Good Deal or Not? “ENTERTAINER’S DELIGHT!” edition (owner request)

This home is located at 626 Ingraham St, NW:

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The flier says:

“ENTERTAINER’S DELIGHT! Spacious, updated end unit home in an ideal Petworth location. Sits on a huge, corner lot perfect for parties & entertaining. Feat incl gleaming hdwds thruout, updated kit w/ stainless steel appliances, PR on 1st fl, 3br & 2 full bas on 2nd fl. Master suite w/ sitting room & plenty of closets. Fully finished basement perfect as inlaw suite or rec rm w/ full ba. Garage pkg”

You can find more info here and virtual tour here.

$464,900 sound right for this 4 bed/3.5 bath?

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  • Can a bedroom be a bedroom if it doesn’t have a window? It looks like the 3rd bedroom is has no exterior window.

  • It’s really a two bedroom + Den house, but I think the lot size, versatility and the proportions of the rooms make this a good deal.

    • Not really. On the top floor it has two large bedrooms, and then two smaller rooms, one of which has two windows and both of which have large closets (either or both of which could be used as bedrooms). The basement is also large and finished, and could be used as a rec room or another bedroom.

  • why are the light fixtures in the bathrooms upside down?

  • This just goes to show that looks can be decieving. I didn’t think much of this place on the outside but the pictures make it seem nice! Although the basement peachy color is completely hideous.

  • excuse me, deceiving.

  • Great sized yard. I like it overall, except the location is a little far north from where I’d like to be. But I’d say its a good price for where it is and the size.

  • They advertise “garage parking,” but don’t mention that you have to drive through the landscaped backyard to get to it.

  • I’ve always wondered about the garages on houses this size. Seems like once inside you’d be unable to open the car door.

    • We had a garage like this with the added bonus of a crazy steep incline to put the car in it. So basically, it was worthless as a garage. However, we converted it into a pretty awesome walkout basement…. we now have lots of light in the basement.

  • Same here–it’s a little too far north, and has a little suburban feel, but very nice home and great finished basement. Also the yard has tremendous potential for someone with a green thumb. I’d say fantastic deal.

  • This really shows how strange this market is. This place is only 2 blocks from one of the most crime-ridden streets in this area of DC (Kennedy) and this is being recognized as a good deal. Yet, just 5 blocks north (across the street from my house) there is a place larger, better renovations and further away from the madness of Kennedy listed for $100k less.

    This is truly the strangest housing market I can imagine. I have NO IDEA what my house could be worth.

    Sorry to vent.

    • Yard, plus garage, plus beautiful floors in 2400 sq ft. And you hardly ever see molding and transoms anymore. Wow.

      Proximity to Kennedy Street also gave me pause on the listing above

    • That house is also close to the Takoma Rec Center. I’d guess it’ll sell sooner, and for closer to the list price, than this one.

    • This is five blocks north of Kennedy? Why is the address 5743 5th St.? I thought Kennedy was around the 5400 block of 5th St.

    • notlawd

      Could it be the lack of central air in the 5th street place? That would certantly deter me.

  • $470k is a lot for that far north and I dont care for the interior (or exterior) at all.

    You should be able to find a nicer renovated place in desirable areas of Petworth (or other similar neighborhoods) for the same price.

  • If you’re going to live uptown you might as well keep going up to nicer neighborhoods with more amenities – Shepherd Park or (DC) Takoma. Can get a nice house up there for 460k.

  • Seems like a good deal. Not sure why everyone is so afraid of Kennedy St. Kennedy St. actually seems pretty tame to me.

    • One of the gangs driving so much violence in the last year is based there.

      • Interested to learn more about this. Which one?

        • Went to a community meeting in Petworth last October and Chief Lanier explained that Petworth is pretty much sitting in the center of three gangs, or “crews”, one of which is based along that stretch of Kennedy between Georgia/Illinois and New Hampshire. Another is around 8th and Taylor (I think) and I can’t remember where the third is–maybe the N.H./Park Rd area. The MPD makes a point of not naming them publicly because publicity only fuels the violence.

          Last summer the gangs were in a retribution cycle with one particular fool who kept walking around in broad daylight acting as target for a lot of gunfire.

    • Kennedy is fine, I live a block south of there. Some more variety and some cosmetic touch ups would be nice but its nothing to be scared of.

  • I’ll admit that I don’t know much about the neighborhood, but this house at that price seems like a great deal. I really like the interior spaces and the gorgeous floors.

  • we looked at this house when we were buying three years ago, but walked away largely because of the windowless third “bedroom” on the second floor. they cut off that room’s access to windows because the master bathroom expanded into that space.

    also, the powder room opens right into the dining room – it felt strange when you were in the space. it’s a roomy house, though.

    the price has gone up about $75K in the three years since we last looked at it, but it seems the only major change is they improved the patio in the back.

  • Hi there!

    I am the current homeowner and just want clarify some things in response to the last post stating that “the only major change is they improved the patio,” because that comment is simply untrue. When I bought my home 3 years ago, the house was way under market value because it had been abandoned and was a bank owned foreclosure.

    At that time, it had ZERO appliances as the previous owners had stripped the entire house. The first floor was rotted out and warping so new hardwood flooring was put in; the floors upstairs were in better condition and we were able to repair and refinish them. The staircase ceiling was raised so as to allow a king-sized bed to be moved upstairs, and to keep tall people from hitting their head when walking up/down the stairs (I’m 6’2) . The Living Room had a faux-brick wall which we tore down and replaced with a new wall. The Kitchen was upgraded, and the Garage and Laundry Room were finished. In addition, we installed a full security system, security bars on basement windows (I had a music studio in the basement), and we repaired numerous other issues that were discovered after purchasing the house.

    Now for the back yard. The yard was a MAJOR renovation, beyond just installing a patio. The iron deck was rusted out and falling apart when I bought the house, so this was repaired/restored, the entire yard was leveled, fully bordered with a privacy fence, all the concrete on the left side of the yard was pulled ( there was concrete under the grass) so a proper garden-area could be put in. Lots and lots of brick work, and the addition of a garden shed so the garage can be used for a vehicle rather than just for storage. This before and after photo speaks best: note in the before photo that the deck had already been repaired and painted white.

    I’m not an investor or trying to flip this house for a profit, I’m only selling because I’m moving to Canada.

    Thanks to everyone for looking and for all of your comments!

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