Heaven and Hell Looking to Get a Summer Garden in Adams Morgan

According to a placard out front, Heaven and Hell located at 2327 18th St NW, is looking to add summer garden with 48 seats.

I will only support this if they play plenty of Bon Jovi, Belinda Carlyle and the folks who sing 99 Luftballoons in this summer garden…

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  • Thanks PoP .. now I cannot get that song out of my head!

  • I think this one is more likely (link language is NSFW – it’s Jay-Z).

  • I loved when they used that song in an episode of Scrubs dancing in a room full of balloons. Listening to it definitely wants to make you dance!
    btw, I really miss that show 🙁

  • No, they should play in a loop the album after which they were named, Black Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell, from 1980. This landmark album was the beginning of the Ronnie James Dio era for Black Sabbath.

  • Wonderful. This place is a meat market. I once smacked a drunken girl on her bare buttock on the dance floor. Perhaps after a night of heaving petting I can saunter out to the garden and muse over were my life went wrong.

  • I hate to put down local businesses, but this place is the pits.

    The last time I was there I was allegedly roofied (how do you really prove it other than a drug test, which I am certainly not paying for) and robbed of my iPod which was in my jacket pocket in the coat closet. When I asked the owner about it, he knew that his employee had taken it but refused to call him out.

    I am with Jason, perhaps now the nice spring garden will leave me with a place to sit while I forget more memories of why this place is miserable.

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