Good Deal or Not? “This will not last” edition

This home is located at 449 Newton Pl, NW:

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The flier says:

“WOW! Come See this Totally Renovated 4 bedroom 3.5 bathroom town home with In-law suite. This is a must see. Do not miss the opportunity to get in to Columbia Heights today. This will not last. Please follow instructions listed in the document section of MRIS. Freshly stained Double Deck in rear.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

$459,900 sound right for this 4 bed/3.5 bath?

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  • Nice and not a bad price.

    Any idea who did the flip?

  • If the eventual buyer of this place wants to “get into Columbia Heights,” he’s going to have to walk several blocks east.

    • I believe the real estate term is “Columbia Heights Adjacent.” Haha.

      At any rate, Park View is a nice, quiet neighborhood that’s very walkable to Columbia Heights. Plus, that section of GA Ave is seeing a lot of movement. I live in the NE corner of Columbia Heights and have friends over in Park View. It’s very close.

      I think its a decent row house at a good price. It should sell. There are some renovations that I would have done differently. But I guess no one asked me. Ha!

    • You mean west?

    • The agent seems to be playign upon the fact that the subdivision according to the city says: Columbia Heights. I live close by and when I bought my house it was the same. The words Park View did not appear anywhere on the legal docs.

      • Same here. In fact, I don’t think I’d even heard the “Park View” neighborhood name until after I’d bought my house.

  • Wife and I looked at this home. The angled toilet on the first floor is very strange. The bedrooms, other than the master, are small.

  • Park view is the nicest part of Columbia Heights, quiet but walking distance to all the restaurants and retail.

  • if i buy a house, i want it to last.

  • If this place is really 1500 sq ft, was it really necessary to use oddly angled toilets and doors?

    • Yeah, there are teeny sinks made for these powder rooms that are cute but a rather large sink/counter was installed.

  • Um, yes, I knew where this one was going. This is not Columbia Heights. But as a Columbia Heights resident I am glad to see Columbia Heights being used as a selling point.

  • The longer I live in Park View the more sensitized I get about mislabeling, but not enough people are educated yet and the realtors call Park View CH so buyers will know right off the general area. Opal, what do you mean? Does something about the pictures make it seem terrible?

  • Would’ve been nice if they sprung for a new fence. Come on guys!

  • GD.

    Looks like a pretty nice house, in a great neighborhood, very close to Metro. Whats not to love?

    Unless there is somethin gwrong with it, I assume it goes very close to listing, and pretty quickly at that.

  • I checked out the open house. It appears to have been nicely done and not the typical flit scenario. The owner had it renovated for himself and intended to live there into retirement but his situation has changed. I agree w/ the toilet observation but I also realize that’s an hour or two of someones time to fix.

    My fiance and I really liked the street and that it was really close to a big green space (Soldiers Home), school and decent looking rec center, and not right on Georgia Ave. We even saw a couple deer running inside the Solders home grounds, which was neat. We’re still probably 6 mo. away, but its certainly worth a look for another small family.

    • Renovated by owner and not flipper, generally a good sign

    • The Soldier’s home green space is nice and quiet, and lends to better air quality, but potential buyers should be aware that it’s closed to the general public. You are not allowed on site unless you are visiting a retiree there or volunteering. I asked about jogging or pushing a stroller around the grounds and was told, “That’s a negative, ma’am.”

      • You can enter the grounds further up on Rock Creek Church Rd to go visit the Lincoln cottage, and hang out near the Lincoln cottage. Several grassy areas, benches, super clean and peaceful.

  • Nice price and yes, Park View is a good neighborhood.

    Still…the weird angles on the photos made me dizzy. Realtor may have been trying to make the small rooms look bigger, but the effect looks like a funhouse.

    And the “motion sensor” stair lights? Not really something I’d want in my house.

    • Totally agree about the motion sensors. Mine would be going off all night long because of my cats, who, by themselves, do not disturb me.

  • Good Deal. Spacious in a good neighborhood that is seeing a lot of positive development. Close to the Petworth Metro. I like it!

  • Parkview is on the map and hopefully soon will be on the metro station (Petworth-Parkview instead of GA-Petworth)!

    • it should simply be Petworth. no reason for even more station name creep.

      • Except for Petworth is way north and only borders the station on the south…so Petworth-Parkview would be the ideal name without getting too long.

        • by doodoo’s logic, Parkview is “way south” because it only borders the station on the north.

          noone knows what the hell a “parkview” is, anyway. adding it to the sign is pointless. if you live there, you know what stop to get off on.

          • RD: Doesn’t that logic apply to Petworth as much as parkview (no one knows what a petworth is, and if you live there, you know to get off)?

            Parkview/Petworth would be a fine metro name – short and simple. it’s not like it’s becoming Georgia Ave-Petworth-Parkview-14th Street Heights-NOT Howard University-Soldiers Home & Cemetary….. hmmm pagin Bowser

          • I agree the station should be named Petworth-Parkview. The station is right at the border of the 2 neighborhoods, so it makes a whole lot more sense than the Adams Morgan station nonsense. What I’m not sure about is whether it’s Parkview or Park View, and I suspect it’s the latter. So Petworth-Park View.

