bimbimbap. And it is cheaper than Ricebar.

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