Good Deal or Not? “Two Garden Entrances” edition

This home is located at 1220 C St, SE:

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The flier says:

“BEST DEAL ON THE HILL! FANTASTIC LOCATION close to, but private from Lincoln Park, Eastern Market, Barracks Row & METRO! Open Main Flooor Plan, w/ HWD Flrs, Fplc in LR/DR, Pwdr Rm, Two Garden Entrances. Upstairs Two BR’s, (1 w/ exposed Brick) Luxurious Bath w/ Sep Shwr, Lndry, Up Deck overlooking Deep Back Yard, w Privacy Fence, Water Feature, Stonework, Landscaping. Poss OSP, but not needed!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

$599,999 sound right for this 2 bed/1.5 bath?

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  • Unfortunate, for regular people without gobs of cash but it sounds right.

  • andy

    priced right probably for the area. but who wants to purchase, long-term, 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths?

    • Ummmm….tons of people?

    • We have 2 beds, 1 full and 2 half baths. Not only did we pay a lot more for our house, but it sold within a week with multiple offers (in the winter, no less). Lots and lots of people are in the market for a small house on the Hill. On the other hand, there’s a gigantic house around the corner from me that’s been on the market for a long time.

  • disclaimer – i am friends with the owners. the house is great, and the garden is fantastic. the ultimate is the japanese saoking tub in the bath. REALLY nice.

  • Wow, that is one hell of a good deal. I’m sure it will go for above asking.

  • Great deal–really great deal.

  • Probably the no parking or basement keeps it down. No storage!

    • My next-door neighbors and I don’t have parking or basement storage either and our houses are appraised at $800-850k. It does have some bearing on the price, of course (I’m sure ours would have been around a million otherwise) but we saw a lot of houses with no parking or basement in the neighborhood that sold for a lot more than this one.

  • This price seems about right. I don’t think size is its problem. The house looks smaller on the outside than it is. This is a common size on the hill and would be a good starter home or for someone single. I would say the kitchen needs a bit of work.

    I think what the refer to as possible off street parking is that the back yard back up to a nice wide alley – no garbage cans needed in front of the house which is nice. The historic district runs down 13th so this house is just inside.

    I am about a block away and this location is great. In between 2 metro stops, walk to Eastern Market and Lincoln Park, close to 2 groceries.

    • Nice, $600k ‘starter home’….Seriously where do you people work?

      • It’s not bad for two professionals, say, in their late 20’s or early 30’s. Our “starter home” was much higher priced than this.

      • Is there some rule that you have to start with a shitty condo in a rough neighborhood? Why not rent for a while, save up some money, get established professionally so you know you’ll want to stay in DC for a while, get married, and THEN buy property at which point $600k is more than affordable?

        • Renting is not cheaper than buying in DC. If you have the money for a down payment, interest rates are so low right now that you can save money buying instead of renting in lots of areas.

          • Renting CAN be cheaper than buying in DC. For the past four years I rented a room in a row house in Eastern Market, paid $750-850/mo and now own a 2 bed condo with a mortgage 3x that. The only way I was able to have a down payment was renting first.

          • Same here. I was paying $650/month, saved a ton, and now have a $2k mortgage.

      • I agree, it seems a bit high for a “starter home.” But overall price is good. Established married professionals buying in Capitol Hill … kind of goes against the popular perception of a ‘starter’ home.

        • I guess that’s what I don’t get… why buy a home before you’re established? It strikes me as reckless to buy a house if there’s a good chance you might have a job relocation or move in with your boyfriend in a couple years.

  • I saw it months ago when it was priced a lot higher. The Redfin listing doesn’t show it, but the price bounced around in the mid to high 600s for a long time before finally coming down to earth recently.

    I agree the location is great – it’s a lovely block and close but not too close to Eastern Market, so lack of off-street parking isn’t much of an issue. But I’ve seen a ton of 2BR rowhouses on the Hill, and this one felt small even by those standards. The bathroom was renovated, but in a unique style that may not appeal to everyone (like, a lot of space taken up by a deep soaking tub.)

    I think the main reason it hasn’t sold is because it was way overpriced before. But it’s probably an ok deal at this price, especially if you have the money and inclination to do some renovations. There’s a huge backyard so plenty of room to do an addition.

    • I had the same feeling (re. not a good use of space) with the layout of the bathroom and the huge tub.

  • Starter, single, etc. I guess I get it but just think it would seem too small after not very long. Perhaps why owners would move…

    • Unless you plan on having kids why would you need more space later on?

    • My house is this size (but with a basement) and after 10+ years it doesn’t seem small for me (and my cat).

    • andy

      kids are one thing, a spouse is another, pets, of course, hobbies, dens, rec rooms, studies, gardens, storage, secret dungeons and/or nuclear laboratories, etc. Though of course you can dig out your basement for the last two.

  • @new owner

    Let me rephrase: When comparing apples to apples, renting is generally cheaper than buying in DC. Clearly a 2brd condo is going to cost more than a room in a house, regardless of whether you’re renting or buying. I do see your point though that you wouldn’t have been able to buy without saving that money up first, since you can’t exactly buy a room in a shared living situation.

    • That, and when you’re renting you might be willing to make sacrifices that you wouldn’t in the long term. In my case, I rented in Virginia to save money, but I would have comitted suicide if I lived there much longer.

  • I went to this open house the first week it was on the market. I think the kitchen needs alot of work! Other than that it’s a nice house. However, houses on my block (Walter) are going off the market before the open house even takes place.

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