Jimmy John’s Coming to 1717 Pennsylvania Ave, NW in Late Aug./Early Sept. (and Still Coming to 14th and L St, NW)

1717 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

“Dear PoP,

Hey, I realize this probably sounds a silly question, nevertheless, want to pose it to PoPVille. Given the near monopoly that Subway has over the DC sandwich scene and Potbelly’s ongoing expansion, has this deterred Jimmy John’s (my favorite fast food sandwich place) from opening stores in D.C. proper? What is ironic is that JJ’s has a very visible advertising presence on Metro buses and at Metro bus stops……but the closest JJ’s is in Alexandria. Where’s the love for Jimmy John’s?!”

Back in May ’11 we learned that DC would be getting it’s first Jimmy John’s at 14th and L St, NW. In email to get an update the folks at Jimmy John’s tell me the one at 14th and L St, NW “is scheduled to open in October”. But there is even more good news for JJ fans – they are also opening a shop at 1717 Pennsylvania Ave, NW. And this one is scheduled to open at the end of August/early September.

You can see Jimmy John’s full sandwich menu here.

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  • Even though I’m a complete foodie (and chef), I absolutely love Jimmy John’s sammies. Can’t wait for them to open. Hope they can deliver all the way to CH!

  • People who ate this stuff in college seem to have a Proustian fondness for it, but it’s pretty much indistinguishable from Potbelly. Better than Subway, but that’s like saying ascending bowel cancer is better than descending bowel cancer.

    • jburka

      Eh. I didn’t eat either in college. Love potbelly, find JJ’s to be pretty meh — though massively better than Subway. Or Quiznos.

      (my college sub of choice was at http://www.dagwoodsandwiches.com/ )

    • Got to admit, I discovered Jimmy John’s in college in the Midwest so Proustian fondness origin established. I also appreciated the day old bread that was dirt cheap. But after residing in this deli ghostland for 15 years I went back to a Jimmy John’s and it was as good as I remembered it. And I don’t think it’s similar to Potbelly at all. I mean, the sandwiches aren’t hot which is a pretty major distinction.

    • dude, JJ’s is way different and way better. Some of them open till 3 am, and they deliver… has potbelly’s ever done that? SUBS SO FAST YOU’LL FREAK!!!! GET EXCITED.

      • jburka

        Doesn’t matter how fast it is if I don’t care whether or not I eat it. And thanks for spewing back mediocre advertising slogans aimed at 17 year olds. Good to know they’re working for someone.

        I wouldn’t have cared if it were open at 3am even back in my college days. When we wanted to eat at 3am we went to Denny’s. Or Steak & Shake.

        It’s not like potbelly or any of these other shops are the highlight of subs in DC. If Cork Market or Vace were downtown and I could run in and grab one of their sandwiches at lunch time, I’d be all over it. But we work with what we have, eh?

        • No, really, you should try it! They’re very tasty.

          • jburka

            As stated in an earlier comment, I’ve been to JJ’s a couple of times. That was in Chicago. As a result of those experiences, I was decidedly ambivalent about the arrival of the chain in DC.

        • Wow, Denny’s. Please offer me dining advice. I’m glad someone eats there. Also, I forgot 17 year-olds are the prime consumer of speedy products.

    • Yeah, its really different from Potbelly. Not saying that makes it better or worse, but it is definitely quite different.

  • The closest JJs, depending on how you slice it, is probably in Ballston on N Quincy St between Wilson Blvd and Glebe Rd.

  • One also opened up in Crystal City on Crystal Dr not too long ago

  • THANK YOU JESUS. How I’ve missed my Pepe.

  • barf to both JJ and Potbelly.

  • I wholly recommend the Beach Club on wheat.

  • andy

    All I can think of is Kramer’s thing on Seinfeld, “she’s got the jimmy legs!”

  • YAY! This was a staple of my diet in college. And it is opening right by my office! I could not be happier – goodbye Potbelly and Subway.

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