House of the Day

I’m usually fixated with the one on the right (above) but I just realized the one on the left is pretty sweet too. I particularly liked the windows up top. From 11th St, NW just south of U St.

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  • I think the house next to it is pretty amazing architecturally – it would be even better without the satellite dish and window A/C unit! Though I do wonder why they made those archways so short??

  • this is 11th street, homeboy. the people who lived there in the early oughts sucked.

  • Man, how awful is that satellite dish?

    • no worse than the ac, the parking signs, the bike chained to the fence, or the car.

      • Save it…
        Installers go out of their way to save themselves a trip to the roof where they can easily get the exposure they need up there. Have seen this countless times and it’s getting old.

  • I’ve loved the house on the right ever since it showed up in the background of an HGTV show (the house just out of sight to the right was on Real Estate Intervention Season 1). In fact I think it has shown up one other time on TV that I can remember.

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