Judging Renovated Row Homes

I wish I had taken some before pictures of this row house from the 2100 block of 11th St, NW. It used to be completely flat on the front. Do you like the finished product?

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  • Is it the red brick house in the middle of this photo? The houses on either side (mint green on the left, and sort of an ochre/tan on the right) seem to match.


    View showing more of the street:

  • I actually like this one a lot!

  • the old one was really boring, and, importantly, there’s a bunch of modern stuff on this block and I think it really works!

    kinda hard to see, but here’s the streetview:

  • I like the colours, especially the orange around the door and the pop green.. I think this works!

  • This would match the back of one the houses I saw here a few months ago on 410 Florida Ave.

  • Love it!

  • I love it. I love this block and that area because of all the modern buildings.

  • I live a block north of this building and walk by it everyday on my way to work. It’s an improvement on the old facade that fits with the “modern” architecture of the neigborhood. Very well done; I wish they would have replaced the door underneath the stairs to match the entry way and balacony doors (minor detail).

  • I wish you had pictures with the larger context of the block. I like the look of this, but I like even better along with the other modern (and creatively modern, not cookie-cutter modern) renovations. It’s a really interesting block.

  • Looks good

  • Who was your architect? Turned out great!

  • Hey that’s my house!
    And the architect was Richard Loosle from Kube Architecture. Great guy to work with.

  • The only thing I’m not sure about is the one green column and one white/aluminum column. I sort of want to take out the white column altogether and make the upstairs balcony just cantilever (of course that would have been more difficult and more expensive).

    But that’s just another architects opinion of a rather minor detail. It looks really great LI, and I appreciate that you’ve gone for such an interesting, unique look.

  • nice job, Rich/ Kube (and LI); PoP i sent you images of the back of a rowhouse in Cap Hill; turns out was by the same architect; you should have posted them! one of the best row-house backs and decks i’ve ever seen…

  • We’ll have a good “what were we thinking” laugh in 10 years.

    • I’m laughing now with all the traditional garbage being built THIS year…..at least this owner put His house in the CURRENT decade …kudos

      • It is so this decade, it won’t last more than one decade. In ten years someone’s going to knock it down because it’s so out of style and ugly. Sure it’s his right, but it’s not very sustainable. Meet me here at noon, August 28, 2021 and we’ll see who’s right.

        • actually C..there are a lot of susatinable materials in this house..
          bamboo floors – virok- lamanate – no voc paint – duel flush toilets-LED lights etc etc…sorry you are upset with the “look”…
          but we are trying to bring DC into this centuary..
          would be intersted to see wht esthetic you “approve” of….?
          hopefully its not what WAS there …that would be scary…

          thaks for your comments Jeff…

  • Wow! They were working on this for forever. It’s good to see that they finally got it done and that the facade looks so nice.

    Who knows what’s inside though.

    • Thanks! It did take a long time…one of the reasons is because I decided to be the general contractor on the job myself (and I actually have another full time job).

      I am probably about 95% done (at least for this phase). I took a couple of pics of the interior that you can see here:

      The lighting on the inside isn’t really that neon-like…it was just my cheap camera. Plan on taking better/professional pics when all done.

      • You should hire a bartender and sell drinks. I’d hang out here for sure! That music is playing all the time right?

  • The railings look like a throw back from 1980’s miami vice… I would have thought they would have more design attention given their prominence on the facade.

  • totally tacky! especially the interior… oh and the exterior.

    the other back deck featured by POP by the same architect at least has some restraint on materials, but this one just has “trying to hard” written all over it – sad addition to a good block of modern projects.

  • SORRY you feel that way…,maybe you should get out more …..? i love my area of the city…….!!!! …… too bad there are so many un-informed residents in DC..thats why we look like the 19 century to the outside world!! ….. that block only has THIS house and the corner house that look like they are decent… i wanna meet this owner and congratulate him personally….get a clue dude….

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