How’d You Survive the Hurricane?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric Spiegel

All good?

Anyone’s power out? (Ed. Note: Not exactly sure how you’ll be able to answer that question if your power is out…)

Let us know if you see any trees down blocking streets and/or any significant flooding.

DDOTDC reports:

“We have 38 confirmed locations with trees/branches down. Continuing to assess.”

If there is no power you can call Pepco at 877-737-2662. If there are overflowing sewers you can call Mydcwater at 202-612-3400. If you see fallen trees and/or tree limbs you can call 311.

DCRA reports:

“Pepco: 90 downed wires reported in DC; please keep reporting any downed wires: 877-737-2662. 30,000 DC residents w/o power.”

WMATA reports:

“Metro expects to operate bus, rail and MetroAccess service on a regular schedule on Sunday, August 28. Metrobus service began on select routes as scheduled at 5 a.m.; the Metrorail system will open at 7 a.m. There is no scheduled track work.

Metrobus and MetroAccess customers should expect possible detours around downed wires and trees and allow additional travel time.

Metrorail ridership was down about 67 percent yesterday as compared to last Saturday. Yesterday, 128,390 customers entered the system, as compared to 345,425 on Saturday, August 20.”

And for those who see can see light at the end of the tunnel – DCDPR reports:

“DC outdoor pools are on a delayed opening to clean and assess for damage. Outdoor pools are currently set to open at 2PM today.

Capital Bikeshare reports: “Capital Bikeshare is back open.”

And to continue on a lighter note – Go to any fun parties, bars last night?

If you have any good photos of the storm please send a few in an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail or upload directly to the PoPville flickr pool and let me know what street/neighborhood where the photo was taken. Thanks and stay safe.

Photo by PoPville flickr user caroline.angelo

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  • First? Gosh, Irene was a bit of a letdown, dramatically. But I suppose it’s nice that nothing too bad happened. I *do* know people died, but the flooding/damage could have been a lot worse.

  • 38 tree beaches down?! How were we lucky enough to make it through.

  • Several leaks in our roof and a fair bit of ceiling damage. Sadly this wasn’t entirely unexpected–we had a new roof put on in 2008 and it has leaked ever since, despite the best efforts of our GC. Looks as if Irene has determined that the time has come for a brand new roof… again.

    I can now add another home owner experience to my list: crawling around in the attic during a hurricane placing catch buckets at 1:30 am.

  • In one word…non-event.

  • Power still out since about 3:15 am in Brookland. A few trees but nothing big. pepco, the ball is in your court.

  • fallen tree blocking Vermont Avenue between N St and O St NW. Church goers from Maryland are upset….

  • Pepco got lucky with this one. Seems like not too many people lost power.

    Power in Petworth is spotty, some stoplights out, some two blocks away on. Both 711s I tried to get coffee from had no power. Power service in PG county on the way to Home Depot appeared worse than the district as a whole.

    Overall, pretty pleased with how little damage happened etc. Hope everyone else faired as well!

  • It was just strong enough to be frightening at times. Being a homeowner is a whole ‘nother ball of wax during these kind of events. Every time the wind picked up I was sure the tree in our backyard would snap and take out our sleeping porch.

    Overall, though, not bad. Sandbags from the city certainly helped divert water that otherwise would have been in my basement, and PEPCO kept the power on all night.

    Also, our neighbors were just awesome, awesome, awesome. Everyone helped each other out, from storm prep, to weathering the storm, to now cleanup. I feel very fortunate to live on a street with such great people.

  • That was pretty boring.

  • Had a great dinner with a friend at Birch and Barley last night – took a little bit of time to get a cab, but it was quiet and wonderful.
    Dog managed to hold all bathroom needs for 15 hours, making me wonder why I have a mid-day dog walker. And today, it is beautiful out. I’ll take it.

  • Irene was the same as a watching a Nats game — I ate a giant hot dog, barely paid attention and then turned the channel to see the real action in NY.

  • We got lucky. The basement did not flood. The tree in our front yard remained upright, and we didn’t lose power. We spent the evening watching old episodes of Mad Men and rented The King’s Speech while ingesting Gin and Tonic.

    While walking the dog this morning I saw a lot of downed branches but nothing too serious in this part of Petworth. We had more damage from the storm two weeks ago than from Irene.

    • Weird! My husband and I did exactly the same thing except swapped out gin and tonics for Dry Manhattans – seemed appropriate.

  • Two trees fell in my yard, one took out my deck. The other would have taken out my car, but the woodpile broke the fall! House itself is fine. State Farm is obviously inundated right now, and I haveen’t been able to get through.

  • My wife and I moved into our first home two weeks ago. Mother nature’s thrown an earthquake and tropical storm at us so far, and everything’s come up roses. We love Petworth, and our neighbors have been great in welcoming us.

    Looking forward to exploring the ‘hood.

