Judging BBQ Sandwiches

I’m intrigued by this regular looking hot dog cart at the intersection of Rhode Island and M St, NW (just east of Connecticut Ave.) For those who work nearby – any fans of the BBQ sandwiches? $4 seems like a really good deal? Anyone try the tacos or chicken wrap?

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  • Just a quick plug, but I do preface my comment with the disclaimer that I was raised well north of the mason-dixon line, but my wife and I tried the pulled pork sandwiches at the Petworth Farmer’s Market on Friday and were amazed at how delicious the pork was. They serve it Texas-style (according to good friend from Texas) so that means without any sauce. But the meat is smoked and delicious, and they do have sauce you can put on it, but it is just store bought. Just thought I would let folks know if they wanted a quick and easy dinner option on Fridays. Also, their sausage dogs were really good too, they have a bit of spice to them, but I thought they were tasty.

  • Ate at the Rib Pit on 14th last week. Pretty good all things considered.

  • Inspire BBQ on H Street does a pretty good pulled pork sandwich, but their brisket is even better. Real pink smoke ring.

    • What kind of BBQ is it? I can’t stand the vinegar in Carolina BBQ. That place on MD@ 8th does Carolina and I suppose it’s good, it’s just not my style.

  • I found Hill Country in Penn Quarter to be tasty and well cooked, but their overly complicated dining/billing experience really ruined the meal for me.

    I felt like it was some big trick to get me to spend $50 on a sandwich.

    I probably won’t ever go back because I can’t enjoy my meal when I’m terrified of losing my meal ticket.

    As a frame of reference, I design computer chips so I’m not afraid of reasonably complicated procedures. This was a little ridiculous though.

    • +1

      Haha, I had the same experience. When I arrived, half the place was empty and we asked for a table for two. The hostesses said sure just one minute and proceeded to run around like chicken with their head cut off for 10 min trying to find a table. HALF THE PLACE WAS EMPTY!

      Finally, I looked at my wife and said (very passive aggressively) that if we were seated in 2 minutes I was just going to walk out. Miraculously, they found us a table 20 seconds later. And yep, it was one of the 20 empty ones that I had just stared at for 10 minutes. WTF.

      The BBQ was tasty but the process was horrible and I’ve definitely had better brisket in my day. Never again.

  • Don’t hate on me but actually I’ve been anjoying Subway’s pulled pork barbecue sub. It’s the August special!

    • Yes, I had about 4 of them before I became extremely worried about trichinosis, the way they keep the meat out does not look very safe at Subway locations in DC, this is also one of the main reasons why i won’t be eating pork off of a hot dog cart as well.

      • ah

        You’re not likely to get trichinosis from pork that’s left out–it comes from inadequate cooking in the first place.

        That said, you may be likely to get various other forms of food poisoning from improper food sanitation.

    • Me too, I even went further by getting their Reuben a couple months ago.

  • Hmm, I may have to try this $4 sandwich sometime. I like shady non-mobile food carts.

    My favorite BBQ sandwiches in DC have been at Standard on 14th. However, I am not someone who is picky about the “authenticity” of barbeque types/flavors, as long as it tastes good.

    I found Hill Country to be complicated, expensive, and weirdly chain-y in feel.

  • I wouldn’t eat BBQ from a hot dog cart. Just saying…

  • Um, not to mention non-handwashing. A wonder we’re not all sicker thanks to just that!

  • That was in response to 1:10 comment from “ah,” by the way…

  • Best BBQ sandwich I have had in the area is the beef brisket sandwich from the Carnivore BBQ food truck. In fact, I had one two hours ago for lunch. Not only do the chunks of beef have fine aroma and flavor, the sandwiches are so generously filled one can consume his entire weekly beef quota in a single serving!

    I’ve also had the BBQ beef sandwich from the standard. While it was certainly very good (particularly with hush puppies), it was no match for the Carnivore BBQ sandwich.

    A BBQ sandwich (I can’t remember if it was beef or pork) I ate from Fast Gourmet at 14th & W got all its smoky flavor from the sauce — the meat was OK, but not especially memorable.

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