Hot Trout Grill Signage Removed – Anyone Know if Someone is Moving in?

“Dear PoPville,

I recently noticed that the sign for the Hot Trout Grill has been removed. The business has been closed for some time, so I am wondering if something is going to replace it. Hot Trout Grill was located at 8 Florida Ave., NW near the corner with N. Capitol St. Maybe it was just removed for some reason, but hopefully, something new will be opening there in the near future.”

Anyone happen to hear any scuttlebutt on this property? I did love this sign (from their Facebook page:

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  • say it aint so! pretty soon we’ll have no dubious business around here at all.

    btw that facebook page is amazing. hat tip to whoever did that.

  • That place was amazing. I am so sad to have seen it go.

  • looks like a great neighborhood….

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I now hear it is going to be a catering business.

  • Catering Business! At that location, I doubt it. I smell something and it’s not the hot trout.

  • Would of been nice if it was something serving the community.. and not a liquor start or minimart

    • That’ crazy talk, you’re not allowed to have nice things here. Zoning only permits social services, liquor stores and gas stations. Besides the ‘real’ community are the hundreds that get bussed in to SOME in the morning. You residents are just a whiny nuisance.

    • Liquor stores and Mini Marts do serve the community!! Being in bloomingdale and without a car/bike/etc, I buy most of my groceries from mini marts and liquor stores, considering we don’t have a real grocery store anywhere close.

      • This whole “we don’t have a grocery store” thing is getting old. If you can’t find your way to the teeter or the city vista Safeway, that’s just sad.

        As for hot trout grill, anythig would be an improvement. That storefront has been blighted for as long as I can remember.

      • dude
        harris teeter is 7 min walk.

  • Given that it’s in the exact middle of the city, catering there makes a lot of sense.

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