Good Deal or Not? “four finished levels of living” edition (reader request)

This home is located at 816 Taylor St, NW:

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The flier says:

“SIMPLY STUNNING!! A MUST SEE! COMPLETELY RESTORED and CUSTOMIZED home with four finished levels of living. * * OVER 4500 SQUARE FEET * * Beautiful BRICK/GRANITE/MARBLE/WIDE PLANK HARDWOODS surround you at every turn!! OPEN LIGHT BRIGHT CONTEMPORARY FEEL!! HUGE PRIVATE PARKING AREA. .. completely fenced yard. .large front/side porch and more!”

You can find more info here and a video tour here (careful if you’re at work, it plays music.)

A lot of folks have requested this one. It was actually featured as a GDoN back in Oct. ’09. At the time it was going for $875,000 which prompted a, uh, spirited debate.

Today this 5 bed/5.5 bath is going for $847,770.

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  • Wow, on the one hand $181/sq ft sounds cheap but somehow I can’t see any house selling for $800k in Petworth, no matter how large.

    One problem is I’m not sure who the buyer would be. I’d think a family looking in this price range would be looking west of the park for the schools.

    I wonder what the owners were doing with the house for the past 2 years – renting it out?

  • This is Taylor Street, Manassass, right?

  • this is an awesome house in a tight location. but no.

  • In a word…”No” Bad deal.

    And whats up with that kitchen? Two overhead cabinets?

    It’s just a weirdly designed house and in a neighborhood that doesn’t support the price.

    It’s like listing a weird looking 2 million dollar house in Columbia Heights. No sale

  • Some of the choices made in the renovation look really weird. Like the quasi-open floor plan that leaves the living room kind of framed in but also open?

    What appear to be 12 inch gaps between the walls and columns in the dining room.

    The hideously (though probably really expensive) tiled kitchen walls and the weird counter alcove next to the refrigerator.

    That crazy wardrobe unit in the bedroom that looks like it belongs in an off brand business hotel in a secondary city in a developing country?

    It’s just weird. They clearly spent a lot of money renovating this place, yet it just looks off.

    It’s huge, but is there really a big market in this area for 5 bedroom units? It seems like 3 is the norm and 4 is considered a bonus.

    • And a light fixture in the dining room that’s terribly misplaced. Who the hell would position a ceiling light fixture that far from the center of the room? Oh, they would!

      • But – that’s easily fixed; but you wonder if people made that kind of placement decision in such an obvious location, what other things are lurking elsewhere. I DO like the BIDET though. Every bathroom should have one. They really come in handy.

      • Are you kidding? That light fixture is placed there so it directly above the dining table, they way it is all houses.

  • Still Waaaaay too high. Especially for a kitchen that size. Also, is the basement an English basement with a separate entrance? Or just a mother-in-law suite with a kitchenette? It’s not clear in the video, and for that price, you don’t want buyers to be confused. Knock it $700 and you’d have much better luck.

  • Actually that sounds about right…. hot area (new safeway condos etc) and this is a big house….. Smaller townhouses do sell for 700K near by (admittedly on the other side of Georgia)

  • I’ve been wondering about this little block of houses. So incongruous with neighborhood, but I like it. Agree that a family with this kind of money would probably look elsewhere, but I don’t know if you could get that much space for less than a mil anywhere else. And if the development coming up Georgia happens as planned, this could well increase in value pretty quickly. If I were wealthy with good credit, I’d take advantage of current low mortgage rates and snap it up.

    • I agree. It’s not the house for me, but it is the house for somebody, and this house is a good deal.

  • Butt ugly. First thing to go are those doosher columns, then add some kitchen cabinets for crying out loud! Not that I’d be interested in it even if…

  • Too ugly to work with. What were they thinking? Too much money spent with poor taste.

  • wow. was this the demo property for a tile manufacturing or installation company?

    I really don’t understand how they could have done this on purpose otherwise.

    • Also for the company that makes vinyl siding and fake columns. I agree with Florista; what is with the columns in every archway?

  • You get the pre-fab look of the suburbs with the stabby hobo feel of the city.

    • Exactly. Inside reminds me of lots of townhouses I’ve seen in Arlandria. It’s not my style, but the reno looks relatively decent.

      One feature that strikes me as really weird is the huge bathroom with the bidet. It must be an 8 to 10 foot walk between the tub and the sink. What are you supposed to do with all that space – set up a daybed and take a nap?

      Outside looks…big.

  • It sounds like just about everyone agrees the property is priced too highly. So, what’s the fair market value?

  • It could be one of those quasi hostel stay places, or a group house for the Mormons that come here for their 2 years of riding around on bikes, knocking on doors. Their fort is somewhere in Petworth/Columbia Heights I think.

  • I actually like this place – EXCEPT for the kitchen. I could not live with that monstrosity, it would have to be redone for me to live there. And while I don’t particularly like the bathrooms, I could live with them until I had the time/money to redo them. As for the rest of the house, I think it looks really nice, inside and out.

  • GDoN?


  • average home price in dc hmmm 380k

    average home price featured on PoP $147,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

  • I have an old real estate map of the area from the 1950s that shows much of this area was occupied by wooden duplex houses – this pair is one of the few remaining. So it’s a bit of an oddball in the neighborhood, way bigger than the surrounding houses and that makes it a tough sell.

    This house used to be very run down and was a drug nuisance property as well – everyone in the area was happy to see it sold and renovated. Unfortunately though, I just think it’s too big and too expensive for the area. I definitely agree that most people in this price range would just go to another neighborhood (Mt. Pleasant etc.)

    Though I don’t like houses getting divided up into condos, that probably would have been the best thing to do – it could be 2 house-sized condos as large as typical rowhouses in the neighborhood.

  • Kitchen tile or world’s largest Scrabble board?

  • Sugar and manure don’t make ice-cream. Yes, the house is huge, probably the largest in the immediate area, which is understandable for an ex-halfway house (not sure if that’s the proper technical definition). However, the awkwardness of the property cannot be overlooked. Open your front door, which actually is located on the side of the residence, and you are staring at the back of an apartment building. Petworth is not yet worth $800k. Sorry I’m not sorry. If you can afford that price tag my spider senses say you are looking in other areas.

  • My wife and I ran by it today (purposely) and it looks awesome outside. Definitely a very big yard, and a nice looking house. Agree, sitting next to the apartment complex is a HUGE negative, not as big as the tile on the kitchen wall, but the apartment next to it is a negative for sure.

    I could definitely see it going mid 700’s, but 847 is a bit too much imo.

  • Okay this house was built in 1900 but looks essentially brand new. I’d say that considering it’s size and age that someone really butchered it, removing tons of original woodwork and other features.

    Sorry, I don’t go looking at 110 year old houses for something I could buy brand new in the suburbs. Absolutely no character, and not the house for me.

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