Fri. Afternoon (Future) Rental Option – Bloomingdale (Wine Bar Coming too?)

This rental is located at North Capitol Street NW at R Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:




High-end apartment featuring modern kitchen with granite countertops, a washer and dryer in the unit, carpeted bedrooms and hardwood floors in the living room and kitchen. All new construction.

Gas fireplace.

Flat screen tv included.

Lots of windows.

Upstairs bedroom has incredible views of the US Senate Building, National Cathedral, and Washington’s monuments beyond.

Access to roof deck.

Street parking only. NO PETS.

0.6 miles to New York Avenue Metro Station; 0.8 miles to Shaw Howard Metro Station.

Available mid-August.

Please feel free to drive by and look as construction proceeds on this exciting new residence. Changes are coming to the street – work on a street level wine bar is continuing.

Stay tuned for future details and more photos as construction nears completion. Prices will be finalized as soon as the apartment is available for viewing.”

Does approximately $3750 sound right for this 3 bed/2 bath?

Thanks to a reader for sending. This is the building at 1636 North Capitol St. NW that we’ve been monitoring the pop up. Back in May ’11 we first discussed scuttlebutt of a wine bar possibly coming to the retail space.

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  • why is everything on north capitol so back asswards?????

  • Available mid august? As in a couple weeks? That place is no where near finished

  • hmmm, should i move to dupont or north capitol….they’re both the same price but i dunno….hmmmm……oh look – a bird!

  • The person posting this ad must really hate the House of Representatives.

  • I know a pirate who might like this place.


    What kind of craziness is this? They need to decide what the rent is _before_ advertising the place.

  • any more info on the wine bar?
    bloomingdale has gone from nothing to do to being on the verge of having 5 bars very quickly. very cool.

  • The Foundry Lofts in SW would be a fun one to do a future rental option post on. I think they start pre-leasing August 15th.

  • $3750 is nuts for a 3 BR in that location. No chance.

    • i just saw a 1 br basement nearby listed for 1600/ month. not sure this is out of line.

    • +1

      And I love this neighborhood. But come on.

    • This is tactical advertising. They list the damn place at “maybe $3750 — we’ll see”. They know PoP is very likely going to post about this.

      When they list for realsies later, the price will be lower and *seemingly reasonable* compared to the previous precedent. They get the price they really desired all along — maybe $3200 — without much of a fight (after all, $3200 is a bargain compared to $3750). In the interim period before they list realistically, they can still court offers *slightly* below their initial unreasonable offer — maybe there’s a high income fool out there they can fish out.

    • brookland_rez

      I rented a newly renovated 1 bedroom with den for across the street in 2009 for $1400.

  • Does seem a bit pricey, but that building is DEEEEP, so if they’re renting out two and a half floors plus a roof deck for $1250 per person, it is not totally crazy.

    Having the firehouse bar opened next door would help get the price, but that doesn’t seem likely since ANC approved the protest of the liquor license, or so the Bloomingdale blog twitterfeed tells me, aaarghghghg.

    • It’s true. I was at the ‘Emergency’ ANC 5C meeting last night where it was dicussed. Completion is at least 6 months out. Parking and noise concerns. Bike lanes on sharrows also tabled. Sigh. Change is hard I guess.

      • Oh man, not the parking trolls again. I thought they had been slain after Harry Thomas Jr. wasted a couple evenings listening to their complaints.

      • they couldn’t come to a consensus for putting a bike stencil on r street? W.T.F.?

      • Was Hugh Youngblood there? I tried to e-mail him to ask for the text of the protest, but got an “out-of-office” response that says he’ll be in Russia until Aug. 14?

        • They want a voluntary written agreement from Brian and the developer with a laundry list of neighborhood demands addressed. Parking, security, noise, where valet parking would be located, etc. Some of the more memorable comments (even from the ANCs) where that it might turn into a Go-Go club, drunk patrons would break into homes after closing, or that 400 parking spaces would be regularly consumed in the neighborhood. I’m sure other concerns will be added.

          • no surprise there, right?
            that sounds like all the generally anticipated protests.

            personally, i’d like to see some go-go there. but whatever. people go crazy over that.

          • Wow.

            I think Brian is as extra douchey as the next man but that ANC is out of control. Hella people will not be driving to that spot, and those comments are ridiculous anyway.

  • My understanding is that the and is doing this in cooperation with ec12 in order to get a VA that addresses widely held and very reasonable concerns… Basically just some paperwork to make the restaurant accountable to the locals and make sure they are responsible neighbors.

    To my knowledge, no one is trying to block the restaurant. If this adds 6months to the timeline, so be it. The owner should have thought of this as he sat on a blighted property for years.

    I think everyone wants to see the place done, but everyone also wants to make sure they are responsible neighbors and we don’t just roll over and give outrageous concessions just to see some positive developments.

    • this has nothing to do with the 6 month delay. they still have to do the interior build out.
      i guess.
      it’s not like they post their status updates on their website.
      but they just got their building permit for the interior work

  • That is sickeningly expensive! To live above what will probably become a noisy restaurant, with no parking, on busy/noisy north capitol. for nearly 4K a month? I’m really shocked.

  • Rent seems high. Bar would be cool. If I was worried about drunken people breaking into my house, I’d oppose Full Yum getting a liquor license (because they really do not need another liquor store down there).

    All of that said, kudos to the delveloper for actually doing a good job with the pop up. Yes, it could be better, but it isn’t bad (go look at 26 P St NE).

    Anyway, just my 2 cents (and a thank you to the developer).

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