  • I was out at my brother’s house in Upper Marlboro. Power went out at 6pm and came back on at 8am. No power means no water since the well doesn’t work without power. It was too windy and rainy to move the portable power generator out and turn it on. So we had to wait.

    There are downed branches and trees all over the place. But good job Pepco for getting the power back on so soon.

    Now I just hope my house in Columbia Heights is ok.

  • No basement flooding.
    Have Power and telephone.
    No trees on my house/car.

    Sigh of relief – but I need a nap.

  • A couple of large leaves came down in the yard. On it!

  • Lost a piece of flashing from the roofline. Otherwise all good.

    Has anyone been out to the shops? Everything open and operating in CH?

  • I left town and spent the entire weekend in bed at a motel with a man I met just Wednesday. It was luscious, let me tell you.

  • A bottle of wine, a good book and a good dog for company.

    Lots of rain (4 1/2″) and wind but the power stayed on all night.

  • Having spent time in Grenada during a cat 4 Hurricane, this did not feel like a powerful storm. Nevertheless, we had some leaks through our skylight and front bay from what I think was originally earthquake damage. We had a roofer come out last night at 6pm and put a tarp over our skylight and patch up some cracks (yes he went up there during the storm!). The cracks were not there last year when the roof was inspected so we think the earthquake may have had some play in this. We have been suspecting we would need a front bay reconstruction and the earthquake/storm confirmed that. If you know any good contractors, let me know!!!

  • Had a nice time chatting with Romeo at Morgan’s (drinking a Guiness in the doorway) seafood as the rain came down in my search for lobster to cook for dinner. No shortage of beer or wine, good cigar too. Took Friday off to head down to VA to tie up the boats. The Miss Ann, at a marina way down near Norfolk apparently cracked a pole, not sure if damage was worse. Hope our boat is still floating.

  • As long as Ernie the Flying Dog is ok, then it’s all gravy!

  • I think I might’ve seen the tenleytown tree fall and clip the power lines from afar

    My balcony faces that direction. Looked like a spotlight flickering on and off for a few seconds from far away. Had to be electrical.

  • Flash Mob Kite Festival.

  • The wind scared the crap out of me between 11PM and 2AM. Trees pounded against the house, branches were bent to the ground but didn’t snap. Power stayed on and no structural damage. My trashcans lodged themselves in the bamboo at the end of the yard. The neighbor’s tree fell and blocked her entrance but to everyone’s utter amazement DC govt sent out a cut and clear crew already. Kudos to them.

  • Anyone know what do with all these unused sandbags? Will DPW pick them up with the trash?

  • SouthwestDC

    Right before I took the picture above I saw a guy using the rain to do his laundry; it was a pretty funny sight. Hopefully he found in a safe place to take shelter when the winds picked up.

    Today I filled up three big bags of leaves, twigs, and other debris, just from the sidewalk and front yard. The squirrels would have a field day with all the acorns that have fallen. Tomrrow I tackle the backyard and alley.

  • Street lights are still out on my block. Who do I report it to, DPW?

  • I didn’t loose power at all during the storm in upper Northwest Ward 4. I was awaken by a relative in downtown Silver Spring telling me, her power went out at 2 a.m. I got up at 7 a.m. and both my electricity and Comcast cable were working fine. I took a nap and woke up around 3 p.m. to find my Comcast cable not working. It’s still out and I will not be able to watch my favorite HBO series ‘True Blood’ at 9 p.m. LOL

    Comcast sucks, but I give PEPCO a A for the power not going out.

  • I agree it was a letdown. I too wish there had been more damage & loss of lives. Vermont has no idea how lucky it is to have such excitement!

  • We drank beer and fixed all the cracked plaster from the earthquake. Found out we need a new roof too.

  • Power was still out in Takoma at 6:30pm.

  • We went to th Goethe Institute for the 24h Berlin film and watched it form 11 AM Saturday to 2 AM Sunday – ate German food and and drank Bitberger all day long.

  • Spent the weekend holed up with the dude down in Old Town. We ate (homemade by him!) chicken soup and toast and pop tarts, watched many episodes of Doctor Who, and drank all manner of beer & wine & spirits. I was vastly relieved and surprised to find my Capitol Hill basement apartment to be completely dry when I returned on Sunday afternoon.

  • Shared a bottle of grey goose with my other half. Watched “The Rite” and “Paranormal Activity”. Fell asleep early and set an alarm around 2:30 am to check out the storm. May have been to groggy/drunk to be impressed, but was decidedly not!

    PS- Also not impressed by “Paranormal Activity”- what was all THAT hype about?

  • I did not loose a single second of DirecTV service. Which is more than I can say for most of the little 2-3 hr T-storms we’ve had this summer.

  • I am happy that the house under renovation that faces my building across the alley secured their site before the storm – lots of building material etc that they either stowed, tied down, or tarped-down. I am glad they thought ahead and nothing was free to get blown around and cause any havoc.

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