Good Deal or Not? “Bianco Giallo granite” edition

This home is located at 1018 W St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Look no further! Beautifully remodeled row house steps to U Street! Gourmet Kitchen w/ Bianco Giallo granite and stainless appliances. Two master suites w/ designer bathrooms. Front-loading w/ d on 2nd floor. Eco-friendly bamboo flooring throughout, new windows, private backyard patio and deck. 3 blocks to metro, shops, restaurants and U St. nightlife – city living at its best!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

$599,900 sound right for this 2 bed/2.5 bath?

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  • Wow that is lame. “That granite looks like beige to me, but it has a fancy, exotic Italian sounding name so it must be more amazing than my plebian tastes can understand. I’ll buy!”

    Having said that, it’s pretty tough to find a renovated single family house, albeit with only 2 bedrooms and no parking, in that area at that price point. So I say good deal.

    • the granite looks like what you would find in a curb. it’s not that it is ugly or anything, but i’m not sure why the realtor would make such a big deal about it.

      seems reasonably priced to me.

  • As long as the second bedroom is a decent size, that sounds like a pretty good deal to me, based on what I saw when house-hunting in that area (and elsewhere) last fall.

    The only real drawbacks I see are:

    – No parking. Would be best for a buyer without a car.
    – No backyard to speak of (the deck looks to be a few feet away from a high wall)
    – Possibly not much light — the living room and master bedroom face north, and the light that might have come in from the south is blocked by the tall building at the back. (And the kitchen won’t get much light, as the 2nd-floor deck will block it.)
    – The very busy tile backsplashes in the bathrooms.
    – Having TWO decorative fireplaces. One might have been OK, but I don’t see the point of two of them, unless they were an original architectural feature of the house.
    – I think hardwood would have looked better here than bamboo.

    • i think originally there was a wall between the two fireplaces… one for each room

      • I was wondering about that too… but it didn’t seem clear to me whether they were two _original_ fireplaces that had been left in place but no longer had chimneys (hence “decorative”), or if the developer had for some crazy reason put in two brand-new, non-functional fireplaces.

        I guess I can see leaving one fireplace in place, or leaving both if the space was divided into two separate rooms… but the current configuration looks a bit strange to me.

  • Great point on the bamboo. Realtors call it “eco-friendly” because that sounds better than “$2 bucks a square foot at lumber liquidators.” That stuff scratches and looks dingy really quckly.

    • austindc

      It is eco friendly because it’s a rapidly renewable resource, but it’s also really brittle. I’ve seen a lot of bamboo floors and counters warp or crack. If folks use bamboo, I think it’s smart to buy some extra to have on hand in case you need to do a repair.

  • Hmmm…
    I have mixed feelings on this one. This place seems to be one of the “smaller 2-bedroom” places in the area. I walk by this place everyday and it just “feels” small to me. There was a similar place 2 blocks east on W, renovated, that sold for 715K a few months ago, I think. That place was BEAUTIFUL! And for 715K they got a very big nice back patio area AND parking.

    Having said that, I think this price is on the high side of normal. 600K would be the absolute maximum I would pay for this place. So good pricing, not sure it is a “good deal”, I would say average deal. Ha

  • I’ve been looking in this price point forever and still haven’t found anything.

    Honestly, if it had parking I probably would have put in an offer already. Nice place reno. Small but not horrible. Any outdoor space is a plus in that price point.

    • Agreed. This is a decent price for that area and the size, outdoor space and lack of condo fee (assuming the 1200+ square footage is correct). I would like it more if the downstairs got more light. I live in a really light-filled place now and would be wary of just having those two windows in the living room. But otherwise, it’s pretty damn hard to find anything 2+ bedroom under 600k in that location.

  • what’s up with that window in the master bedroom that looks squished up against the wall?`

    • That does seem odd, compared to the photo from the outside.

    • The difference between the look of the window from the outside and the look of the window from the inside is about 8 inches of building material . . . 4 inches or more of brick (half the thickness of the wall between the two row houses) and another 4 inches for the stud wall + drywall on the interior, which likely houses electric receptacles. My old brick row house is the same way.

  • ikea sinks and fixtures at the bathroom lavs.

    I smell trouble….my plumber told me to stay away from Ikea..(he’s also not trendy enough to handle it).

    • A tangent:

      I don’t think anyone had commented on it so far, but I’m pretty sure the kitchen cabinets, etc. in yesterday’s GDON (the “Second Empire” house) were IKEA.

      Not sure about the fixtures in that case, though.

    • IKEA is not necessarily low quality, just as non-IKEA is not necessarily high quality. IKEA has different levels of quality, I have no clue what level that kitchen is. It just seems like people like to be the first to point out an IKEA kitchen or bathroom as a negative point. There are other brands out there we don’t recognize that are far worse. We’re remodeling our kitchen in the next few years and will take a serious look at IKEA.

      • Yeah, I’m thinking about IKEA cabinets for my own kitchen. I don’t perceive IKEA as a negative, but it seems like a lot of PoP commenters do.

        • Yeah, I don’t get it. Some Ikea is not that great, some totally rocks, particularly for the price point. Seems to be just a knee jerk reaction.

          God forbid every DC home was furnished with custom cabinetry, I’d be living in a box for sure.

        • i have had ikea cabinets in my kitchen for the past 7 years. still fine.
          only regret is that i should have gotten a nicer counter top.

          but i couldn’t afford it.

  • This seems like a decent deal to me, but not a bargain. I bet they get asking if not real close to it. The renovation is attractive and it has decent curb appeal. Based on aerial photos, I looks as if the building behind the lot which it so prominent in the backyard photos does not extend the entire length of the back of this lot so maybe there’s more light/air space than would appear in the photos?

  • Very good deal, this will go for list.

  • I live one block from this place on W. The renovation looks OK, but I’m always worried about these super-fast flips.

    The place just sold in April or May and almost all of the work on the place was done over June-July. I doubt they touched anything more than the superficial elements (kitchen, baths, floors, paint).

  • binpetworth

    It needs a sweet transom to be a good deal for me…

  • Can you get 1200 sq ft condo w/ gym, parking and real balcony in same area for less money? I just can’t see paying that much with that wall in the backyard.

  • I walked by this place this am. It had an open house last Sun and it is under contract as of this am.

    I guess it was a GD to someone!

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