It’s Looking Official – Former Jamshid Rug Shop and Sherry’s Liquor Space to Become a CVS in Woodley Park

We heard two pieces of scuttlebutt about these properties located on the 2300 block of Calvert Street NW – a CVS and a Steak N’Egg. Looks like CVS is the winner.

I finally saw some plans in the front window of Jamshid’s:

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  • OH yay what the city needs!!! Another CVS!!!

  • What aboout the former pizza place and cafe next door. Will that also be part of the CVS?

  • Seriously? There’s one across the street. CVS is a plague that must be stopped. Seriously.

    • I was about to post this exact response, but you beat me to it.

      • I’m under the impression the one across the street is closing when this one opens. Honestly, if they put a pharmacy in the new one, it will be an improvement. Having a CVS without a pharmacy has never made a lot of sense to me.

  • The CVS across the street is easily the worst CVS I have ever been to. I cannot wait to have a real CVS that actually has a fully stocked inventory.

    • saf

      I have never seen such a thing.

      • All you have to do is get outside urban areas. CVS locations in lesser-populated environs are surprisingly nice, in comparison. In my hometown, population ~2,000, the CVS has always been immaculate, and well-stocked. Actually, it’s a lot nicer than the Walgreen’s across the street. Around here, though, Walgreen’s is a lot nicer in my experience.

  • The plans in the image say Project Type: Relo, so I’ll bet the store across CT is relocating to this property. If I were feeling less lazy I’d look up the store number on their site.

    • There was also a post back back in April here on PoP that reported on CVS’ relocation from its current space to this new space.

  • Sherry’s has already relocated around the corner onto Connecticut.

  • For someone who lives a block away, this is great news. Maybe Steak & Egg will think about the current CVS spot. That CVS, sans pharmacy, sucks and is always swarmed with tourists. What I wouldn’t give for a self-checkout or two.

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