Fruits (and Vegetables) of Your Labors – Vol. 17 – Mt. Pleasant

“Insalada Caprese with heirloom tomatoes and sweet basil from my garden plus homemade mozzarella.”

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  • Could you post your homemade mozzarella recipe? I’ve been meaning to make a batch! This weekend might be perfect for trying new recipes, since it’ll be raining cats and dogs.

    • I just put up a blog post w/links to recipes – I used the ingredients listed on the New England Cheesemaking Supply & found the instructions on the other site useful.

      • Where can I buy rennet and citric acid in DC? I want to make cheese tomorrow or Sunday, so any advice is much appreciated!

        • I bought both on line. You might try looking in the kosher section of a grocery store for sour salt, another term for citric acid. Rokeach is the brand I’m familiar with.

          You can use Junket rennet which can be found in some grocery stores. It doesn’t work as well as rennet for cheesemaking – the curds don’t firm up quickly. If you use Junket I’d suggest adding more than the Vermont Cheesemaking site calls for, and be prepared to wait longer than 30 mins for curds to set.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmm

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