Judging Backs of Row Houses – Capitol Hill

Thanks to a reader for sending these awesome photos after seeing yesterday’s row house on 11th St, NW. Apparently they were done by the same architects – “Rich/ Kube (and LI).”

Ridiculously awesome spot for a morning cup of coffee and/or mojito:

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  • Wow. Where on the Hill is this? I need to make friends with more of my neighbors.

  • That’s freakin’ sweet!

  • claire

    So jealous . . . what a great little place to enjoy some nice weather! Privacy, greenery, more than enough seating!

  • What are the zoning laws on a garage-top deck?

  • Inspirational. I want the poor man’s version of this.

  • this makes me hate my house.

  • is that coded for earthquakes?

  • One of the coolest things I have seen in DC. Definitely jealous!

  • Pretty awesome.

  • Amazeballs.

  • i need new friends.

  • Really, really love it.

  • Lovely, just lovely

  • How did they get permission to build on almost the whole lot?

  • Are Horizontal Balusters illegal & against code?
    I like the patio deck, but don’t be surprised if the city inspectors (DCRA) comes out and enforce some issues. One is the horizontal deck balusters (red metal fencing). Most manufacturers do not make horizontal balusters because children have been hurt from using them as steps/ladders and these horizontal balusters are against building codes in most municipalities.
    Also there is an issue of lot occupancy, especially in a residential area. I’m just saying this because I’ve seen it happen to my neighbors, the city comes out after it is all done and hits your permit and code violations.
    Otherwise, I really like what they did with the space.

  • beautiful space. i want.

  • there was an exisitng deck / garage…so the new one was grandfathered in…
    horiz. rails are allowed as long as home owners sign off on them…
    this project was permited so all is “legit” ….

    • When do you need an architect? I want to redesign my kitchen/dining area into one big area with perhaps a banquete. Can a kitchen designer handle that or do I also need an architect?

      • AS an architect we typically design EVERYTHING .. … yes a kitchen designer may do a kitchen renovation..but they usually focus only on the kitchen…as an architect we focus on the ENTIRE space..and how it relates to the “bigger picture” ( adjoining spaces / built-ins- structural walls ( if any) finishes etc etc..
        we have had many clients come to us after being unsatisfied w/ a kitchen designer…. in addition, many kitchen designers are limited in what types of cabinets they can offer you…we are open to much more..including IKEA which we have used many times ( customized) and also custom millworkers…… see:
        http://www.kube-arch.com “zoom” for kitchens / baths – hope that helps.. i know it is biased…

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