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  • Blood mobile? :-\

  • Never had it, but they park the truck on my residential street. Anyone know if this is permissible for commercial vehicles?

  • re any potential confusion on the name: Sang is the owner/chef’s name.

    She’s catered a party for us in the past and the food is great!

  • Dane, I don’t know it’s permissible, but I live on the same street and while they’re always parked there, I’ve never had a problem finding parking within a few blocks (drive to work every day), so I tend to think they’re fine.

    The owner also works at or owns (?) the La Bella Vita Salon under the Marriott on Calvert.

  • I work in an area where the food trucks never come and I’m still amazed that there are so many in DC and they all basically go to the same place: Fargaut, Franklin, Metro Center, Navy Yard, West End.

    I feel like if you set up in U St for lunch one day you’d make a killing.

  • Wow, she finally did it. I’ve been getting my haircut by Sang for a while now. She’s a sweet lady and a fine cook. Everytime I’d gone in to get a haircut on a Saturday she fed me lunch. Good for her and best of luck!

    • Has it been a while since you’ve been to her for a cut? She tells me all about the truck every time I go! 🙂

      She’s a hard workin’ lady and I wish her great success!

  • I’m Laotian and I’m not a fan of this truck. If you want real Laotian food, check out Bangkok Golden in Falls Church. The owners there have a full Laotian menu and it’s the real deal.

  • This is hilarious.
    A year ago, I was in desperate need of a haircut. I usually do them myself, but had gotten pretty shaggy so I decided to throw $20 to someone to do it nicely. A friend at work suggested her as his wife had been there a couple of times. This friend also mentioned that when his wife was there, Sang had brought her some homemade food to sample and that it was quite good.

    Soon after this story, I went to get my own haircut at Sang’s and sure enough she spent the entire time I was in the chair talking about food and the idea of opening a food truck.

    One year later, here we are.

  • claire

    I tried the drunken noodles during the most recent Truckeroo and they didn’t wow me. Maybe it’s because I’m very attached to Thai drunken noodles? They were very spicy (which was good!) and had some good flavors, but overall were too sweet . . . maybe if I had gotten them with the meatballs, etc that she offers for on top, they would’ve been better.

  • Whether its cutting hair or selling Laotian food, Sang is the best!

  • Some friends and I each got the drunken noodles and meatballs a few weeks ago when she was open by L’Enfant Plaza. I thought the food was great, and she also threw in a (very large) lemonade and spring rolls for each of us since she was packing up shop when we stopped by and didn’t want to take any food home (all delicious, but a whole lot of food). I’d definitely try it again if she’s in the area and I head out for lunch.

    • She was out near Federal Center today giving out free ginormous lemonades, Thai Iced Tea (Minus the cream/milk. How do you forget that?), and spring rolls with the meals.

      My favorite Sang moment was when somebody in front of me ordered fried rice and asked for soy sauce. Without skipping a beat she scolded him, “We’re not Chinese, we’re Laotin!” Sorry person in front of me in line, but I had to LOL at that.

      • I would have asked for the same thing… Guess I better bring my own Kikkoman soy sauce. I’m looking forward to trying this truck.

  • wow, i wait for the bus every day on 29th st. next to this truck. what was once a parked mystery is now a rich story to tell my family about. thanks, folks.

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