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  • Had lunch there, was mediocre.

    • Had lunch there today. It was delicious. Not cheap, but delicious.

    • Mediocre is the perfect word. Went with a bunch of people and the only notable dish was the sweet corn ravioli (4) in an order. The pizzas were bland.

  • Prosecco on tap. Enough said.

  • I went to the party that GiltCity hosted there and tried a whole bunch of their pizzas and most importantly the pepperoni sauce. I can’t speak to service, but I loved the vibe of the place and the food was to die.

    Polenta, some didn’t enjoy at the table but I liked. Meat balls were meat balls, pasta was alright. If anything, its all about the brick oven dishes. Jersey Shore Pizza with the sherry vinegar aioli was delicious, as was the prosciutto and honey pizza. I had one of the waiters cue me whenever the chicken thighs with pepperoni sauce came around, fantastic.

    I’d like to go back but i’m too poor-grad-student to actually sit down for a whole meal

  • Went later in the night when they were only making pizza and found it mediocre at best. Definitely overpriced for pizza.

  • The bone marrow dish is incredible, and the gnocci is the best ive had in a while. Its overpriced, yes, but what do you expect?

  • I went about a month ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. May favorite dishes were the gnocchi (really, I’d be happy with just a full portion of that) and the cauliflower.

  • so, what is officially the hottest place to open a restaurant in DC, right now? Penn Quarter, West End, H Street, NoMA?

    ~Guy who likes to keep it official

    • None of the above, 14th street corridor.

      • Agreed. 14th St from Logan to the few blocks north of U is really hot right now.

        Penn Quarter isn’t hot – it’s an established area for high end places to go.

        H St is hot, as is eastern U St, but I really think 14th St is THE hot spot these days.

  • noma is the hottest place for offices
    penn quarter is the hottest place for fancy
    is west end hot?
    h street is hot for bars that cater to people in their 20’s.


    • H Street has lots of restaurants and lots of 30-somethings with strollers these days. A lot of the new property owners around H who keep the neighborhood running Sun-Thurs are in the 30-40 age range, and spend tons on food.

      A visitor on a Friday or Saturday night might not get that impression.

      • Agreed. I’ll add that H Street is a better prospect for single 30-somethings to have late nights out than pretty much any other neighborhood in DC.

  • went there last week. tried a few of the cocktails — small but strong and really good. all of the dishes we tasted were good. the sweet corn agnolotti was AMAZING. we loved the open kitchen and the glow from the burning wood in the pizza oven. the music was a bit off (mainstream rock from late 90’s-early 2000’s). something more funky/old school/classic would work much better, in my opinion. service was friendly, warm and fast. great place overall — definitely going back sometime soon.

  • Just went there last night and blogged about it this AM.

    Good: “small plates” of pasta are perfect portions for one. don’t let them scare you off. fast service. prosecco on tap.

    Bad: so dark and loud. food comes out staggered, so my dinner was on the table 10 minutes before the next person’s. delicious but pricey bread basket.

  • Going there this weekend! Interested in these recommendations.

    • I thought everything I tried was great… My fave might have been the gnocchi, it was awesome! The pepperoni sauce was good but I wished there was more of it on the plate. Pizza was yummy too and a bigger bang for your buck I thought as far as filling you up.

      Good service, and the best part of course was meeting Mikey!

  • Went there last week. I was wary at first since I thought it would be all hype but I was pleasantly surprised. Went with two other people and ordered about 3-4 dishes each. Most of the dishes were pretty good, stand outs include the gnocchi, chicken thighs in pepperoni sauce, and octopus. We also had some meh dishes, like the pork ribs and hand cut spaghetti (it was nothing special). All in all, good dining experience and will probably return.

  • Loved the Jersey Shore pizza. The wait staff? Not so much. They’d stand in groups and talk about the diners in a “i’m trying not to be obvious” kind of way.
    And the upper floor’s bathrooms practically open into the kitchen. Ick.

  • Pepperoni sauce lived up to its hype even though it wasn’t what I expected. The take on bone marrow was different, but delicious. Octopus was also very good — flavorful and tender.

    Loved the countryman pizza…but there aren’t many things in the world that can’t be made better by truffles and a runny duck egg. yum.

    Will definitely go back to try more of the pizzas.

  • i’m sick of small plates. plus the waiter told us we needed 4 each, with is just dumb. we got like 2 each and he was pissed at us.

  • My boyfriend and I went at the end of July for dinner, and it was only topped by Marcel’s in the contest for best meal we’ve had in DC.
    The tasting menu is actually pretty reasonable at $55 considering the amount of food you’re getting: olives, bread, fresh mozzarella with artichoke tapenade, cured hams, caesar salad with cheese croutons, oysters with grapefruit, cauliflower with pecorino, jersey shore pizza (has calamari on it), gnocchi with braised pork, chicken thighs with pepperoni sauce, sweet corn agnolotti, chocolate tart with sea salt gelato and “nutella” cookies.
    Everything was good, but the sweet corn agnolotti was mindblowing. Even though we were fully stuffed after 10 other excellent dishes, we could not get over how good that filling was. The crunchy/fudgy/yummy nutella cookies also need to make a more regular appearance in my life. It’s not really eating to the point of discomfort when everything is so satisfying!
    In terms of service, I found our waiter, Jarred to be very pleasant and informative, and the other waitstaff who ran our food were equally friendly. This is a place I will recommend to anyone who asks, even if they had some spelling errors on the footer of their checks. (“Now excepting lunch reservations!!” )

    • “Everything was good, but the sweet corn agnolotti was mindblowing.” +1,000,000

      We went last month and had the Jersey Shore pizza. It was good. Not amazing but good.

      The sweet corn agnolotti was just amazing!

  • Went the Monday after it opened. I was already grumpy because the prosecco on tap was out, as were two of the signature cocktails, but finally settled on a lovely Nero.

    We did the tasting menu which was 45 back then. Standouts were the corn agnolotti which we renamed corn gushers, octupus, ribs & countryman pizza. The fennel and other two veggie dishes were mediocre and don’t appear to be on the menu anymore.

    I saw that the tasting menu went up to 55 but if its still 7-8 courses seems like the best deal. Of course the infamous pepperoni sauce was not on the tasting menu.

  • love it. pizza was fine but pasta and oven fired dishes were great. favs = chicken thighs and gnocchi. prosecco on tap wa surprisingly good.

  • I went about a week after it opened and was really impressed. Delicious food, solid service and a crowd of people asking how was it as we were leaving. Best to make reservations.

  • Went there this weekend and was pretty impressed as well – loved the burrata salad, the polenta and the gnocchi in particular. I was actually a bit disappointed in the pepperoni sauce – tasted a bit ketchup-y to me – but overall a solid meal.

  • Also went opening weekend. Gnocchi, chicken thighs with pepperoni sauce, and duck egg pizza were all fantastic.

  • Another fan of the sweet corn agnolotti here. It was the dish we were still talking about the next day.

  • I ate there with friends about a month ago. The pasta dishes were great. I had to try both the gnocchi and chicken thighs with pepperoni sauce, being a big Top Chef fan – both were excellent. I noticed most negative comments above are about the pizza – we had some as well. It was good pizza, but not as standout great as the other food. I think the best way to eat here would be to skip the pizza and order other dishes as tapas to get to try a wide variety. I’d love to come back here again soon.

  • It was okay but definitely not worth the price. The gnocchi was just meh and the beers on tap are served in 10 oz glasses, which is not marked on the menu – not cool. The only thing I actually enjoyed was the pizza with vermont cheddar, caramelized leeks and bacon.

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