Good Deal or Not? “A work of architectural genius” edition (reader request)

This home is located at 990 Florida Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“TAX SF-INCORRECT. A work of architectural genius exemplifying green urban living & meticulous design. This 4-level residence w/ dramatic vistas and an abundance of natural light features an open state-of-the-art kitchen w/ concrete countertops, sculptural steel stair, glass doors & walls, floating balconies, purposeful well-proportioned rooms, in-floor radiant heat, solar electricity & hot water.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

I’ve featured this home numerous times – always fun to see them for sale. Thanks to a reader for the heads up. What do you think of the inside? This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $1,195,000.

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  • LOVE IT!

    Might have a tough time selling though. Who wants to spend 1.2 million to live across the street from the projects (Garfield Terrace).

  • Yeah, I agree. Not my style but seems to be well done, just in a pretty bad location…next to the projects at the intersection of Sherman and Barry Pl.

    Maybe in 15 years. I wouldn’t pay 1.2 mil for anything in that location.

  • Hated it when they built them, hate them still now. 1.4 million. What a joke.

  • Really cool house. Homes like this are hard to price I am sure. There aren’t exactly many comps for such a unique space. But I like the space a lot.

  • For cryin’ outloud, water the grass! I know it’s been a long hot summer but if you’re trying to sell a million dollar house, I think you should step up your game.

  • Which room are they counting as a fourth bedroom?

    The floor plan shows a master bedroom, a nursery, and a bedroom. There’s an “office,” but it doesn’t appear to have a closet. There’s a “media room”… does that have a closet and is therefore being counted as a bedroom?

    I think $1.2 million for a house that size in that location is too much, no matter what kind of architectural flourishes it has.

    • Looks like both rooms have a closet. The closet for the office is in the upper right, adjacent to the bathroom bathtub. Looks to be about 2’x4′. The closet for the “media room” is in the point. Looks to be a really big closet, but I think things would get lost way in the back.

      The bigger problem is I don’t that that a bed of any normal dimensions would actually fit in that media room.

  • I will never buy a house that has floors shaped like a Star Destroyer. Its just a personal pet peeve of mine.

    • Actually if you look at the plan, the rooms above the 1st floor are pretty conventionally shaped and arranged.

  • it would be really fun to walk from your parking spot on the street to your million dollar mansion in that neighborhood at night.

    love the modern design but not sure that someone will pay that much to live in that location…with no parking.

  • Nice house! Whats the triangle footage?

  • I love it, and kudos to them for the all-to-rare-in-DC succesfully executed ambitious contemporary architecture. But yeah, if I had over a million, the lack of parking and the location (love being close to U Street, metro, 9:30 Club, but you can do so a few blocks south on a charming, beautiful side street, and still get a large row house) would lead me to choose another place in the area, even if not quite as cool. The price for square foot is really high, accounting (on the plus side) for the outstanding design and finishes, but not accounting (on the minus side) for the lack of parking and the less-than-ideal location. Drop this down to the 900,000 – 950,000 range, and then I think it is a fair deal …

  • Too much glass for a neighborhood where bullets roam freely. (just say’in)

    • Yep. And the dramatic views they reference in the flier is kinda funny. I’m sure there are views of ALOT of drama there. Not sure I would pay for views of a parking lot, a Howard dorm, a Howard nondescript building, and Garfield Terrace. But love the house!

      • I’ve been inside. It’s a great space, and there are indeed lovely views south to the Washington Monument from the balconies.

    • What a silly comment. Pokerface, do you live anywhere near this house? I live 2 blocks away and have never heard gunfire. Sure, Garfield Terrace is not an ideal neighbor for this house, but “bullets roam[ing] freely”? C’mon.

  • binpetworth

    Why do works of architectural genius always look like they’d be a huge pain in the ass to haul one’s furniture up the stairs?


    you guys are forgetting the easy access to PCP!

    it’s pretty but $600/sqft is too high

  • As great as the design and quality of the finishes are, that location is just too exposed for a 1.2 million listing. No yard, no parking, and no privacy whatsoever. Most people spending that money in DC would want a house on a quiet street.

    That said, all you need is one willing buyer to step up, and the property is nothing if not unique. Wouldn’t be surprised if this stays on the market for a while if the current owner holds out for the list price.

    • Agree. I run past there in the mornings and I feel like I’m running across the property when I go by this place. The house is so close to the sidewalk and the lack of fencing makes the lawn seem like public space.

    • The floor plans show an enclosed garden

  • This guy was featured on People’s District last year. It’s an interesting story:

  • I remember this house being profiled in the washington post magazine a year or 2 ago. Sorry, too lazy to look for a link


    Translated from realtor speak, this means: “Owner has been cheating on his property taxes for years. It’s worth much more than the city thinks.”

  • You know, people are paying almost $1 million to live in the Florida Ave/Rhapsody condos. And this one is just a little more to live in a place that has some cool architectural features and some character. Garfield Terrace is not the best neighborhood feature but it’s pretty hard to buy in most parts of DC without some public housing nearby. Sherman Avenue re-development and new bars in the area like American Ice Factory mean that things are only going to get better on this side of U street.

    Granted, I’m biased because I live in the area, but I think this will be a cool house for a hip couple.

  • It’s probably “tax sf–incorrect” because part of the house’s gross floor area is in public space and not on the lot. The architect made ingenious use of public space projections to increase the floor area of the home. I’ve always admired this home, but…several orders of magnitude too pricey for me.

  • Can the “garden” area be converted into on-site parking?

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