Garden of the Day (and Really Good Neighbors)

The owner of this great Petworth garden writes:

“We helped our neighbor do a wall similar to the one we have. It was a group effort and brought the neighbors together.”

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  • Petworth Rocks!

  • Speaking of rocks, has anyone researched these old stone retaining walls around the city? A lot of them are in a similar style which makes me think they might have been built by the same stonemason. The workmanship on some of them is incredible, and they’ll probably stand for hundreds of years.

    • i’ve been asking this question for years! i’m fairly certain it was a department of works program and they all went up in the 20’s or 30’s. i’m quite curious about them.

      • I bet someone around here knows the answer.

        This kind of masonry work was often done by Italian immigrants.

  • I’m a fan – looks great! Shepherd St is looking nice these days 🙂

  • Tangential, but I was wondering…

    My retaining wall (similar to the one in pic #2) is missing one of the little pointy pieces at the top. Any ideas as to where I can obtain a replacement piece?

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