      • Or it should be Parkview-Petworth to be alphabetically correct 🙂

  • Hasn’t this house been on the market a few times? I looked at it when I bought my house (nearby) about 2.5 years ago?

  • It has been listed every year since 2007 in an attempt to sell it. They have already lowered the price. I think it is overpriced.

  • Some blocks of Newton are pretty frightening. And are you allowed to market a house thats been on the market for 33 days as something that “wont last”… obviously it will…

    Not a fan. Bad deal.

    • 33 days is nothing, do you understand that there is more to buying a house than saying verbally “I want it”?

      • And you realize the listing changes from “Active” to “Contract” the day someone puts an offer on the place and its accepted.

        The average days on market for houses that sell in the price range seem to be in the 30-40 day range, which this guy is already in. Considering they’ve already lowered their price and that it looks like it has been listed 5 times in the past 5 years, there is obviously something amiss with the house.

      • Nope, when I bought my house, I just walked in and said “I want it”. What happened when you bought yours? You obviously know so much.

        • Welllllll, in my case, I said I want it, got it, then lost my job. After some wrangling, I got it anyway. And then got a job. Or something.

  • Wife and I are actively in the market, and while this place like a good renovation at a reasonable price, we both strongly prefer an open floor plan on the main level, so we’d probably pass.

    In general though, the Parkview real estate market confuses me. Prices here appear to be a lot lower than the parts of Petworth that are equally as close to the metro. There have been sales at least 100k higher on Shepherd and Taylor recently for renovated rowhouses that seem comparable in size/renovation. You have to go east of Grant Circle or close to Sherman Circle, now we are talking a 15 minute walk to the metro, to find a renovated rowhouse in the mid 400s. Obviously, proximity to the metro isn’t the only variability in real estate pricing, so why else the disparity between Parkview and Petworth?

    • I own in the area of Petworth you’re talking about, and one thing I’ve noticed is that the lot sizes tend to be larger in Petworth, than in Parkview. When looking we woulnd’t consider most of Parkview because of the lack of backyard space. I’m sure that’s not always the case, though. And, as people below have said, the high-density low-income housing was/is a turn-off to us.

    • Several recent sales on/near Princeton Pl NW have been 100K more than this one. Not all of Park View is in this range.

  • Take a look at the google map for that area (satellite) and observe the buildings between Park/Morton/Lamont and Georgia/Warder. IMHO, this complex is what that area has to overcome. I’ve looked at plenty of places over there, but there’s a kind of bad vibe that I associate with that complex…

    • Jon, we call that public housing, which INHO, isn’t something we have to overcome. Can’t we celebrate the fact that low income people have access to affordable housing in this overheated housing market? Can’t we all agree this is a good thing?

      • pools of crime and violence.

      • Not sure we can all agree anon. I mean, we can agree affordable housing is a good thing but the social experiment of high density affordable housing seems to be a resounding failure.

      • Low income people having access to affordable housing is absolutely a good thing. But having 174 contiguous units of public housing a block from your house? I’m curious whether that’s something you would “celebrate”.

        I’m very glad Park Morton is being replaced by larger, mixed-income developments. I think that will be an improvement for everyone in the area.

      • ha ha hahaha do you own a home next to one? Or park your car on the street in front? I think not. I prefer mixed income in my subsidized housing.

        • I have lived a block from the Park Morton complex for three years and have never had a problem with any of the folks there. The only crime I can think of on our block was a smashed car window about a year and a half ago. I parked my car in front of my house regularly and never had a problem. Never once. Not all public housing is created equal.

          And pretty much all of NW east of the park has big public housing; this doesn’t seem to have depressed housing prices in those areas. The much larger, more crime-plagued public housing complexes on 14th street have not kept housing prices down over there. Finally, Park Morton is in the process of being redeveloped to be mixed income. The first phase of that redevelopment is underway and the project is supposed to be done within 3-4 years.

  • True that is a hindrance but it will be changing soon:

    So the area will just be improving

  • No kitchen counter should ever have that much stuff…

  • single sink in kitchen=-1
    awkward counter extension with wine fridge= -1
    microwave and stove don’t line up=-1 (this would annoy me)
    vessel sink=-1 (I lived in a house with these in the master bathroom, I hated it as a daily use type of sink.)
    awkward angles in bathrooms=-1

    • Agree on all your points, AB. And the notion from “…” that for a “virtual tour” there shouldn’t be so many gadgets on the kitchen counter — makes it look like there is no counterspace at all.

    • Youre faulting the single sink in the kitchen? Sounds like you’ve never really had much work done or done much yourself. Depending on the measurements, unless you have space to throw away, it can be very difficult to fit a double sink into your cabinet set up, especially in old houses where windows and doors are not a predictable/standard size or distance from walls, add in a magnitude more of difficulty if hot water heat is in your house.

      No one is going to pass on this house, or any house, because of a single kitchen sink.

      Now, the kitchen as a package, is pretty underwhelming… looks like they spent a lot of money, but made a lot of bad style/function choices.

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